Ashley Scott is an actress on the show Jericho. She's also a friend of Paris Hilton for some reason.

by Mischalova at . Comments

This is one of the last posts we'll get to write about Paris Hilton in jail.

So forgive The Hollywood Gossip staff if we get a bit emotional during it.

But our sadness over the impending freedom of this spoiled lawbreaker won't stop us from reporting that actress Ashley Scott arrived around 7:15 last night at the prison in which Hilton is stuck feeling sorry for herself. The Jericho star stayed for 45 minutes.

When asked by People magazine if the visit with Paris was emotional, Scott said: "Yes, of course. You can't touch or hug. It's hard."

Speaking of things being hard, there's a good chance the first thing Hilton does upon her release is tough and hug Stavros Niarchos.

But Scott reports there's something else Paris has her sights set on once she's released, something her best friend Nicole Richie has never thought: "She's looking forward to eating," Ashley said.

In the end, the actress claims that Paris has learned a lot about herself. Supposedly, time in jail hasn't affected Hilton's looks, either, as Scott says her pal "looks stunning."

We suppose this may be true when compared with recent Britney Spears pics, but somehow doubt Hilton is anything close to good looking.