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"A classic case of mean-girlism." Ashley Hebert on The Bachelor

The effervescent Hebert, a former contestant on The Bachelor herself before going on to be The Bachelorette, weighed in on the current season's craziness this week.

"I have so many thoughts on last night's show," she told E! "First of all, how mean can these girls be?! It was a classic case of mean-girlism, that's all I have to say."

Of the other girls' "below the belt" comments, Ash says, "I cannot believe the way Shawntel was treated by some of the other girls. It absolutely blows my mind."

  • One Hot Bachelorette
  • Ben Flajnik Photograph

Ashley Hebert feels the women exercised "bad judgment" and urged them to "have a good experience, get to know the other girls, form friendships, you know?"

"That's probably what you're going to take away from all this."

In other words, there's only one winner. Get used to the idea.

After all, "What guy wants to be with a girl that's nasty to other people?" Hebert mused.

"You want the girl that you're with to, you know, get along with your friends, get along with your family ... it's not really a good indication of that."

"It's almost as if they're being competitive. If you're in this to be competitive and to beat everyone else, then you're kind of wasting everyone's time."

In other words, no one wants to be with Courtney Robertson.

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That's what many viewers are saying after last night's Bachelor episode in which Shawntel Newton, from Brad Womack's season, entered the game unexpectedly.

Ben Flajnik, the star of this season, was caught at the center of the "$h!t storm" last night, and reacted similarly by the big twist designed to rile up the women.

In a new blog post, he explains why he sent Shawntel packing:

  • Handsome Ben Flajnik
  • Shawntel Newton

"So I have heard from everyone that makes this show happen that this was truly the craziest cocktail party and rose ceremony in Bachelor history," he writes.

"Having only seen one other season, I would have to agree. Wow. Nothing in my life would have ever prepared me for the $h!tstorm that happened that night."

"After watching, I didn't realize that the women were so mean to Shawntel and I was a bit taken aback," Ben reflects in the understatement of the year. "I mean I knew it was a bold move on Shawntel's part, but some of the women took it a bit too far."

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The Bachelor really cranked up the absurdity this week, with girls skiing in San Francisco in bikinis, a contestant leaving voluntarily, one from last season inexplicably returning only to be rejected the same night, one fainting during the rose ceremony (!) and more.

In the end, Ben Flajnik narrowed the field to 15 women, with the rest of us wondering what lengths this awesomely terrible "reality" show will go to next.

Follow this link for The Bachelor spoilers we know so far to see what we think comes next, then join us for THG's +/- Bachelor recap of week three ...

Bikini Ski Trip

BEST SKI TRIP EVER: Kudos to the story editors for conceptualizing this one.

Lindzi, Kacie, Courtney, Emily and Jennifer get mentions when Ben talks to his nice sister Julia about the journey so far. Sorry, other dozen girls! Plus 12.

For reasons unbeknownst to human kind, Ben thinks his sis would hit it off with Courtney. Doesn't he know his own sister? Isn't Julia normal? Minus 15.

Emily gets the first date card which says that "love lifts us up." Cue obligatory climbing / skydiving / bungee jumping date and associated metaphors! Plus 5.

It actually is! They are climbing the Bay Bridge! Plus 8.

We realize sharing an intense experience is a great way to get to know someone, but they seriously recycle the same cliches every single season. Minus 4.

The girls spy on them via telescope. That's classic. Plus 7.

Ben stops to give a petrified Emily a kiss and the courage to go on. Plus 6 for the Top Gun reference ("Talk to me, Goose!") and for being a good guy.

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It's that time of the week again.

The two hours we love to hate, or unabashedly love, or violently hate (but should really be condensed into one hour in any case) are upon us. It's Bachelor time!

On last Monday's season premiere, Ben Flajnik met 25 women dying for attention and 15 minutes of fame his affection. Now just 18 remain ... but for HOW LONG!?

Not long. Soon, two will get the chop. Follow this link for The Bachelor spoilers we know so far, then join us for THG's +/- Bachelor recap - LIVE - of week two!

Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor

BEN IS BACK, BABY: His hair needs no introduction.

We're in Sonoma already? With 18 of them? Don't they usually go to The Bachelor's hometown much later? Eh, at least it's a cool town. Plus 6.

Looks like our favorite Bachelor drinking game starts seven weeks early. Take a sip every time they say "hometown." Prepare to get plastered. Plus 5.

Photo montage of Ben and his dad? Too soon. But poignant. Plus 3.

A giddy Ben Flajnik opines that he's lucky to be surrounded by "18 beautiful, smart women." He misspoke. By smart, he meant "white." Minus 7.

Kacie Boguskie just HAPPENED to think up of twirling a baton town the street. How spontaneous, free-spirited and geeky in a sweet way! Minus 14.

Girl's got skills, though. Plus 4.

Courtney says Kacie is "kind of annoying." Minus 11, because she seems like the least annoying girl ever, and Court has known her all of 12 minutes.

Why is nobody in Sonoma? Minus 9.

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He bared his soul on The Bachelorette. Now Ben Flajnik is baring even more.

We're talking about bare buns, people.

"It's a very nude season," host-pimp Chris Harrison says of Flajnik's turn as The Bachelor, which kicked off with another mesmerizing season premiere Monday.

"Ben is comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't have modesty issues."

Ben Flajnik Topless

But it wasn't all easy for the 29-year-old, San Francisco-based winemaker, who admits he was caught off guard by the fierce level of competition among the 25 women.

He's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy when it comes to disrobing on camera, but the emotional nakedness of the reality show left him seeking cover. So to speak.

This winter will feature a mystery woman from Ben's past (our Bachelor spoilers page has the details), a hyped-up skinny-dipping session and MAJOR cat fighting.

"Obviously with a situation like this, the claws are going to come out," Flajnik tells People Magazine. "And they came out a lot earlier than I would've expected."

We've come to expect such things, but never quite like this. If you missed the (sexy, dramatic, suspense-filled!) trailer for the new season, watch it after the jump:

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Ah, the first Monday of the year. It's that time again. The Bachelor is back, baby!

Our relationship with the ABC franchise remains complicated as ever. Neither love-hate, nor unconditional affection, nor unabashed disgust, it's hard to define.

What we do know is that Ben Flajnik captured our hearts last season when he was rejected by Ashley Hebert. That was rough, but he has NO REGRETS!

Follow this link for The Bachelor spoilers we know so far, including the rumored winner. Then join us for THG's +/- Bachelor season premiere recap!

Ben Flajnik, Mole-Free

WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS AIRBRUSHING: Ben F. is retouched and ready to go!

At the end of the day, and two-hour episode, despite the contrived nonsense that is The Bachelor, Ben somehow comes off as a genuine, All-American guy.

Will the California winemaker fall madly in love? Will it last? Will discarded women cry along the way? Will some people be there for the wrong reasons? 

Possibly, probably not, definitely and most likely.

For all the scripted BS, cue cards, misleading promos and manufactured drama, we were excited to see the season premiere, and it didn't let us down ...

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ABC has revealed some new photos of The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik, and something's definitely missing. Two things, actually. His signature moles? No more!

The California winemaker, who captured America's heart over the summer after being cast off by The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert, still has his killer smile.

Just not some other facial features that aren't even that noticeable, but editors still decided to go to town on. Something about The Bachelor is fake? No WAY.

  • Ben Flajnik Picture
  • Ben Flajnik, Mole-Free

In photos from last season, beauty marks on his left cheek were very visible ... presumably they will be in actual footage this season as well. So what's the point?

We have no idea, but the new season totally starts January 2!

Who will he give the first - and final - roses to? What surprises, scandals and exciting dates await? Read The Bachelor spoilers we've posted so far - if you DARE!!

Or just click to enlarge more promotional pics of Ben Flajnik:

  • Benjamin Flajnik
  • Will U Accept This Rose?
  • Ben Flajnik Photograph
  • Handsome Ben Flajnik
  • Ben Flajnik Promo Pic
  • Ben Flajnik: Bachelor Pic
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Confirming a rumor we reported this summer, Bachelor star Ben Flajnik admits he did in fact go on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that she initiated it.

In the end, though, Ben felt SHE was not HIS type!

The reality star, who was left heartbroken by Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette finale this summer, and who will be calling the shots starting January 2 (see The Bachelor spoilers for the scoop on the season), described the date as such:

  • Jennifer Love H. Pic
  • Ben Flajnik Hair

Although the actress was "a nice girl," she didn't meet his needs.

"It was right in the middle of the time when I was deciding to be The Bachelor," Ben Flajnik said of the date, which consisted of dinner at his family's winery.

"When this is all said and done, I'm a regular guy, and ending up with a Hollywood celebrity is not something that I want or envision myself doing."

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It's that time of year again. Ben Flajnik is gearing up to dole out the roses beginning January 2, and like clockwork, The Bachelor spoilers are already swirling.

Get ready for another wild season of skinny dipping, cat fighting, cursing (more than usual in that area) and people coming on the show for the wrong reasons.

Pour the wine (a California varietal, if you please) and grab the tissues, because this is going to be the most intense, talked-about season of The Bachelor EVER!

Ben Flajnik: Bachelor Pic

No fewer than 25 women are waiting to throw themselves at Ben, but who will advance to the coveted hometown dates, and who is he engaged to at the end?

Thanks to Reality Steve, Bachelor soothsayer extraordinaire, a man who comes through even in the face of potential litigation, we can likely these questions.

Ready to learn the identities (with photos!) of the alleged final four women this season, as well as the winner of Ben Flajnik's heart and a Neil Lane ring?

Follow the jump for The Bachelor spoilers galore ...

After the season premiere, the girls head to Sonoma.

In Episode Two, Ben goes on one-on-one dates with Kacie Boguskie and Courtney Robertson, while 12 of the women audition for a play put on by children.

Eliminations: Jenna Burke and Shawn Reynolds.

In Episode Three, the drama really starts. Ben meets up with his sister Julia at the Grove. It's not an ex-girlfriend or someone shocking. That comes later.

Ben goes on one-on-one dates with Emily O’Brien and Lindzi Cox. Brittney, the woman whose grandmother introduced her, voluntarily leaves the show.

Then a couple of really unexpected twists happen:

  • Samantha Leavy falls for producer Bennett Graebner. Nothing physical happened, and it may not even be aired, but she later leaves, and this is why.
  • Shawntel Newton, from Brad Womack's season, comes back to “enter” the game (see below). How she pulled this off, we can't say. But no rose!
  • Erika Uhlig faints during the rose ceremony.

Eliminations: Erika Uhlig and Jaclyn Swartz. Brittney already eliminated herself during the after-party of the group date and Shawntel Newton is gone too.

In Episodes Four, Five and Six, Ben and the girls visit Utah, Puerto Rico, and Panama. The details are sketchy, but Ben cuts the field down from 13 to 6.

Eliminations: Monica Spannbauer, Samantha Leavy, Jamie Otis, Blakeley Shea, Casey Shteamer, Elyse Myers and Jennifer ... in some order or another.

In Panama, there is a big scandal involving Casey Shteamer dating some guy named Michael Patak back home before she left for filming the show.

It's unclear how this will be presented on the show, but her exit has to do with having a boyfriend back home, and Chris Harrison even intervenes.

In Episode Seven, Lindzi Cox and Emily O’Brien go on one-on-ones, as does Courtney Robertson. On the group date, the girls go swimming with sharks.

Eliminations: Emily O’Brien and Rachel Truehart.

Which brings us to Episode Eight, and the Final Four:

Nicky Sterling Picture

Nicki Sterling: A divorced dental hygienist "who likes to drink Coors Light and get her party on," she brings Ben back to her hometown of Hurst, Texas.

Lindzi Cox Picture

Lindzi Cox: A native of Ocala, Fla., she makes quite a first impression on Ben. Like Puss in Boots and the Old Spice Guy, she's on a horse! First impression rose? Hers.

Courtney Robertson Picture

Courtney Robertson: The Scottsdale, Ariz., product is an international model with pictures all over the Internet, and even has a national ad for Caesar's Palace on TV.

In addition, Court is reportedly disliked by the others in the house from the get-go, swears like a sailor and went skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico. Hot stuff!

Kacie Boguskie Picture

Kacie Boguskie: Got to show off her baton twirling skills when she had the first date of the season in Sonoma, then took Ben home to beautiful Clarksville, Tenn.

Sadly for Kacie, she gets bounced after the hometown dates. Rough.

The final three - Nicky, Lindzi, and Courtney - jet off to Switzerland for overnight dates, in Episode Nine. Nicky is eliminated, leaving Lindzi and Courtney ...

The final rose ceremony took place Wednesday, November 16 at a Swiss mountain location so remote, both girls arrived at the rose ceremony via helicopter.

So with Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson to choose from, Ben Flajnik had his pick of polar opposites ... and naturally chose the often-controversial model.

Yes, Ben Flajnik is engaged to Courtney Robertson. As of right now.

Will it last? That remains to be seen, although we don't have to tell you about this franchise's abysmal track record. Congratulations in any case, you kids!

That's it for now! We'll update this page as more info becomes available throughout the season, and/or if anything changes. Check back early and often.

What do you think of The Bachelor spoilers above? Discuss!

UPDATE, 1/10: Looking pretty accurate so far. Ben has in fact dispatched with the nine women rumored to get the pink slip over the first two weeks.

The real test will come with a dramatic Episode Three, at which point the mysterious lady in red arrives and the drama is off the CHAIN. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 1/18: Wow. The third-episode fireworks certainly went according to what we read in advance, but the Bachelor spoilers couldn't do it justice.

We'd love to know how much of a role Courtney Robertson had in getting Shawntel kicked off, for one. Was she serious about threatening to leave?

Moreover, did Ben really boot Shawntel because it was "fair" or did he do it to please one of his early favorites? In any case, we are down to 13 girls.

Also, the producer scandal apparently isn't making it to the air, or at least it hasn't yet. Samantha is still around ... don't expect her to be for long.

And seriously, how catty are these freaking women?!

UPDATE, 1/24: We weren't quite sure of the order, but we knew Monica Spannbauer and Samantha Leavy would be sent home in the next set of episodes.

Turns out last night was that episode. Interesting that Samantha's exit was so unusually abrupt, yet her alleged feelings for the producer were omitted.

Courtney, meanwhile, continued to play the villain, delighting at others' misfortune and cementing her place as one of the least popular contestants ever.

UPDATE, 1/31: Wow. Courtney is exceeding villainous expectations at this point, skinny dipping her way into week six with reckless, naked abandon.

Elyse and Jennifer got the boot, the former during a one-on-one date that preceded Court's nude romp in the ocean, and Jen at the rose ceremony.

Jennifer's elimination was somewhat surprising as they seemed to have a great date the previous week, but so it goes. Elyse never really clicked with Ben.

Two more episodes until we reach the final four and the hometown dates, with the alleged four finalists still intact. As always, you'll hear more when we do.

UPDATE, 2/7: Jaime, Casey and Blakeley got the heave-ho, all in different scenarios. Jaime was left rose-less at the ceremony at the end of the night.

Blakeley exited after coming up on the short end of the 2-on-1 date, during which Rachel survived. Picking the reserved one? Surprising move by Ben.

Casey Shteamer was confronted by Chris Harrison about her boyfriend back home, and while she sort of denied they're together, Ben sent her packing.

Courtney Robertson? Still lowering the bar every week.

UPDATE, 2/14: On the eve of Valentine's Day, Ben broke the hearts of Emily, Rachel and everyone in America who wished he'd send Courtney packing.

Despite asking some probing questions, Ben's desire to probe Courtney in other ways apparently won out. Sorry, but it's true. He seems pretty whipped.

Rachel never formed a strong enough connection with Ben that we could see her staying put, but Emily seemed like she had some real potential. Alas.

It's on to the hometown dates, and as predicted, Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson are taking Ben to meet their families.

Will Ben Flajnik surprise us and prove the spoilers wrong? Or are he and Courtney destined to ride off into the sunset on the March 12 season finale?

Stay tuned ...

UPDATE, 2/15: A tabloid report has surfaced that Ben and his fiancee have already broken up. We can't verify that independently, but here's the story.

UPDATE, 2/19: Still no confirmation on whether Ben and his fiancee (rumored to be Courtney, clearly) have broken up, despite what tabloids claim.

For now, consider all the rumors and speculation that it's over premature, but the reports that the two are having problems appear to be legitimate.

Only three weeks until the winner is revealed and the After the Final Rose special airs immediately following the finale. Should be very interesting.

UPDATE, 2/20: As predicted, and sadly for many viewers, fan favorite Kacie Boguskie did not receive a rose following Ben's four hometown dates.

The groundswell of support for Kacie B. to be The Bachelorette may be hopeless, too, as ABC has already announced Emily Maynard will fill that role.

Next week, on the penultimate episode of the 16th season, Ben's final three - Nicki, Lindzi, and Courtney - jet off to Switzerland for overnight dates.

Who will make it to the season finale? So far, The Bachelor spoilers have been right on, but we won't know for sure until it plays out. Stay tuned ...

UPDATE, 2/23: The person returning in next week's promo is Kacie B., we think, since she was shown with Ben in a previous promo in their hotel.

Will this change anything, if it is in fact her? Doubtful, but we'll find out.

We've also updated this post to include the accurate season finale date, March 12. The Women Tell All special airs the previous Monday, March 5.

UPDATE, 2/26: The Women Tell All special was taped Friday, and Courtney Robertson apparently is on it. Does that mean she gets the axe?

From what we've gathered, no. The two finalists usually never appear on the WTA, but producers decided to make an exception in this case.

It's hard to blame them, but Courtney has become the reason for the show (for better or worse) and is guaranteed to clash with the others.

She'll still be on The Bachelor season finale March 12, by all indications.

UPDATE, 2/28: Farewell, Nicki, and farewell again, Kacie B.

Kacie's return was not to beg for another chance, necessarily, but to seek "closure" and to warn Ben one last time about Courtney. It didn't take.

It's Courtney vs. Lindzi on the March 12 season finale. Will the spoilers, right on target all season long, be proven wrong at the last minute?

UPDATE, 3/1: Courtney was seen trying on wedding dresses in Beverly Hills. PR stunt? Modeling? Or the real deal? No one knows, but she was.

UPDATE, 3/6: Wow. The Women Tell All special aired last night, and the women did not have a lot of nice things to say about Courtney.

The Black Widow herself then came on the program, sat in the hot seat and was skewered left and right, looking miserable the whole time.

She defended herself by saying that she cared (past tense) a lot about Ben, which some have picked up on as a sign of trouble in paradise.

Either way, it was all about Courtney on the WTA, and she looked nothing short of despondent, as did Ben, who called this all a "nightmare."

Not exactly the words of a man who's happy and in love.

UPDATE, 3/12: It's finally here. Who will win the final rose? We're live blogging tonight's Bachelor season finale. Just follow the link to join in!

Yeah ... hearts are breaking across America right now. Ben's big proposal went down as advertised and Courtney said yes. Bittersweet? To say the least.

The discussion of this season is sure to continue for some time. Click here for our recap of the finale and the After the Final Rose special!

UPDATE, 3/13: Wow, it was all true. And they are still together, even if they did break up once already and appear totally unhappy now.

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson: Will it last?


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Ben Flajnik makes his debut as The Bachelor January 2, and if this three-minute preview is any indication, we may be in for the wildest season in Bachelor history.

Okay, yes, Chris Harrison says that every season. But we're serious here!

Ben, who was famously rejected by Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert, certainly looks like he has his hands full with these 25 fame-seeking aspiring trophy wives ...

Wow. Just a couple of observations / questions we have after that ...

  • “When I’m with this woman, I find myself starting to fall in love.” - Ben Flajnik. Nice to see he's reading the same recycled scripts as every Bachelor.
  • Do the story editors trying to spice up the show in its 16th season by adding a ton of profanity, or are the girls just badasses who are ad-libbing?
  • Between the California winemaker digging up dirt, driving a tractor, and lugging lumber, this has to be the best Bachelor pre-roll footage ever.
  • That clip of Ben quasi-telling off Ashley is the best.
  • Was that a gratuitous half-naked a$$ shot?

January 2 can't get here fast enough!

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