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While fans still ponder the meaning of the latest Justin Bieber tattoo, Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene has come out with some fresh ink and it's message is clear:

"Life a Dance!"

That's what the tattoo - located on her foot - reads, as you can see here:

Ashley Greene Tattoo

"I'm sad to be leaving New Orleans … But I'm taking this with me :)," the 25-year-old actress wrote as a caption to the image.

Greene is rather subtle with her body artwork. She also has a small key tattooed underneath her left ear. What do you think of the ink above and the message Greene is trying to send?

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It's the topic that simply can't be avoided.

While promoting the final installment of The Twilight Saga, actors and actresses continue to be asked about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson, with Dakota Fanning recently sticking up for her castmate and asking:

Who are you to judge?

Now, it's Ashley Greene's turn.

  • Ashley Greene Seventeen Cover
  • Ashley Greene in Seventeen

Featured in the latest Seventeen, the beauty touches on the scandal and how it might affect Breaking Dawn Part 2, which opens on Friday.

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Ashley Greene is featured on the cover of yet another magazine.

In her push to promote the final installment of The Twilight Saga, this beauty has already talked dating with Marie Claire and gone retro for British GQ.

Now, speaking to Manhattan, Greene opens up about two of her loves, along with her take on relationships...

Ashley Greene Manhattan Cover

Finding love: “You need someone who is going to help you make that better version of yourself. I need someone who is strong but supportive and who loves me—someone who isn’t afraid to call me on my sh*t.”

New York City: “I like the energy - it’s so contagious and I feel like you just have to be productive here. It’s very artistic and inspiring.”

Her favorite actresses: “I love Cate Blanchett. She’s extremely classy and has this knack for taking on roles and being very, very strong, but also embedding vulnerability. She has this relatable quality. I like the path she chose.”

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Keeping the hotness rolling today at #55: Ashley Greene!

  • Ashley Greene in a Bra
  • Greene, Beautiful

Most recently, Alison Brie bikini pictures were featured. Not at all shabby.

Today, it's the smoking hot star of the forthcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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Ashley Greene is a single young woman once again. Go ahead and celebrate, men of the world.

The Twilight Saga beauty, who just gave an interview in which she detailed the difficulty of dating in Hollywood, has split from Broadway star Reeves Carney.

Ashley Greene as a Red Head

Simply put, "they are over," an insider tells Us Weekly of Greene and Carney who portrays Spider-Man on stage. "Reeve seems to be fine and it was just crazy with their schedules."

Greene resides in New York City, where Carney works, but she's off around the globe these days in promotion of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"She knows this is a pivotal time in her career," adds the source. "I wouldn't say I could never see them getting back together, but right now they are doing their own thing."

Greene had previously dated Joe Jonas and Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill. She's gorgeous.

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In just a couple years, thanks to a certain enormous movie franchise, Ashley Greene has become a household name.

But the Twilight Saga beauty - who is locked in a VERY close Who Would You Rather with Olivia Wilde - makes it very clear in the November issue of Marie Claire: she is NOT a changed young woman.

  • Ashley Greene Marie Claire Cover
  • Ashley Greene in Marie Claire
  • Gorgeous Ashley Greene
  • Ashley Greene for Marie Claire

“It was a hard adjustment going from zero to 100 in a day," Greene tells the magazine. "But it was also hard to talk to [friends], because you don’t want to be a jerk.

"After the movie came out, some people said, ‘You changed.’ And I said, ‘I haven’t changed, dude. Your opinion of me has changed because I’m working on this film.’ Trust me, my parents would let me know."

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Prepare for an impossible question, fellas:

Would you rather go for a Wilde ride in the sack? Or make your friends Greene with envy?

Such an inquiry is on our minds because both Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene star in Butter, an upcoming comedy about butter carving (no, really, check out this Butter trailer) and both showed up for a NYC screening last night.

Looking damn fine! We don't envy your dilemma, but this is a choice you must make: Which beauty would you prefer to bang?

And the Winner is?

Olivia Wilde or Ashley Greene? Sorry, fellas, you can only choose one of these beauties to bring home. View Poll »

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Full speed... behind?

Following a statement from Summit Entertainment in which the studio said it was moving "full speed ahead" with its original outline for the upcoming Breaking Dawn press tour - despite a certain publicized breakup - plans appear to have changed.

Ashley Greene may be stepping in for Kristen Stewart.

Image of Ashley Greene

"The studio's holding out to see if [Robert Pattinson and Stewart] get back together," an insider tells The New York Post. "But I don't think anyone is banking on that happening... At this point, the press strategy would have been mapped out. It's usually very organized, but at this time it's undecided."

With various premieres set to take place around the country and the world, executives could simply split Stewart and Pattinson up. Greene would then appear alongside the actor for interviews and junkets.

She couldn't be a bigger fan of Rob, telling The Daily Mail a couple years ago that the star "has been one of my biggest inspirations. As a person, he's not like anyone I've ever met in Hollywood, and as an actor he's a complete natural. He has no ego."

Sorry, Kristen, but that really does appear to be true. You've lost one of the very good eggs here.


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They are both brunette and beautiful and they both portray vampires on popular TV/movie franchises.

They're also both posing seductively in the pages of Esquire.

Oh, yes, men, it's your lucky time to be a subscriber, as Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) get their bras on - and nearly only their bras on - in the latest issue of this publication. Peep the pictures now and decide:

Which actress would you rather bite... in bed?

And the Winner is?

Nina Dobrev and Ashley Grene both portray vampires and both have recently posed provocatively for magazine spreads. Which would you rather bite? View Poll »

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off on October 11, while Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters on November 16.

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