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Betty White is still going strong at 92 years old, folks.

This is a necessary fact to bring up because a non-funny satire site called Empire News started a death hoax based around the veteran actress and comedian last night, writing of the beloved star:

Betty White Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home.

Betty White Image

See... it's funny because that form of the word "dyes" refers to one's hair, not one's heartbeat.

Except it's not really funny to joke about death, especially when the subject at hand is a senior citizen.

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We hope you're happy, Miley Cyrus. Just look at what you've started.

A couple weeks after Hulk Hogan parodied this singer by swinging from a wrecking ball and baring his butt cheeks, 91-year old actress Betty White has gone and ahead and done the same thing.

Minus the butt cheek-baring, thank goodness.

But the veteran comedian is featured in a new promo for Betty White's Off Their Rockers, which moves to Lifetime and premieres on that network this Wednesday.

In the video, White swings from the apparatus Miley made famous in her Wrecking Ball video, keeping her clothes on and asking for a sledgehammer. Prepare yourself... and watch now:

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Young crossed paths with old on the red carpet of last night's The Lorax premiere, as Taylor Swift and Betty White - who both voice characters in this animated big screen version of the classic Dr. Seuss book - both turned out at the plaza of Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City.

Others in attendance included Danny DeVito, Ed Helms and Zac Efron, but let's focus on these two lovely ladies for a moment.

Study their outfits at the event now and vote on your favorite:

Fashion Face-Off!

Taylor Swift and Betty White both came out for The Lorax premiere. Compare their outfits now and vote! View Poll »

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Betty Whit turns 90 years old today. Ninety.

Proof that you're only as young as you feel, the actress enters her tenth decade on Earth - and eighth in show business - not in decline, but on a career hot streak!

She's everyone's favorite Golden Girl, but at 90 and more popular than ever, she's a bona fide It Girl as well. Most stars peak early on. White probably still hasn't.

Betty has won seven Emmys (20 nominations) and holds the distinction of being the only person to have an Emmy in all female performing comedic categories!

Happy birthday to the queen of Hollywood!

Betty White Photo

What additional career accolades will Betty White achieve by age 100?


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Ever since ESPN announced that Betty White would be doing "A White Christmas" skit for the December 26 Monday night football tilt, we were looking forward to it.

Betty White is the man, after all. Not literally, of course. She's an 89-year-old woman. But she's the coolest octogenarian around, so this had to be good, right?

Meh. If you enjoy a sweet old lady talking about hot NFL QBs, with holiday themes, it was a smash hit. But Hank Williams Jr. is likely smirking somewhere.

On the plus side, Drew Brees set the NFL passing record last night. Here's a nice HD video of Betty White's lead-in to Monday Night Football on ESPN ...

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Not about to lose her swag just cuz she's 89, Betty White shows off her hardcore rap skillz alongside techno dance artist Luciana in her new music video "I'm Still Hot."

Seriously. You have to see this.

Break dancing, boa constrictors, man panties - this video has it all, with a portion of the track's proceeds benefiting the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association to boot.

"I'm Still Hot" was produced by The Lifeline Program, a life insurance company looking to "redefine the golden years and retirement for seniors and baby boomers."

Pretty great marketing angle:

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Betty White is very sorry, but she's a busy woman.

The actress has been forced to turn down Sgt. Ray Lewis's invitation to this year's Marine Corps Ball, and it's all due to her unfunny sitcom!

"I am deeply flattered and truly appreciate the invitation, as everyone knows I love a man in uniform... but unfortunately, I cannot accept as I will be taping an episode of Hot in Cleveland," White said last night in a statement.

Sorry, Sergeant Lewis. We suggest you next turn to Olivia Wilde.

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At this rate, the 2011 Marine Corps Ball will be as star-studded as the 2011 Academy Awards.

With Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake already on board for the armed forces gala, Sgt. Ray Lewis has now posted a video in which he asks Betty White to be his date.

"She's funny, she's sweet, she's mature. She's the all-around perfect woman," Lewis says below. "I really think we'd have a good time. I'm fun, you know. … I think I can make her laugh. I think she can make me laugh. I think we can laugh together... So, call me!" 

Note: Apparently there are numerous balls and Kunis and Timberlake will not be attending the same one. No response from White yet, nor any word on which ball Lewis has extended this invitation for.

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Didn't see this one coming. Betty White went OFF in a recent interview about stars who selfishly "abuse" their fame and let their careers spiral out of control.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen for example.

White told the Daily Mail (UK) that she "cannot stand" over-the-top lifestyles and stars like LiLo go get "wonderful starts in show business and who abuse it."

  • Betty White Photograph
  • Lindsay Lohan: An Ungrateful Snot?

Betty wasn't done: “They party too much, don’t learn their lines, are unprofessional, and grumble about everything. I think they are terribly ungrateful.”

In her day, the 89-year-old (!) White adds, "We considered ourselves lucky ... and were always on our best behavior in public." Lindsay? Mmmnotsomuch.

"They are the most blessed people in the world and they don't get it."

Pretty much. Not that they appreciate this point... which is sorta Betty's entire point. Lindsay Lohan, of course, was like, so shocked and hurt by all this.

"Wow. I've always been a fan of hers," she replied. "It's a bit strange when people feel they must speak publicly about others. Especially a grown woman."

Whose side are you on?



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