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Ashton Kutcher took to the stage today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour and made it rather clear he hopes to return to Two and a Half Men next season.

On a one-year "test" deal," the actor said he's looking at this summer as a "hiatus" because he wants to appear in more atrociously unfunny episodes of the CBS hit. Oh, and he's also shaved his facial hair. Completely.

Mugler Shot

The new look is "related to the show, completely," he said at the panel. "Tune in Monday."

But should you, really? We already know the jokes won't be funny, so compare Ashton styles below and vote on your favorite. What is this star's best look?

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According to his rep, Ashton Kutcher will not be ringing in the new year with a new romantic interest on his arm.

Following a Tweeted photo of himself and Lorene Scafaria in Italy this week, chatter naturally grew that the actor and the screenwriter were now an item.

Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria

But the two "are just friends," Kutcher's rep tells People. "They are working on a potential project together about an Italian soccer team."

Well, that does make sense. Ashton knows a lot about scoring.

Scafaria previously dated Adam Brody and wrote the screenplay for Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Kutcher, of course, split from Demi Moore this year after she got sick of his wandering penis.

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Attention, Lorene Scafaria: You may wish to inject your new man with a GPS tracker.

Ashton Kutcher on the Red Carpet

According to Us Weekly, Ashton Kutcher spent Christmas in Italty... and he wasn't alone! The tabloid has published photos of the actor and Scafaria - a screenwriter who formerly dated Adam Brody - playing tourist near the Leaning Tower of Pisa and having lunch at Pizzeria Trattoria Toscana in Pisa.

Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria

"They shared spaghetti and he paid," a witness tells the magazine, while Kutcher Tweeted the photo above of himself, Scafaria and his Katalyst business partner and added:

Roman holiday with homies...have an amazing new year!

Demi Moore, meanwhile, spent the holidays with family in Parrot Cay and is doing "really well," a friend says.

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Welcome back to the Tournament of THG, where fans decide the most popular star of 2011. The concept is simple. Vote for your favorite of the two stars in each poll. Done.

In the first round, Katy Perry is throttling Courtney Stodden, while Kate and Pippa Middleton are out in front of Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen, respectively.

Lady Gaga, Blue Wig

Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus are still neck and neck, as are Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson. Voting remains open in those matchups as well, so have your say!

Your next contest: Ashton Kutcher vs. Lady Gaga! Both made news a lot this year, but only one can move on to the quarterfinals. Who do you like more? Vote!

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Who's your favorite celeb, Ashton Kutcher or Lady Gaga? Your votes will decide the winner of this first round matchup in the first Annual Tournament of THG! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ashton Kutcher

Lady Gaga

Total Votes: 2758

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Sara Leal has a message for all those wannabe mistresses out there: It's just not worth it. No matter how hot the married man is.

This 23-year old rose to infamy, of course, by sleeping with Ashton Kutcher in San Diego a few months ago, a transgression that gave her a lot of press and led to the actor's divorce from Demi Moore.

"It was insane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into," Leal now tells Fox News, via The Daily Mirror, of the one-night stand, adding that she lost her job and her family didn't talk to her for weeks as a result of the fling.

  • Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover
  • Proof of Infidelity?

Kutcher allegedly told Leal and her pals on the night in question that he was mostly single, a status this blonde never questioned.

"I don’t watch television and I read very few magazines. It never crossed my mind that he was married," she says. "But then he said he was separated, which still doesn’t make things okay, but I wasn’t thinking clearly."

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New Year's Eve stars every big name in Hollywood. We're not kidding: Lea Michele, Josh Duhamel, Ryan Seacrest, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine Heigl, Hilary Swank. Seriously, check out the New Year's Eve trailer now.

So the Los Angeles premiere of the romantic comedy was an especially hot ticket last night, in more ways than one.

Two of the studliest actors in the film, Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron, are featured below in the latest edition of a THG Fashion Face-Off. Both wore a similar colored suit for the occasion, but only one can be chosen as the winner. Vote now. (Editor's note: We apologize, Zac. This will be the last time we ever compare you to Ashton.)

Fashion Face-Off!

Both Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron came out for the Hollywood premiere of New Year's Eve. Which actor looks studlier? View Poll »

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!

What would this holiday be without family, food, football and reflection upon the things we appreciate most ... in the case of THG, that means some of the turkeys we have had the privilege, the honor and the burden of covering in the past year.

We are talking some fowl individuals here ... real bird brains.

Without further ado, THG's Top 10 Turkeys of 2011 ...

Obama-Boehner Pic

Who will win the 5th Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

10. President Obama and GOP presidential candidates (tie). On a day when we share the blessings this nation has provided us, we'll also share the blame for a polarized electorate and a federal government destined for perennial gridlock.

9. Taylor Armstrong. Refining shamelessness, one episode at a time.

8. Gloria Allred. Loudmouth lawyer for accusers in seemingly every random celebrity scandal always wants to talk turkey ... and gobble up publicity.

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Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with a 22-year old in San Diego named Sara Leal. Case closed, right? This explains why the actress filed for divorce from her husband of six years last week.

Not exactly, friends say.

Ashton and Demi People Cover

In the latest issue of People, an insider says Kutcher and Moore's marriage "[had] been deteriorating for a long time. Ashton was ready to end it, [but] he wanted to wait for Demi to actually do it. He loved her but couldn't live with her.

Among the issues that reportedly plagued the couple? Their age difference, his promiscuity and her insecurities.

One friend of the actor's goes as far as to say "they were fed up with each other," adding: "If anyone was uncomfortable with the age difference, it was Demi, not Ashton. She drove him crazy after a while with questions and doubts."

Pick up the latest issue of People for a lot more on this split.

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Ashton Kutcher reportedly has a lot more in common with Charlie Sheen than one line on the actors' resumes.

Like the star who preceded him on Two and a Half Men, a source tells Radar Online that Kutcher was into threesomes and often shared sexual partners with soon-to-be-ex wife Demi Moore.

  • Ashton Kutcher on His Own
  • Demi Moore on Her Own

“Demi liked women and Ashton would bring another woman into their relationship for flings, but they both agreed to it," this insider claims.

So, why did Kutcher's alleged affair with Sara Leal lead to this couple splitting after six years of marriage? It was the way Ashton handled the rendezvous, apparently.

“As long as she knew about it, she was fine,” the mole said.  “It was the sneaky ones when he got caught that infuriated Demi.”

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher really need to work on their timing.

Both recent divorcees are featured in the December issues of magazines, spouting ironic statements about life and love. In Marie Claire, gushes over her marriage to Kris Humphries. And now in Men's Health, Kutcher talks about relationships in general.

Ashton Kutcher Men's Health Cover

"I could never be with a woman who felt like she needed to change me," says the now-single actor, adding: "The goal is not to get into a relationship; the goal is to be in a relationship.”

Kutcher does admit to one fault, at least, although it had nothing to do with his philandering ways.

“I would just like a woman someday, somewhere, at some point in my life to say to me, ‘You’re a great listener,'" he says. "Haven’t heard it yet, and that’s a superior compliment to get from a woman. But I’m going to work on it."

Ashton Kutcher Biography

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