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Daria is back! Well, sort of.

Aubrey Plaza, the cartoon's real life counterpart did a fake trailer for the fake film that undoubtedly everyone in the universe wants to really happen.

There's just something about Plaza's deadpan delivery that fully captures Daria's sense of ennui.

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At last night's MTV Movie Awards, Aubrey Plaza went all Kanye West, crashing Will Ferrell's Comedic Genius acceptance speech to try and grab his trophy.

The actress didn't get nearly as far as West in 2009, however, when he actually interrupted Taylor Swift, grabbed the mic and rambled on for about a minute.

In the case below, Plaza simply wrestled with Ferrell awkwardly and returned to her seat, head bowed:

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We adore Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation.

But perhaps she should stick to mocking Leslie Knope and pretending not to care about her career.

Because the actress attempts to go all Kanye West circa 2009 at last night's MTV Movie Awards... only to embarrass herself when her stunt didn't exactly go as planned.

Watch Plaza interrupt Will Ferrell acceptance speech for the Comedic Genius Award now and cringe for the drunk star as she does so:

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