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Beyonce was at the center of controversy last night - through no fault of her own.

If you missed it, that jackass Kanye West decided to interrupt Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, proclaiming that Beyonce was more deserving of Best Female Video after producing THE GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!!!

To her credit, Beyonce was horrified, then reached out to Swift with a classy gesture after the incident. Yeah. Even she thinks Kanye West is a moron.

Moving on to more important things, girl was lookin' flat out FIERCE last night in that red dress. So vibrant. The plunging neckline and the shoes? Wow.

Not to be outdone, her sister Solange showed up and ... well, she was probably outdone. But that black number with the shaved head looked cool.

Who Knowles fashion better? Vote in our poll below!

  • Beyonce in Red
  • Solange Pic

Who looked better?


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Beyonce possesses an impressive movie resume.

She's in the prime of a long-term, successful singing career.

She's married to Jay Z, a well-respected rapper and entrepreneur.

She also turns 28 years old today, an occasion that prompts the question: what do you get the A-list celebrity that has everything?

Perhaps a shirt, for the occasional topless album cover. But, mostly, we think Beyonce would simply appreciate support from her fans. Check out our photo tribute to the superstar below and then send her your birthday wishes today!

Beyonce in Concert
  • Marie Claire Cover
  • Beyonce Nude
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Last night's BET Awards were highlighted by emotional tributes to Michael Jackson, as Janet Jackson teared up on stage and Jaime Foxx performed the moonwalk.

Still, it was also a celebrity-filled event, which means fans have been clamoring for a look at various stars on the red carpet.

Beyonce and Tyra Banks didn't disappoint, as each showed up for the ceremony looking her most beautiful. Dressed in contrasting outfits, the celebs stopped and posed for numerous photos.

Here are two of them. Compare and vote below:

  • Beyonce at BET Awards
  • Tyra Photo

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

Who looked best at the BET Awards?


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The ever-changing world of Rihanna fashion knows no boundaries.

Contrasted with some of her recent outfits (and hairstyles), this is pretty vanilla ... at least as much as something can be when you are talking about Rihanna.

She opted to skip pants (no complaints from Drake) to wear this Matthew Williamson jacket as a dress, while Beyoncé paired the leather coat with a pale dress.

So who wins this fashion clash, B or RiRi? Tell us below!


Who wore this better?


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It's no Megan Fox photo spread in Elle.

But Beyonce covers the latest issue of Marie Claire and she looks mighty fine doing so.

Inside the magazine, the singer is asked about her hit song “Single Ladies”, revealing that it's meant to empower both men and women:

“More than anything, the song celebrates being single. It’s like, if you’ve been doing all you can and it’s not happening for you, go out and have you a good old time. Put on your sexy dress and move on. I know I’m stronger in the songs than I really am. Sometimes I need to hear it myself. We all need to hear those empowering songs to remind us.”

Marie Claire Cover
  • Striking a Unusual Pose
  • In Marie Claire

Click on the Beyonce pics above to enlarge images of the star.


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A Vienna art gallery expressed its disappointment after discovering that a visitor it had believed to be Beyoncé Knowles was in fact a doppelganger.

A local radio station admitted pulling the prank on the Albertina museum, which houses one of the world's largest collections of graphic art.

Erroneous reports first indicated that the music star had sent the double herself for the private tour so that she was free to do some shopping.

The Albertina's director, Klaus-Albert Schröder, was photographed beaming next to the Beyonce imitator and leading her around the exhibition...

Fake Beyonce looks nothing like the real deal!

Recent (actual) celeb visitors to the museum, which is in the heart of Vienna, include Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

"We consider it an absolute cheek," said a museum spokeswoman, Verena Dahlitz. "We had a grain of doubt that it might have been her because she avoided eye contact with the director and she acted a little bit strangely."

The radio station spent the day with the faux Beyonce double "to see how people reacted when they could get up close to her," the station marketing manager said.

"But it wasn't our aim to pull the leg of anyone in particular."

Unlike last year's Jamie Lynn Spears impersonator, who ended up filing a complaint against the city of L.A. after standing in for the teen mom at LAX, we don't imagine this will result in any negative ramifications.


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Talk about a body that can stop traffic.

Kim Kardashian flaunts - and loves to talk about - her bootylicious curves at every conceivable opportunity, but Beyonce gives her a run for her money. And is fairly successful and both acting and singing, unlike K-squared.

Case in point? Here's Beyonce looking absolutely f-i-n-e in a tight black dress at last night's premiere of her new movie, Obsessed ...

Obsessed with Beyonce

It's been quite a week for B, who was alleged to suck at singing when a clip surfaced of her screeching voice. Howard Stern even promoted the thing, which turned out to be a big hoax. She's no Jessica Simpson, in other words!

Click to enlarge more Beyonce pics from last night's premiere ...

  • That's Some Dress
  • A Beautiful Beyonce
  • Beyonce's Booty
  • Obsessed Star
  • B in a Black Dress

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]


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Sorry, Beyonce.

But you aren't actually Sasha Fierce, the alter ego after whom you've named your current tour.

During last night's stop in Vancouver, it was apparent you were channeling Cheetara instead, the cartoon character every first-grade male crushed on in the mid 1980s.

Compare Beyonce with the Thundercats vixen below:

Click on the images below to enlarge more unique images of Beyonce on tour:


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First, Jessica Simpson.

Then, Meghan McCain.

Now, Beyonce is the latest celebrity to come under fat fire, as critics have torn apart a photograph of her in a Thierry Mugler couture dress (pictured), courtesy of a video she shot in NYC earlier this month.

One online pundit dared to quip:"Why does she look so deformed?"

Beyonce Weight Gain?

[Photo: Splash News]

In response, the singer's rep spoke to Us Weekly today and blamed the shape of the dress for Beyonce's appearance.

"This is not a weight-gain issue," her rep said. "Beyonce is in the best shape of her life. The exaggerated hips are a design element of a truly couture dress. Beyonce has always loved this dress."

Added a represenatve of Thierry Mugler: "The padded hips intentionally focus attention to the waist."

That's fine and all, but it still doesn't get to the pressing issue: who cares if a singer has gained a few pounds?!? Curves are much sexier than bones.


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It's a strange question, but who pays a sexier homage to Prince?

The Hills' Audrina Patridge paired this Chaser T-shirt with a slim skirt for a video-game launch party in Los Angeles, while Beyonce added a leather jacket and jeans to her vintage Prince t-shirt at pal Kelly Rowland's birthday bash in L.A.

Rihanna in Vogue

Who wears this weird outfit better? Tell us below ...

Who wears it better?


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