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If Teresa Giudice is looking for sympathy these days, she may wanna look someplace other than in the heart of a former member of the Bravo family.

With Giudice and her husband facing 39 counts of fraud and up to five decades in jail, Bethenny Frankel was asked yesterday about Teresa's legal plight.

"I haven't paid that much attention," Frankel said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "Do I feel sorry for them? No, I don't. Not so much, because it broke the law."

"You broke the law and you went on television. That's not really that smart."

Frankel is going through an ugly divorce from Jason Hoppy, however.

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The divorce battle between Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel is starting to get uglier than Kris Jenner's talk show reviews.

As previously reported, Frankel is already accused of referring to her estranged husband as trash in front of their little daughter.

  • Jason Hoppy with Bryn
  • Bethenny Frankel in a Skirt

Now, an insider who has apparently seen Hoppy's court-submitted documents, tells In Touch Weekly that they allege more mean actions by Bethenny in March.

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She's not a musician or an author, but Bethenny Frankel will soon embark on a nationwide tour.

The former Real Housewives of New York City cast member and Skinnygirl mogul has announced plans to promote her talk show via a visit of cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay and New York.

It will kick off on July 29 and you can learn more details at the official "Calling All My Girls" website. Really. That's what she is calling the tour.

Bethenny Frankel in Black

Each stop will welcome around 150 attendees and feature cocktails, games and meets/greets where Frankel can share details with fans about the September 9 debut of her talk show.

She'll probably refer to Jason Hoppy as trash a few times as well.

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's ugly divorce is getting uglier by the day.

The reality star and Skinnygirl mogul is accused of calling Jason “trash" in front of their daughter Bryn, 3, during the couple's most recent court date.

  • Hoppy
  • Frankel

Unable to reach a financial and custody agreement with him, Frankel was pushed to the brink and begged Jason to settle with her, which he refused to.

“Bethenny then became enraged and called him trash in front of their daughter,” according to an insider. "She also said Jason was lazy and stupid."

When Frankel ripped Jason because he "doesn’t have a regular full-time job," his lawyer filed documents to block Bryn from appearing on her upcoming talk show.

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You do not want to cross Bethenny Frankel on Twitter.

Already dealing with an ugly divorce and custody battle, the former Real Housewife went off on a hater yesterday, responding to some serious vitriol with a bit of her own.

Beth Frankel Photo

"cupcake decorating w bryn at dc cupcakes & now girls' lunch," Frankel Tweeted harmlessly. "It's crazy to be able to spend a real girls' day w the peanut. #fliesby"

In response, some moron fired back:

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The Bethenny Frankel divorce was supposed to be amicable.

That's how the talk show host herself described it a few months ago in a statement, telling the world that she and Jason Hoppy hoped to "co-parent" daughter Bryn, who turns 3 next month.

So... what happened?

Bethenny on the Street

"I really did think it would be amicable. I absolutely did," Frankel tells People of a split that has turned contentious, with battles over Bryn and apartment ownership brewing. "I wrote that entire statement myself. And every single word, I believed to be true."

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Bethenny Frankel recently said that divorce is the hardest thing ever.

But the talk show host won't make it any easier on herself, not if it means budging an inch in her custody battle with husband Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny Frankel with Bryn

According to Radar Online sources, Hoppy is willing to share custody of two-year old Bryn, but such an arrangement is not amenable to Frankel.

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Bethenny Frankel is going through a divorce from Jason Hoppy.

And in an interview this morning with Greg Kelly, the reality star made it very clear: it TOTALLY sucks.

"It's rough," she told the Good Day New York anchor. "I have to say, divorce is the most difficult thing you could ever go through in your entire life."

Bethenny Frankel and Minnie

Frankel added that she knew it would be rough, but not this "excruciating."

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You may want to rethink that divorce, Jason Hoppy.

A couple months after his split from Bethenny Frankel, the talk show host showed off her impressive bikini body while taking a surf lesson on Australia's Bondi Beach yesterday.

And whether it's a combination of Yoga or gorging on her Bethenny Frankel granola recipe, this 42-year old is clearly doing something right. See for yourself:

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Photo

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Bethenny Frankel knows a thing or two dozen about healthy recipes.

The reality star-turned-talk-show-host admits in the following video that she is "struggling" these days with her Jason Hoppy divorce case, but she's doing her best to move on.

And remain healthy, of course, as evidenced by the Bethenny Frankel granola recipe she's about to demonstrate.

Feel free to indulge yourself when you snack, Frankel says. Just pick your spots. And make yourself a tasty treat such as the one explained here: