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Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene has a lot of knowledge to pass along to young people. For instance:

Never take nude photos of yourself with a digital camera.

The actress also covers the latest issue of TeenPROM and offers advice to all high schoolers about to embark on this rite of passage. Pay close attention, kids...

On planning for the event: “Definitely plan ahead because the actual day can be kind of stressful. Planning everything out helps a lot. When picking out your dress, make sure you’re really comfortable in it because you are going to be dancing around, moving around, sitting, eating and all of that stuff.”

On comfort: “Be yourself and don’t overdo it. People have a lot of anticipation for an event like prom and end up overdoing it or wearing too much makeup. Really make sure you are comfortable because then you’ll feel beautiful, instead of going overboard and asking yourself, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?’”

On putting out: "Do it, ladies! It will make your man happy."

Okay. We made the last quote up.

Ashley also takes part in, a charity whose name explains its mission. It's really the most important tip she can give anyone: always help those less fortunate than yourself.

Click on the photos below for more shots of Green...

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As part of a campaign urging youth to take aim at poverty and disease, the ONE foundation has released a new ad which aired during last night's Gossip Girl.

Fittingly, that show's stars Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick took part in it, along with Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed of the Twilight saga.

Heroes' Hayden Panettiere, Tristan Wilds from 90210, FlashForward cast member John Cho, Tropic Thunder's Brandon Jackson and more rounded out the ad spot:

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Give Ashley Greene credit for this at least:

When asked how she stayed in shape, the actress didn't pull a Kim Kardashian and start to shill for a dangerous weight loss product.

Still, the Twilight Saga star's publicist actually nudged his client after she gave the following response to Us Weekly:

"It was really easy. We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn't leave too much time to eat."

Kids, don't try that diet at home.

Ash Greene

Greene added that the (hot!) cast had a personal trainer on set that put each star through four hours of training per day.

To stay in shape these days, she also told the magazine she does Pilates about six days per week.

"I do it early in the morning. It wakes you up, and it's kind of refreshing," she said. "And that is basically it. Sometimes cardio. I am not a big weight person because when I do weights I build muscle mass."

Much to the delight of women everywhere, Taylor Lautner can vouch for that. Can he ever!

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It took Ashley Greene one major scandal to realize it, but the Twilight Saga star doesn't need to get naked to look hot.

The actress covers the December issue of Maxim and will likely garner a new fan base as a result of the spread. She looks great in the magazine.

Beauty aside, what's next for Greene professionally? New Moon comes out on November 20; and Eclipse in June, 2010. Other than that?

"I want to hit up James Bond," she said. "That would be awesome.

  • Ashley Greene in Maxim
  • Greene with Gorgeousness

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with MTV, Greene was asked about her favorite scene in the Twilight sequel. She replied:

“[I love] the whole Cullen scene, when Bella gets a paper cut and Jasper goes crazy — you haven’t seen that side of him yet. The performances are great, and the whole dynamic is really great. That was one of my favorite scenes to watch.”

In closing, is Greene anything like the character she plays?

"I have become a lot more like Alice Cullen, because she is probably the most fashionable out of the Cullen clan, and I’ve recently become obsessed with fashion.”

That's a big step for an actress that once chose nudity over clothing. Way to go, Ash!

  • From Maxim
  • Greene in Maxim

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The director has already promised buckets full of tears.

Now, one of the stars of New Moon tells potential viewers to prepare for heartbreak and sadness. While celebrating Halloween at an event in Las Vegas, Ashley Greene described the plot as:

"Edward [Robert Pattinson] kind of breaks Bella's heart, so you definitely see Jacob [Taylor Lautner] kind of swoop in to rescue her. You get to see their chemistry and dynamic. It kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat a little bit more than the first one."

As for comparisons between Twilight and New Moon, Greene added:

"The first one is very much a love story, and this one is kind of more about heartbreak and healing, and you got the wolves come in and there's that threat, that danger. I actually saw the movie about two months ago, and it's really good."

We're sure it is. Below, we've posted an iconic scene from the novel. Watch Bella celebrate her birthday with the Cullens... until a paper cut creates a major family rift:

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She may never live down her nude photo debacle, but Ashley Greene has learned a valuable lesson:

One doesn't need to shed one's clothes in order to look sexy.

This point is driven home in a recent photo spread for French Revue de Modes, a random fashion magazine that features Greene in all her clothed, seductive glory.

The Twilight Saga star looks ravishing in each picture, despite the fact she's almost entirely covered up throughout. If only someone had relayed that message to Levi Johnston. Alas, it sounds too late for him.

God help us all.

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Sorry, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

But we've uncovered a Twilight Saga photo spread that actually doesn't include either of you!

An Ashley Greene Pic

Self magazine has chosen to focus on a trio of Robsten's New Moon co-stars, as Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Rachelle Lefevre took time away from the Vancouver shoot to pose for a series of candid pics.

This is actually great news for Pattinson and Stewart. While the attention of fans is diverted to other Twilight cuties, Robert and Kristen can do whatever it is they do when the cameras aren't rolling. (Hint: we doubt it involves much clothing!)

Check out the adorable pics below and prepare for a major milestone tomorrow: New Moon opens exactly one month from Tuesday, October 20!!!

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Due to her annoying team of lawyers, Ashley Greene nude photos were removed from the Internet.

As a result, the only way to see this Twilight Saga star in the buff is to date her.

Fortunately, the actress that plays Alice Cullen is willing to help men with that challenge. In a recent Men's Fitness feature, she discussed five rules to dating. Follow these closely, and you may become a lucky fang banger...

  1. Be independent: "If a guy is too clingy or needy, I actually get afraid of hurting him - and I can't deal with that."
  2. Be willing to give: "I need a guy that understands give-and-take. I can't be the only one giving."
  3. Show confidence: "It's attitude that gives a guy an edge. When you walk around thinking 'everyone wants to f--- me,' that's what comes across. Those guys just scream sex!"
  4. Just chill: "I hate jealous guys! Everyone can be jealous. We all have that in us. Push the demon down or it's going to drive the other person away."
  5. Be real: "Don't throw petals on the floor if they have no meaning. I would rather have a fun, casual relationship than have someone pretending they're completely in love with me."

Greene added: "Being sexy is about intrigue and mystery, not putting everything out on the table. That's the kind of guy I want to be around. I just want to jump his bones!"

So, to recap: be confident, mysterious, independent and benevolent. Your reward for those traits? Possibly Greene, pictured in more sexy poses below. She's very much worth it...

Hot Ashley

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Ashley Greene is pretty much famous for two reasons:

  1. Her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga.
  2. Nude photos that were leaked in August.

While it's a given the actress wants everyone to forget about the latter, she actually hopes people will eventually ignore the former, as well.

A Concert Goer

In the latest issue of Saturday Night magazine, Greene says she hopes not to be typecast by her iconic vampire role.

“Maybe [Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson] will kind of have a little bit more of a shadow behind them that always links them to Twilight. Alice is a vampire, yes, but she has this human heart. She’s really lovable and really likable, sort of like the best friend, and so I think that might help me in the other films. I think the fans already love me and love Alice. I think it’s a positive."

It's a problem many actors face: never being seen as any character but the one that made them famous.

Greene tries not to worry about that.

"I don’t think I’m going to be pigeonholed... I get to kind of choose my films, which hopefully I will choose wisely and build off of that versus pissing the fans off. I want to do an action film just because there’s already a bit of action in Twilight, and when I did it I absolutely took to it and loved it.”

Ashley will next be seen in New Moon, which opens on November 20. Click on the pics below for more shots of her in Saturday Night:

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Granted, the Kanye West meltdown at last night's MTV Video Music Awards was the most shocking development of the night.

But this would be a close second: Ashley Greene and Adrienne Bailon showed up at the event - and both actresses were fully clothed!

Mugler Shot

We kid because we care, but Greene and Bailon were each involved in nude photo scandals earlier this year. Fortunately, the young stars remembered to don a dress for the event, as evidenced below.

But which celeb looked cuter? That's up to readers to decide. Compare, contrast and vote below...

Who looked cuter on the red carpet?