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Earlier this week, Simon Cowell said he hoped a female would come out on top of American Idol this season.

As loyal fans know, the judges often tweak comments and try to manipulate votes in the direction of contestants they're cheering for, so this is a comment worth taking seriously.

Two people that would love to prove Simon correct are Ashley Rodriguez and Lilly Scott. Both stood out after a week in Hollywood, but each for different reasons.

Rodriguez brings energy and a big voice to the stage. Let's face it, she's also gorgeous. Scott, meanwhile, is one of several singers that appears to be following the mold of Taylor Swift, singing beautifully and strumming her guitar.

Contrast the hopefuls below and let your voice be heard...

  • Ashley Rodriguez Image
  • Lilly Scott Promo Photo

Which of these contestants will go farther on American Idol?


We've also pitted Crystal Bowersox and Janell Wheeler against one another. Cast your vote between those two hopefuls now!

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Kara DioGuardi is in love.

Simon Cowell has already labeled her a front-runner.

But is such praise of Ashley Rodriguez unworthy? You tell us.

The singer is one of 24 rumored American Idol finalists on season nine, as she received unanimous Hollywood approval from the judges after her Boston rendition of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You."

Here's what we know so far about Ashley:

  • She attended Chelsea High School in Massaschuets.
  • She received a full scholarship for the famous City Music program at Berklee College of Music.
  • She has toured the globe with gospel group Overjoyed.
  • She her performed at the Berklee Performance Center with artists such as Philip Bailey, Chaka Kahn, Lalah Hathaway and Paula Cole.
  • She sometimes goes by the stage name Ashley Makailah.

But will she be the next American Idol? Watch her audition below and grade her potential.

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Ashley Rodriguez Biography

Ashley Rodriguez Pic Ashley Rodriguez wants to be the next American Idol. She auditioned for season nine in Boston and received unanimous approval by all four... More »
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