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The family of Audrie Pott has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the boys accused of sexually assaulting her before the teenager's tragic suicide.

"We intend to prove in a court of law that her death was related to what they did," attorney Bob Allard said of the alleged rape and bullying she endured.

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Allard said the decision was precipitated by comments made by the defendants' lawyers, who said the three boys, should be "regarded as innocent."

They further advised the public to reserve judgment about the case.

"Much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate," said the suspects' three lawyers in a joint statement over the weekend.

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Three teen boys have been arrested and charged with sexual assaulting their classmate, Audrie Pott, while she was intoxicated and passed out at a house party.

Pott, who attended Saratoga High School in California, committed suicide at age 15, hanging herself eight days after photos of the attack were posted online.

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The case bears eerie similarities to the sexual assault of the Steubenville rape case in Ohio last year. Two teenagers were found guilty in that incident.

The tragic incident occurred nack in September 2012 when Audrie Pott went to a party at the home of a friend whose parents had gone out of town.

She passed out and was allegedly attacked as she was unconscious.

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