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In a new, attention-seeking interview with MTV, Aubrey O'Day says she's astounded at how many people care about her sexuality.

We're astounded the singer can make such a statement with a straight face.

"I think [the fact] that so many people are wondering along with me definitely puts pressure on my choices," O'Day said, adding "one thing that I have to say about me that's really always gonna be true, whether people like it or not, is I'm just gonna be me."

And fans can see all of that person - and we mean ALL of her - when Aubrey O'Day nude pics hit newsstands in the March edition of Playboy.

While the singer's breasts may be fake, the desperate celebrity insists the rest of her is real. Very, very real.

"I just want to be real. I think we're missing a lot of real people... I think people are scared to be who they are. And if anybody's gonna go out there and let everybody know, 'Be who you are. I'm OK with it. No judgment here.' I want it to be me."

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The least shocking news of 2009 has been confirmed: Aubrey O'Day will pose naked for Playboy.

The photos of this singer in her skanky birthday suit will be published in March, giving all who plan on purchasing the issue plenty of time to bathe before doing so.

"Aubrey’s making about $500,000 to drop trou," an insider told The New York Daily News. "For that kind of money, she was like ‘Why not?’"

Shots of Lisa Rinna nude will also grace the pages of Playboy this spring. We just thought you should know.

We also thought you should check out O'Day's history of posing in the almost-buff. Click on the following thumbnails to see how little of a stretch it will be for this singer to get nice and naked...

  • Complex Photo
  • Aubrey O'Day Image
  • Half Nude Aubrey O'Day
  • Aubrey O'Day Nude

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It's official: anyone with a pulse can see Aubrey O'Day nude.

Desperate for love and attention, the singer has placed her own type of personal ad in the pages of celebrity gossip tabloid Us Weekly, telling the magazine earlier this week:

Aubrey O'Day Topless

"At this point in my life, I wouldn't say one way or another what my preference is sexually."

O'Day was spotted out with women at a pair of recent event: at the Zen Green Tea Liqueur launch party last week; and the Nascar Sprint party in New York City in early December.

She's making a passionate plea to the Ikki Twins and others looking for attention-grabbing relationships.

"The only thing I'm looking for in life is incredible passion and honest love... no matter what options are on the table. All I really operate on is the way I feel in my heart when it comes to love."

Tila Tequla and Courtenay Semel proceeded to call O'Day before she could finish that thought.

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In September, Aubrey O'Day posed for racy pictures and talked about her love of pornography in a Complex magazine article.

Based on the behind-the-scene shots of the singer that have emerged from that photo shoot, we can't help but wonder if she did more than just talk about porn during her time at the publication headquarters.

As you can see, O'Day got wet, O'Day got wild and O'Day got on her knees for the pictorial.

We wonder if any Complex photographer got a burning sensation when he urinated, as a result of it...

On Knees

There's more of Aubrey O'Day assuming her usual position below. Click on the following thumbnails to enlarge them...

  • Wet and Complex
  • Complex Photo
  • Ready for a Close-Up
  • In Need of Make Up
  • Hair Held

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As 2008 winds down, it's time to reflect upon those - from household names to relative unknowns, from A- to D-list - who made this year so memorable.

The Hollywood Gossip is unveiling 10 finalists for its 2nd Annual Celebrity of the Year award. They've given us their best, their worst, even their nude pictures in some cases. Now it is time for us to give something back with this moving tribute.

We previously profiled those scantily-clad lovers of old men, The Girls Next Door. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #7 … Pretend lesbians!

Remember the days where a woman simply had to be railed on tape by her boyfriend in order to achieve fame and fortune? That notion is so 2007, as the past calendar year proved that the public is almost immune to simple heterosexual sex, no matter how explicit.

As a result, aspiring celebrities had to go the extra mile in 2008... by grabbing the extra breast!

Indeed, faux lesbianism has been all the rage, highlighted by off-and-on pretend couple Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel. As soon as one of these unattractive specimens go a month without making headlines, you can be sure to catch them groping one another in public, eyes searching for the nearest photographer.

Look, there's a camera! Grab my ass!

Other celebs that supposedly traded in penis for vagina - at least for the duration of a headline being written about the switch - in 2008 included Aubrey O'Day, Brittny Gastineau and, of course, Lindsay Lohan.

The outbreak of temporary carpet munching has grown so severe that MTV has created a reality series out of it. The Ikki Twins, Rikki and Vikki, wouldn't have jobs at the moment if they didn't consider women among potential suitors on A Double Shot at Love.

Will this trend continue in 2009? Millions of guys certainly hope so!

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It's all about reinventing yourself.

Supposed singer Aubrey O'Day will apparently transition from dressing like a skank to get attention to going completely buck a$$ naked to get attention.

The one-time face of Danity Kane spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio doing a naked spread for Playboy, according to the celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Word has it there may be some hairy critters in the pics with her ... we're talking about lion and tiger cubs, of course, not what you were thinking. Gross!

  • A Complex Woman
  • Aubrey O'Day Nude

Some classy moments from Aubrey O'Day photo shoots past.

Not sure about you, but we look forward to this Aubrey O'Day miletone. America will finally get to see what only a few hundred men and women have before.

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We can pretty much guarantee this is the last time Beth Ostrosky, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aubrey O'Day will be lumped together in an article.

But Howard Stern's new wife, Michael Douglas' old wife and the bedroom conquest of anyone that buys her a drink all were spotted out in the same dress recently.

Rihanna in Vogue

Study the photos below and vote in the poll underneath them: Who wears this outfit best?


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Sources say highly talented, irritable Kanye West was sucking face with generally useless, naked pop singer Aubrey O'Day, according to the New York Post.

Specifically, the duo were recently at 1Oak making out, said a source: "Either they actually kissed, or Aubrey O'Day was just telling people they kissed."

Sounds like a definite. Either way, we hope Kanye used protection, and Aubrey was sure to complement West non-stop to placate his massive ego.

Aubrey O'Day Image

The buxom Hairspray star made headlines recently when she was kicked out of her MTV band, Danity Kane, and then romantically linked to Donnie Wahlberg.

Kanye's rep had no comment on whether he's seen Aubrey O'Day nude.

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The odds of an Aubrey O'Day sex tape being leaked to the public just shot up considerably.

After all, the lead singer of Danity Kane was actually given the boot from that group last night on the season finale of Making the Band 4. How else will she get attention now unless she strips down and spreads her legs on camera?

In response to the firing, O'Day had this to say to Perez Hilton:

"I didn't watch the finale, so I have no idea what story was told. The only comment I can make is… I wish that the world would focus more on the presidential election, the debates, the issues our country is facing, and the fact that if we don't vote for Obama our country will suffer beyond repair."

It's true. The world really is focusing too much on the life and times of Aubrey O'Day. Don't you know there's an election going on, people?!?