Russell Crowe look-a-like deserves better than The OC. Now, Benjamin McKenzie is looking ahead to a film career.

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Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman's untimely deaths left voids in their unfinished projects.

While the Fast & Furious franchise opted to use Walker's real-life, non-acting brother to finish up, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay​ will go on with a computer-generated image of Plutarch Heavensbee in Hoffman's place. 

None of that would matter had those men had their very own celebrity doppelgänger. 

And after creating this celebrity look-alike gallery, we're sort of shocked no one tapped Joseph Gordon-Levitt to fill in for Heath Ledger. (Just wait until you get to #7 and see what we mean.)

Prepare to have your mind blown, ladies and THGers. These 19 celebrity look-alikes are so similar you won't believe they aren't related. (They aren't. We checked.)

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel looks more like Katy Perry than she does her own sister. No Bones about it.

For more doppelgänger-y goodness, you can always watch The Vampire Diaries online

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How do you mourn the death of a loved one?

Anna Nicole Smith gets married.

Mel Gibson probably gets drunk.

And Benjaim McKenzie gets even ... inside a steel cage?

If the following picture is any indication, McKenzie's Ryan reacts to the (awesome!) death of his girlfriend on The OC, Marissa, by entering into a few bare knuckled brawls.

We think it's safe to say writers are officially out of ideas for the series.

Putting aside OC bashing for now, take a look at any Russell Crowe picture. The similiarites to McKenzie are striking. Of course, that could just be due to the fact that he's fighting here.

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But he doesn't seem very broken up about it, does it? Now that Mischa Barton (or her character, Marissa Cooper, we suppose) is dead, Benjamin McKenzie can walk around without an emaciated ball and chain holding him down.

Everyone on the set of The OC seems to be more relaxed now. Almost all cast members agree that this is probably the last season for the once hilarious and witty FOX program. So they can kick back and have fun with it.

Or entertain offers to play Wonder Woman, as Rachel Bilson is reportedly doing. Either way, the point remains the same: Marissa sucked.

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Russell Crowe look-a-like deserves better than The OC. Now, Benjamin McKenzie is looking ahead to a film career. More »
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