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In an article about President Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Africa, a Yahoo News reporter somehow referred to Kenya as "the country of his birth."

Apparently Donald Trump is interning at Yahoo News now? Who knew.

Yahoo Grab

The article was quickly revised to refer to Kenya as the president's "ancestral homeland," with a correction at the top and an acknowledgement of the error.

Still ... we're sort of glad we're not Rachel Rose Hartman right now.

Obama was born in Hawaii, a fact that state officials have repeatedly confirmed, though rumors that he was secretly born in Kenya dogged him for years.

The release of Obama's birth certificate in 2011 quieted critics (mostly), and his 2012 reelection would imply that the birther conspiracies have largely been put to rest.

Or just replaced by the far worse AP, IRS, Benghazi and NSA scandals.

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Police in Georgia are investigating the toppling of a monument dedicated to one of Michelle Obama's relatives, which was knocked over outside Atlanta.

Monument to Relative

A stone monument to Michelle Obama's great-great-great-grandmother, Melvinia Shields, was pushed over and will need to be inspected for cracks.

Officials say that Shields was born into slavery in the mid-1800s and later settled in Rex, Ga., about 15 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta.

The monument was installed a year ago as a celebration and recognition of Shields' connection to the First Lady and the White House.

It wasn't immediately clear when the monument was toppled, or who did it, or why they did it... but you can draw your own conclusions in that regard.

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Actress Shannon Richardson was arrested today in connection to the ricin that was mailed to President Obama today in Texas.

Richardson initially alerted the FBI that she thought her husband of two years may have been responsible for the ricin-laced letter.

But when the FBI went to investigate, they concluded that it may in fact be Shannon who is responsible, and that she simply tried to have her husband take the fall.

Shannon Richardson Ricin Suspect

After days of investigation and interrogation, Richardson has been arrested in Mount Pleasant, TX.

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Twitter can be a dangerous tool - and not just in the hands of Amanda Bynes.

A 22-year old man was sentenced to six months in prison today after he was arrested in September for making Tweeted death threats against President Barack Obama.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Donte Jamar Sims will also be forced to live under supervised release for a year after his jail term is up.

President Barack Obama Pic

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Andrea Tantaros is fed up with the Barack Obama administration and anyone that allowed it to rise to power.

On her Fox News radio show Thursday, the host went off on the Justice Department for tapping the phones and hacked the emails of reporter James Rosen.

This confirmation comes amidst an ongoing scandal in which the same department also obtained the phone records of several Associated Press members.

"This is what's happening to our press," Tantaros said on air. "This is Obama's America. It's like the Soviet Union. He said he would change the country. He said it ... and a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor and punch them in the face."

Listen to Tantaros' diatribe below:

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After a speech that saw a surprised President Obama heckled by an anti-war, anti-drone, and anti-Gitmo activist, the Internet was the big winner.

As Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupted and harassed the POTUS during his speech on Thursday, Obama repeatedly told her:

"Let me address it!"

She was eventually removed from the room, and Obama went off-script to acknowledge her concerns and even urged people to "cut her some slack."

And that was about it, which means we can move on and laugh at the obligatory auto-tuned musical version of events that someone made online. Enjoy!

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President Barack Obama was heckled during a speech at the National Defense University in Washington by Medea Benjamin, an anti-war activist.

The two videos below show the news feed of Obama being heckled repeatedly, and the perspective of the heckler being restrained by security:

Obama was defending the use of drones ("These strikes have saved lives") and again discussing his desire to shut down Cuba's Guantanamo Bay.

"Can you tell the Muslim people their lives are as precious as our lives?" Medea, co-founder of the group Code Pink, can be heard yelling.

Obama seemed agitated, and repeatedly asked her to allow him to finish his sentence and address her concerns, but did allow Benjamin to speak:

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Ah, prom season. This annual, awkward rite of passage may be winding down, but it lives on in photos for President Barack Obama and countless other celebs.

Time unearthed this classic photo from the future President's 1979 prom in Hawaii. Take a look at the 17-year-old with his date and another couple:

Obama Prom Photo

Kelli Allman, second from left, says Obama spent his H.S. days studying, playing basketball (as a player on the varsity team) and hanging out with his friends.

Allman shares, "It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling. It was pretty typical from there out as far as what happens at prom."

"Dinner and, dancing and the photos, all of that."

Not to mention great hair on the Prez. Take a look at a ton more celebrity prom photos, young and old, after the jump, and see if you can ID them all!

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Forbes' Most Powerful Couples List has been released, and Barack and Michelle Obama came out on top as the most dynamic of dynamic duos.

Meanwhile, the two final pairs in 2013's Tournament of THG: Couples Edition (Robsten and Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev) have since split.

Forbes 1, THG 0.

Barack and Michelle Obama Photograph

Forbes' eclectic list of formidable duos who span the worlds of entertainment, politics, media and even royalty has POTUS and FLOTUS at #1.

It's Michelle who carries this particular ticket, too.

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President Barack Obama's historic embrace of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights has been widely praised ... and widely criticized.

It didn't hurt him with the public enough to sway the 2012 election results, but his support for gay causes lit a fire under many vocal opponents.

Which brings us to conservative pundit "Coach" Dave Daubenmire ... who is calling on Obama to come out of the closet and admit he's gay already.

In a bizarre online rant, Dave emphasizes, "How about he come out and admit he's the first openly gay president or, better yet, openly bisexual president?"

He cites Obama's praise for Jason Collins and notes that the President's "face seems to really light up when he begins to talk about the gay agenda."

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