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We make fun of Ben Affleck a lot. The guy just isn't the best actor on the planet and supports the Boston Red Sox in an annoying fashion.

The more he talks about his family, however, the more Affleck appears less and less like an attention-starved star who dared to put us through Pearl Harbor.

J. Lo and Ben Afflec Cover

In an interview with USA Today magazine, the actor appears to have learned from the 2004 split from Jennifer Lopez that made international headlines. He says he's changed his ways since becoming a dad.

"I've never been very judicious about my own behavior or choices until they had an impact on people other than me," Affleck said. "Obviously, my wife. And my daughter, who's going to have my last name â€" I don't want her to mutter it over a drink. I want her to be proud of her old man."

Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner, never released photos of 1-year-old Violet, as the race is on between who the public sees first: her or Jayden James Federline.

"I'm extraordinarily lucky and privileged," Affleck continued. "And I've tried not to be bitter, but I have developed a reactionary defensiveness."

"But for my child, she didn't make the bargain I did. She didn't make that choice. And I don't want her to have to pay for the parents' sins. I try to protect her privacy. I'll end up in the magazines, and that's life, and I can live with it, but I try to shield my daughter."

Look out, Kevin Federline, someone's trying to outdo you for Father of the Year.


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The man who hugs Barack Obama wants to do a lot more with his wife.

We're talking about full-on, unprotected intercourse. How else will Ben Affleck satisfy his desire to father more children?

Lonely Ben Affleck

The father of Violet Anne Affleck, who turns 1 on December 1, told Ellen DeGeneres he wants more children, though just how many more seems open to discussion.

Affleck's response to the question of expanding his brood was: "You know … sure, I would love to... I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to yo" about how many more, however.

Affleck's wife, of course, is the lovely Jennifer Garner. We think she could do a lot better.
Meanwhile, her husband said he purposefully took time off for a year or two because "I was a little bit exhausted of myself and my life, so I wanted to try to control it or manage it."

We can respect that. We can also hope Brooke Hogan follows that advice and takes time off to manager her professional life. About 37 years should do it.


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While Jon Stewart will not have an active role in the 2008 Presidential Race - aside from mocking the heck out of it - one man is exciting the democratic party with talk of a run:

Barack Obama.

Lonely Ben Affleck

The Illinois Senator may have seen his popularity nosedive during a visit to Los Angeles last week, however. Once there, he was joined by Ben Affleck at a news conference to promote California Proposition 87, the Clean Alternative Energy Act.

Having the support of Affleck isn't exactly a good thing these days. Just ask the Boston Red Sox. Or Jennifer Lopez (if you remember who she is).

While Obama seems into this hug, you gotta figure he's thinking to himself: Coudn't this have been Jennifer Garner instead?


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Ben Affleck shows off his parenting skills while on daddy duty this past weekend. The actor giggled along with daughter Violet as they spent time together on a rocky beach off the coast of California near the exclusive Bacara Resort & Spa. Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were in town to attend the wedding of her assistant at the Montecito Country Club. Jen served as a bridesmaid (right).

So cute. Don't you love them? Nice to see there are still some normal-looking celebrity couples out there. Talking to you, Britney & Kevin.

Bennifer Baby Time!
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Oh yes, that subject is right on. In case you weren't aware, Ben Affleck took home the top acting prize at the Venice Film Festival. The shocking development, among other topics, is discussed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Q: Congrats on your win in Venice. When did you first find out?
Affleck: I found out at like five in the morning in Los Angeles, or whenever the corresponding time of the awards banquet in Venice was. They just called me and said, ''You've won this award, do you have a statement to be read?'' And I was shocked. If I thought there was any chance of me winning, I wouldn't have left early.

New Ben Affleck Hairstyle

Q: The film (Hollywoodland) has been received pretty well.
A: It was a great part, so I was just happy to get the job. I'm trying to do my very best, mostly out of fear of failure. But you never really know how people are going to perceive something. I guess there are people who are really attuned to buzz or read the pre-release tea leaves, but I certainly do not know ahead of time, as has been discovered. So we were just happy to get in.

Q: Although this is your first released movie in two years, you've been keeping busy.
A: Yeah, I did [Joe Carnahan's Vegas drama] Smokin' Aces, and I've been directing and developing [an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's] Gone, Baby, Gone, which I'll be [in post-production with] until February or March of next year, certainly. I've been prepping it for a year now, and I wrote a TV pilot before that. But I'd been wanting to take some time off, so that was all by design.

I was pretty fatigued, and felt the [film] options I was going to be offered was stuff that I didn't really want to do, and I didn't want to be tempted to do it, so the smart thing to do was just to take a break and let the chips fall as they may.

Q: Are you concerned about alienating fans of the [Lehane] series?
A: Because there are a core group of fans and he's such a well-respected novelist, I wanted to be really, really careful. Obviously, the story needs to be shorter, so characters got compressed, but we didn't change the ending. I consider this to be very faithful. Maybe I've done a disservice, but I didn't approach [the movie] as one in a series, I did it as one story - and it's a pretty dark, down story.

Q: When's the film slated to come out?
A: Right now, we're still editing; we don't even have a composer yet. But we're starting to have discussions about whether it will be next year; we'll certainly be finished for spring or fall. I assume it's not a summer movie.

Q: What was your pilot about?
A: I pitched a one-hour show that did not get picked up. I kind of knew going in, because I had written it as a two-hour drama, and everyone was like, ''Why don't you turn it into a one-hour drama, and come back?'' It was a post-apocalyptic America political piece called ''Resistance.''

Sounds profound. They're probably considering Kevin Federline for the lead.


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The Gossip wonders: now that Ben Affleck has been rewarded for acting, will he at least thank the media?

After blaming journalists for his recently lousy career, Affleck just saw his fortunes soar in the opposite direction.

Violet Affleck is Thirsty

In Hollywoodland, the actor plays early Superman star George Reeves. The movie may not have been number-one at the box office, but Affleck was apparently the top actor at the Venice Film Festival.

The Good Will Hunting star took home the Coppa Volpi as best male actor when the Venice awards were announced, joining The Queen star Helen Mirren, who took the Coppa Volpi for best female actor.

We have to admit, we didn't see this award coming. Should Kevin Federline clear room on his mantel for an Emmy now? An Oscar for Mischa Barton?

The possibilities are limitless.


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You're Ben Affleck (sorry). You've recently made the should-have-gone-straight-to-video movies Daredevil, Gigli and Jersey Girl. As a result, you're not exactly considered a box office draw anymore.

What do you do?

Hairy Ben Affleck

Keep blaming the media, of course!

is currently promoting his new film, Hollywoodland, at the Venice Film Festival. But he still found time to whine:

"I think more and more people pay attention to actor's private lives … it makes it difficult to suspend disbelief when you are going to watch their movie because really what you are thinking about is whatever you have read about them in a magazine rather than the performance they are giving and it makes the actors job harder."

Right, right. Media attention just killed Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile during Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Only millions upon millions of people watched that flick.

Same for Jennifer Anistion and Vince Vaugh in The Break Up. That didn't almost shatter romantic comedy box office records or anything.

We're not defending tabloid invasion into people's private lives. But we're certainly not agreeing with Affleck that it hurts box office appeal.

Just make some good movies, Ben.


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Phew. It's nice to know Ben Affleck doesn't regret having a baby with his wife. It would be a shame if that were the case.

Jennifer Garner, of course, gave birth to the couple's daughter, Violet, in December and Affleck recently told reporters he's greatly enjoying parenthood.

Ben and Jen at the Hospital

"I love being a father. It's wonderful. It's changed my life. It all sounds like platitudes and cliches, and that's because they're the truth."

Evidently, Ben is rather good at the job, too. He best be - because the man can't act to save his career.

But that's not the reason, according to the Good Will Hunting star, why he hasn't been in the spotlight recently. The actor claimed he's been staying low because he's still upset about the way the media treated his engagement to Jennifer Lopez. Right. That must be it.

"You can't help but feel injured by it. You're like, ‘That's not me' ... For a long time I got frustrated by it and expected truth and integrity … You realize it's kind of a game, it's a manipulation," Affleck said of being a tabloid target.

"I didn't want to have part of that so I backed off from doing movies, did some movies for money and then took a break."

We're not sure if that last quote makes any sense. But we are positive of this: Affleck's favorite baseball team, the Red Sox, are 0-9 on his birthday over the last nine seasons. That's too bad.


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According to US Weekly, not everyone is enamored with the Hollywood scene. We are, of course, but Bennifer is hitting the road, seeking better surroundings for a budding family. Wanting to raise 8-month old Violet in an environment that's decidedly un-Hollywood, Ben and Jen are bound for Boston, Mass.

There are numerous advantages to the move. Not only is it currently a buyer's market in terms of real estate prices as rising mortgage rates have cooled demand, but they can seriously cut down on baby-sitting costs with Ben's family in the area. The 34-year old Affleck is a Boston native, while Garner, 33, grew up in Texas and West Virginia.

Jennifer Garner Smiles at Daughter

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In the wake of Father's Day, Life & Style saw fit to pay tribute to the most underappreciated of roles: the famous father. Herewith is a list of those the publication considered worth recognizing (a write-in campaign for Kevin Federline is underway):

Brad Pitt, the new dad - How many men go from no kids to three in one year? While holding on to his boyish charm?

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Picture

Chris Martin, rocker dad - Married to Gwyneth Paltrow and father to two-year-old Apple and two-month-old Moses, this musician tastefully juggles life at home and on the road.

Matthew Broderick, city dad - Hitched to former Sex & the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a constant fixture on Broadway for years, Broderick shows three-year old James around NYC regularly.

Will Smith, funny dad - He wrote a song about one of his children and is always seen smiling brightly next to wife, Jada Pinkett. Five-year old daughter, Willow, will appear on screen with Smith shortly.

David Arquette, wacky dad - He frightens us sometimes, too, but Courtney Cox-Arquette doesn't seem to mind his antics; not does little Coco Riley.

Ryan Phillippe, Mr. Mom - Just try to track down this actor without daughter, Ava, and son, Deacon, by his side. And that gorgeous woman next to him is Oscar-winning wife, Reese Witherspoon.

Guy Richie, spiritual dad - His wife is a busy woman, leaving Guy often in charge of stepdaughter, 9-year-old Lourdes, and son, 5-year-old Rocco.

Heath Ledger, hipster dad - The ultimate bohemian, Heath has taken time off to remain close to seven-month old daughter, Matilda Rose. He also dote on fiance, Michelle Williams.

Ben Affleck, working dad - While shooting his directorial debut in Boston, Ben keeps wife Jennifer Garner, and newborn daughter, Violet Anne, close at all times.

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