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With controversy all around her, Bethenny Frankel is pulling the plug on her reality show after three seasons.

The former Real Housewife of New York will "concentrate on her many business ventures," an insider tells Us Weekly," while the door will remain open for other projects with Bravo."

Bethenny Frankel on the Red Carpet

Frankel has been under fire over the last few weeks. First, a lawsuit was filed against her line of margaritas, with questions arising over just how "all natural" the product is.

Then, Bethenny claimed she and her husband were lost at sea and nearly died, only for a witness to say otherwise and accuse her of manufacturing drama for her reality show. What a crazy notion, we know.

"As far as Bethenny Ever After goes, she feels that ending the show on a high note and ending it after this season would be best for her family," the source says. "She doesn't want her [20-month-old] daughter [Bryn] to grow up on TV."

Season three premieres on February 20.


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Bethenny Frankel will not be hosting a nationally-syndicated talk show after all.

Talk of a gig such as this for the ex-Real Housewife heated up over the summer, but The New York Post now reports no network wants to make a deal with Frankel, perhaps due to a couple recent scandals.

Bethenny Frankel on the Street

First, a class action lawsuit was filed against the makers of Bethenny's Skinny Girl Maragarita, alleging false advertising against the supposedly organic brand.

Then, a debate erupted over whether or not Frankel was actually lost at sea during a September excursion with her family. But there is good news for Bethenny:

With no talk show on the horizon, perhaps she can find a few minutes to eat a full meal. Seriously, this reality star makes Leanne Rimes look overweight.


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Bethenny Frankel is sticking to her story, and she's going above and beyond Twitter to do it.

After refuting the accusation that she lied about getting lost at sea last month - Bethenny told E! News in mid-September that the GPS on her boat malfunctioned and she underwent a "scary" endeavor that involved a call to the Coast Guard for help - Frankel has opened up even more to Us Weekly about the incident and subsequent allegation of deception.

Bethenny Frankel Parade Photo

"The whole thing has been really upsetting," Frankel said. "You have to spend 24 hours of your life defending your honesty to your fans. [These stories are] irresponsible journalism and... a waste of your time."

This does, of course, beg the question: Bethenny Frankel has fans?!?

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Last month, Bethenny Frankel claims she and her husband were stuck at sea and needed a desperate rescue to save them from a harrowing experience.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the man who actually did the rescuing (Tim Russell) said it was all a farce, Bethenny's sailboat was never in trouble and she simply needed material for her reality show.

Bethenny Frankel Screen Grab

So, what does Frankel have to say in response to this allegation? She has taken to Twitter and written:

"Let's review last week's idiocies 1)I have a"nice"coach 2)I'm getting divorced 3)I'm pregnant 4)I lied re:being lost at sea Anything else?"

That's not exactly a definitive a denial, especially when matched against Russell's assertion that Coast Guard records prove it refused to initiate a search party for Frankel's vessel because it was working just fine.

Do you believe Frankel faked her rescue at sea?


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In a truly stunning turn of events that may leave us questioning whether all of reality TV is scripted, a very reliable source says Bethenny Frankel's supposedly daring rescue at sea last month was nothing but a farce.

What, Her, Lie?

The story goes like this: Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy were sailing comfortably between Block Island and Nantucket when their GPS malfunctioned and they had to call for help, barely surviving what Frankel described as a "traumatic" experience.

But Tim Russell, the man who actually ventured out and brought Bethenny's family in, says the story is a lie.

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are headed for a divorce because the former will soon grow sick and tired of her pathetic husband.

At least according to Bethenny Frankel's mother, Bernadette Birk, a woman who makes Dina Lohan look like Parent of the Century.

Bethenny Frankel and Family

"Right now, he is a good father, but soon she won’t need him and she will dump him," Bernadette tells Star Magazine. “It won’t last. He is really too weak for her.”

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Bethenny Frankel is okay, folks.

The reality star had a memorable weekend for all the wrong reasons, she admitted today, opening up about a sailing trip gone horribly wrong.

Frankel Photo

Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy took off on a sailboat between Block Island and Nantucket on Saturday. It was meant to be a simple eight-hour adventure... but the GPS malfunctioned and "the captain had to call the Coast Guard and we were hit by a big wave," Frankel explained to E!." It was very scary. It was traumatic. Absolutely traumatic."

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A week after Whole Foods yanked all Skinnygirl Margarita products off its shelves, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the brand most associated with Bethenny Frankel.

As first reported by TMZ, Reneta Bonar claims she and millions of other consumers have been fooled by Beam Global Spirits for making "deceptive statements" on the bottle of Skinnygirl, specifically the label that reads "ALL NATURAL."

Skinny Margarita Pic

Boner says the preservative sodium benzoate is present in the drink and is suing to force Beam to "engage in a corrective advertising campaign." She'd also like some money for damages, of course.

Responds Beam: "In today's litigious society, nothing is surprising. The litigation filed in relation to the labeling of Skinnygirl Margarita is frivolous. We will defend our case vigorously, and we are fully confident we will prevail."

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Bethenny Frankel may soon be leaving Bravo, but she's still quick to defend the network.

Asked about the suicide of Russell Armstrong and whether The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could be blamed for the tragedy, this reality star scoffed at the mere mention of such liability.

“It’s preposterous to blame a TV show for someone’s suicide,” Bethenny told USA Today. “When the show started filming, I’d heard he wasn’t so kind to his wife."

  • B. Frank
  • Taylor and Russell Armstrong

Whatever problems Russell had, and whatever exposure they'd be given on the Real Housewives, Frankel says the troubled man knew what was in store for him before a single frame was shot:

“People sign very lengthy documents and they know what they’re getting into. Life is stressful. It’s unfair to blame a TV show for something personal. I believe that I really do.”

In one of his final interviews, Armstrong railed against the show that made him famous, citing its editing process and how he's nothing like the person viewers saw each week. Bravo will premiere season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday night.

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Is Bethenny Frankel a fraud?

As first reported by The Huffington Post, the Whole Foods supermarket chain has pulled all Skinnygirl cocktails from its shelves because, contrary to its on-bottle advertising claim, the company says these products do NOT possess all-natural ingredients.

Skinnygirl Sangria Sample

“The store prides itself in selling the best quality whole products that our high-end consumers expect. Not novelty products that are shaded with secrecy," a Whole Foods source says, referring to the fact that no ingredients are actually listed on the Skinnygirl bottle or package.

No comment yet from Frankel or anyone in her camp, but might the reality star's motto be telling? She often tells pals: "You have to fake it until you make it."


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