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Andrea McNulty, the first woman to accuse Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault (she came forward last year), is being sought in the new investigation into his conduct.

Georgia law enforcement officers have contacted McNulty's lawyer as they continue looking into claims by an unnamed woman accusing the NFL star of sexual abuse.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has not been charged in the current case, nor was he criminally in the case of McNulty. She has a civil suit pending against him.

The current accuser is believed to be a 20-year-old student.

Andrea McNulty: Ben Roethlisberger's first sexual assault accuser.

The two-time Super Bowl champ is accused by Andrea McNulty of forcing himself onto her at a Nevada hotel where she worked in 2008, a claim he has flatly denied.

McNulty sued Ben last year, claiming an assault took place during an encounter he says was consensual. Her story's full of holes, but the new case makes you think.

In any case, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is currently investigating Ben for alleged sexual assault this month, has requested a sit down with McNulty.

Her lawyer probably shot that down.

"We believe the facts alleged by our client are already in public documents. A case in Georgia ought to be brought or not brought on its own merits," said Cal Dunlap.

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The Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault accuser is a 20-year-old college student who claims that the NFL star assaulted her in a bathroom of a Georgia nightclub.

Police are withholding her identity, as is customary with sexually based offenses (or allegations thereof). The incident took place at a club called "Capital City."

Officials have interviewed both the Ben Roethlisberger accuser and the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback since that night but no charges have been filed ... yet.

"He was initially interviewed by our officers. We had a situation where we weren't able to get hold of everybody at the same time," a police spokesman said. "He was released with his party and then we took care of our victim who was at the hospital."

Roethlisberger has retained prominent Atlanta criminal lawyer Edward T.M. Garland, who also defended Ray Lewis, to represent him in the sexual assault case.

If nothing else, Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of poor judgment.

In brief remarks to the media yesterday, Garland said simply that "no sexual assault took place" and that the facts of the case support that, plain and simple.

"The facts show that there was no criminal activity. No sexual assault occurred," the attorney said, emphasizing that "Ben is completely innocent of any crime."

Between this girl and Andrea McNulty, Ben now has as many sexual assault accusers as Super Bowl rings. Yes, disclaimers are needed, as he was never charged in the McNulty case either, and these charges might be totally groundless.

However, does anyone remember the Duke lacrosse team? When you're a celebrity and public figure, that provides one many perks, but also requires restraint.

We're not saying Ben assaulted anyone. We're saying he's kind of an idiot, though, for not exercising better judgment. Crashing college bars, dude? Seriously?

Behaving with reckless abandon, no matter your intent, is bound to land you in trouble when you're a rich, powerful and physically huge individual. Think about it.

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The woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault has been questioned by officials and described as hysterical when doing so, Milledgeville, Ga., police say.

Ben's accuser - the second such claim against him in less than a year - arrived at the P.D. with three other women, according to a source at the police department.

Ben Roethlisberger Image

She was extremely emotional and looked like she had been crying for hours. The woman's identity is being withheld, which is protocol with alleged sex offenses.

Ben's agent, Ryan Tollner, said Friday, "we are skeptical of motive."

Similar allegations, different name and place for Big Ben.

But the police source said for whatever it's worth, Ben's accuser "did not look like" a girl who was making it up. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has not been charged with a crime, nor was he in the incident that came to light in 2009 with Andrea McNulty, of Reno, Nev.

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being accused of sexual assault by a Georgia woman - the second to make such claims about him.

The alleged incident occurred early this morning at Capital City, a club in Milledgeville, Georgia. The alleged victim was treated at a hospital and released.

In addition to the alleged victim, witnesses are being interviewed, and one law enforcement source says they will attempt to interview Ben Roethlisberger.

The Milledgeville Police Department are looking into it and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations is also investigating the two-time Super Bowl winner.

Roethlisberger is being sued by a Reno, Nev., woman, Andrea McNulty, who claims the QB sexually assaulted her in 2008. She came forward last July.

SACKED: Big Ben is in hot water again over sexual assault allegations.

Ben fervently denied assaulting McNulty, and apparently this woman too.

Roethlisberger has already been interviewed by police, according to an update received just moments ago, but no charges have been filed against him yet.

The star's reps are denying that the football star sexually assaulted the woman last night, although said denials are short on details as of this moment.

According to, a source close to the star said only "that the allegations were untrue and the events in question did not happen."

Again, no charges have been filed. A rep from the Steelers says: "We are gathering information on this incident - until then we have no further comment."

Story developing ...

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Ben Roethlisberger claims that anyone with a brain can figure out the woman who's accusing him of sexual assault, Andrea McNulty, is a complete fraud.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, through his attorney, wants the judge to nail McNaulty's lawyer for filing a "frivolous and abusive" lawsuit.

Andrea McNulty accused the two-time Super Bowl winner of sexually assaulting her at a Nevada hotel in July 2008. She filed a civil lawsuit a year later.

Roethlisberger says they had consensual sex and that's it, and his lawyer claims McNulty's attorney knows - or should have known - her lawsuit is bogus.

Even a casual investigation of the facts would prove McNulty to be a liar, he alleges. Among other things, Ben's lawyer claims McNulty told her co-worker she wanted to have sex with Ben and for him to get her pregnant.

Roethlisberger's lawyer says the suit is "designed to harass and embarrass [Ben] and countless other individuals," adding the explicit content in her lawsuit is designed "to stir the prurient interests of the media and public."

Andrea McNulty also allegedly sent an email less than 24 hours after sex with Ben, in which she bragged about it and "looked forward to dinner" with him.

The lawsuit filed by McNulty says Ben beckoned her to his room at the hotel where she worked and would not stop sexual advances despite her pleas.

There are many inconsistencies with this account, however, to say nothing of McNulty's mental issues that have been well documented. It's very weird.

Big Ben's legal team wants McNulty's lawyer formally sanctioned by a judge, which could mean he would have to pay Roethlisberger's attorney's fees.

Ben recently rejected a bizarre settlement offer from McNulty in which she would drop the suit as long as he admitted he did it and apologized to her.

Do you believe Ben's accuser?


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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is rejecting a strange settlement offer by Andrea McNulty, the former Nevada casino worker who claims the two-time Super Bowl winner sexually assaulted her last year.

Big Ben's attorney, David Cornwell, says the woman’s offer is "bizarre" and will in no way be accepted by the football star, who denies wrongdoing.

McNulty wants Roethlisberger to admit to the allegations, apologize for what he did and donate $100,000 to the Committee to Aid Abused Women, a Reno non-profit organization that offers support to domestic violence victims.

In exchange, she'll drop her sexual assault lawsuit.

Surprisingly, Ben isn't jumping at this opportunity.

In a statement Wednesday, Cornwell called the proposal by Andrea McNulty "insulting" to women who legitimately suffered sexual misconduct.

McNulty sued Roethlisberger in July, accusing him of assaulting her in 2008 in a hotel in Nevada, where he was in town to take part in a celebrity tournament.

Roethlisberger has denied the allegations, claiming they had consensual sex and that's it. According to a co-worker, McNulty even bragged about the encounter.

Other accounts suggest McNulty may be unstable, and reeling from a scam in which she was duped by the death of a fake online boyfriend. Yes, we're serious.

Why she would make such a settlement offer - basically telling him everything's okay if he just says he did it, which he admantly denies - is anyone's guess.

Perhaps because she has no chance of winning and is looking to save face any way she can? Look for this lawsuit to be thrown out altogether before too long.

Do you believe Andrea McNulty?


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Emails and IMs sent by the accuser after the sexual encounter took place may prove Andrea McNulty's sexual assault allegations against Ben Roethlisberger are complete crap, the Pittsburgh Steelers star's attorneys say.

Andrea accusers Ben of forcing himself on her. He denies anything inappropriate went on. One IM she sent after the incident: "I would date Ben Roethlisberger."

Roethlisberger's attorney, David Cornwell, released a document containing emails and IMs, sent between Andrea and her fake online boyfriend "Ben the Soldier."

As reported when her allegations first came to light, Andrea McNulty was "involved" in some sense, online, with an Iraq war soldier who was not real.

The soldier, also named Ben, is rumored to have been invented by the scorned spouse of a married man she previously slept with to get revenge on her.

Which brings us to the emails that night.

Cornwell says Andrea sent a "light-hearted" email to faux Ben at 12:41 a.m. on July 12, 2008 - only about two hours after she claims real Ben assaulted her.

Ben Roethlisberger says Andrea McNulty is unstable and lying.

The lawyer says the email "proves that, rather than driving away, distraught and crying [which she claims in her lawsuit] McNulty was back at her workstation sending light-hearted emails and engaging in benign chatter with her online boyfriend."

Then, the day after the alleged incident - McNulty wrote, "This golf tournament has been really fun. Speaking of which I need to head over to a dinner with your lookalike [referring to Ben Roethlisberger] and a few others before heading out."

These e-mail revelations follow the account from one of Andrea McNulty's co-worker, who said the accuser actually bragged about sex with Roethlisberger.

Ben's lawyers claim she sent another IM to fake Ben in December of '08, saying "I would date Ben Roethlisberger." Cornwell said that "McNulty should abandon her lawsuit immediately and admit that Ben Roethlisberger did not rape her."

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is hitting back against sexual assault accuser Andrea McNulty, saying she is lying and mentally unstable.

The NFL star's lawyer unloaded serious allegations at McNulty, claiming she bragged about sleeping with Ben and told pals she "hoped" he knocked her up.

In legal documents filed Friday in Washoe County, Nevada, Ben's legal squad went after McNulty's "false and slanderous" claim - and insists she "boasted to her friends and co-workers that she had consensual sexual relations with Mr. Roethlisberger."

On top of Andrea "being happy" about sleeping with him, Roethlisberger claims after the incident, McNulty "was also not afraid or apprehensive about the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy, but expressed that she hoped that she was pregnant."

Ben's portrait of Andrea McNulty only gets worse.

Ben Roethlisberger and Andrea McNulty slept together in July 2008.

Ben blames Andrea McNulty's "alleged problems - lack of job security, need for medical benefits, need for treatment, increasing debt and lack of income" - on her "inability to do her job" at Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada:

"[McNulty's] psychological breakdown appears to be the sad by-product of an affair with a married man whose wife concocted a scheme to have [her] fall in love with a fictional soldier and be abandoned by him to create heartbreak and instability."

The document wasn't just an excuse to bash Andrea McNulty.

Ben's lawyers have requested to move the case out of Washoe County, Nev., "for the convenience of all parties and witnesses and in the interest of justice."

So far, the judge has not ruled on their request. Suffice it to say, Ben denied any wrongdoing in his only public comments since Andrea McNulty filed suit.

Do you believe Andrea's sexual assault allegation?


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Andrea McNulty, the Nevada woman who accused Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault, boasted to a co-worker of having consensual sex with the NFL star and said she hoped he impregnated her, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Shortly after telling former Angela Antonetti about the tryst at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, where both worked as casino hosts, McNulty "expressed to me she was hoping for a 'little Roethlisberger,'" Antonetti said in a sworn affidavit.

Moreover, Antonetti said, Andrea McNulty asked her to travel to Pittsburgh in August 2008 (a month after the encounter) for a Steelers game and to try to "run into" Ben Roethlisberger. "I told her that she shouldn't try to chase Mr. Roethlisberger."

Around the same time, Antonetti said, McNulty asked her to obtain Ben's cell phone number from a Harrah's executive. She said she told McNulty it was inappropriate to attempt to contact the Pittsburgh Steelers star in any fashion.

Antonetti said Andrea McNulty was upset about a married man ending a relationship with her in mid-2007. Shortly after that breakup, she told Antonetti she'd started an online romance with "Ben," a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq.

Later, in late 2007, she said she had fallen in love with him and they had become engaged. After the 2008 golf tournament, however, the woman confided to Ms. Antonetti that the online romance was a hoax someone perpetrated on her.

She became "very emotionally distraught" and took a leave of absence from work from September until around Thanksgiving. In March 2009, McNulty told Antonetti she was going to sue Harrah's, and "the lawsuit would be big news."

Andrea McNulty's lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger also includes a number of employees at Harrah's whom she claims tried to cover up the alleged assault.

Antonetti said she was "absolutely shocked" when she heard that McNulty claimed Roethlisberger assaulted her "because I knew [her] allegation was false."

"Because I knew that [her] lawsuit and false allegations would unfairly and unjustly hurt Mr. Roethlisberger, I wanted to set the story straight," she said.

In an e-mail response, Roethlisberger's lawyer, William David Cornwall, said: "We will let our filing speak for itself. Unfortunately, as all of our communications with Ben are confidential, it is not appropriate discuss them in any manner."

Ben has denied all allegations, calling them "outrageous."

Do you believe Andrea McNulty?


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Andrea McNulty, the woman accusing the Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, of sexual assault, says she's been receiving "hundreds of annoying phone calls" since filing her civil lawsuit - including threats on her life.

She filed a police report in Nevada at the end of June, claiming her phone has been ringing off the hook with people who can't wait to call her a "whore."

Andrea McNulty also claims that some people have been threatening her to drop the lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger or "something's going to happen."

McNulty gave up a few of the numbers to police, who advised her it would be a good idea to acquire an unlisted number of her own. Might be a good idea.

Ben Roethlisberger adamantly denies sexually assaulting Andrea McNulty.

McNulty makes some serious allegations against Big Ben, but the case boils down, in many ways, to a he-said-she-said scenario with no other witnesses.

Roethlisberger's attorney notes that no criminal complaint was lodged over the incident which is said to have occurred a year ago now. McNulty says Ben forced himself on her and would not stop, he says everything was consensual.

There is also the issue of her mental state at the time.

Do you believe Andrea McNulty?


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