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Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the New Jersey hooker at the center of the New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer scandal, filed a lawsuit Monday against Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis for exploiting her name and image for profit.

The suit seeks more than $10 million in damages.

In legal documents, Ashley Alexandra Dupre claims Girls Gone Wild reps came up to her while she was vacationing in Florida in 2003 and offered her alcohol before inducing her to expose her breasts and sign a waiver.

All while she was underage at just 17. Classy organization.

Since 2003, when this occurred, Girls Gone Wild has illegally exploited the name of Ashley Dupre - or so her lawsuit claims - as well as her picture, voice and likeness in a number of "deceptive advertising campaigns."

Joe Francis - who was willing to pay Ashley Dupre $1 million to pose naked for his videos before realizing, y'know, she already had in 2003 - had no comment.

The multi-millionaire bag of sleaze was just released from a Nevada jail last month, and continues to face federal tax evasion charges in that state.

He is currently fighting separate charges in Florida for allegedly filming underage girls in Panama City. Joe Francis has claimed that the girls in question lied about their age and that he is therefore not liable.

Ashley Dupre, who turns 23 this week, has not appeared publicly since the Eliot Spitzer scandal broke and it was revealed that she exchanges sex for money at a staggeringly high rate - thousands of dollars an hour!

Follow the jump for a thumbnail gallery of all our Ashley Dupre pics - from racy Girls Gone Wild shots to MySpace candids innocent H.S. yearbook photos ...

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Before Ashley Alexandra Dupre commanded such a hefty price tag for her photos and crappy music, she flashed a fake ID (and breasts), jumped on the Girls Gone Wild spring break tour bus - and, um, showered on camera a lot.

So it goes in the seedy world of Joe Francis.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Continue reading this post after the jump for some real photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre naked (the jury is still out on whether the pic we posted from last week is actually her) from the Girls Gone Wild archives.

Note that she was 17 at the time this film was shot ...

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Peeps used to pay thousands of dollars just to see Ashley Dupre naked, and we've already seen America's most famous hooker in the buff online!

Well, sort of.

Either way, it's a huge waste of money - but nothing compared to what a certain magazine is willing to shell out for Ashley's most famous patron.

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer may have lost his office after being caught up in a federal investigation of the prostitution ring Emperor's Club VIP, but he's been offered another gig â€" posing nude in Playgirl magazine.

"His sex appeal lies in being a successful businessman and politician," the magazine's editor-in-chief, Nicole Caldwell, tells Us Weekly. "Women like a guy who is in control, and a man who knows what he wants."

THG NOTE: This is a man who wants to throw away his career, self-respect, wife and three daughters by having sex with a hooker - without a condom no less.

In any case, Caldwell posted an open letter on Playgirl's blog last week asking for Eliot Spitzer nude - for the disgraced official to "strut his sexuality" and receive "a very attractive offer" of payment in return.

She said that while she's not "at liberty to say an exact [price] quote, but we would certainly be willing to pay him handsomely!"

Eliot Spitzer has not answered the call ("I know he's difficult to reach," Caldwell said), but Caldwell already has some ideas for the photo shoot.

"We would like to put [Eliot Spitzer] in the Governor's mansion, a business-like atmosphere," Caldwell says, adding that an Ashley Alexandra Dupre look-alike might appear in the shoot "wearing a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt."

What about the famous socks, that Eliot Spitzer reportedly insisted on wearing while getting his freak on with Ashley Alexandra Dupre?

"Maybe we'd keep him in socks to start, but no woman wants a man in socks the whole time," Caldwell admits.

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She's been a wild child even for Girls Gone Wild, and posed half-naked for The New York Post, but so far no photo of Ashley Alexandra Dupre nude has been found.

The same may be true even now.

Ashley Dupre From Behind

However, thanks to the unending labor of, we have found what some believe are the first Ashley Dupre nude pictures. Possibly.

The photo below was allegedly taken from the Emperor's Club VIP web site, and shows what appears to be a naked Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

We can't be certain about this, though, because hiding the escort's face is typical practice for such sites. For obvious reasons, of course.

Still, check it out and see for yourself. Some believe this girl and the hooker caught in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal are one and the same ...

A possible picture of Ashley Dupre naked. Yee-haw.

Whether or not this is Ashley Dupre, does it strike you as something you'd want to shell out $4,300 for? If you want to go home with a short girl with fake boobs, there are about two million of those in the state of New Jersey. Just saying.

Follow this link to see more photos of her at Egotastic ...

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"You might as well show off what you have before you don't have it any more!" - Ashley Alexandra Dupre

With those words, the then-teenager who allegedly became "Kristen," New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's high-priced prostitute, told a Palm Beach Post reporter why she was flaunting her now famous assets for the cameras of Girls Gone Wild.

Ashley Dupre From Behind

The place: Miami Beach's Chesterfield Hotel.
The time: A sweaty afternoon in mid-March 2003.
The star: Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 17, introducing herself as the newest Girls Gone Wild star, "Amber." She said she was 21, from New Jersey and recently worked as a waitress in North Carolina.

She was already turning heads.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, or "Amber," with the Girls Gone Wild gang.

During many hours of drunken revelry at a hotel filmed by Girls Gone Wild, Ashley Dupre photos and video - replete with topless antics and suggestive dancing - were captured for one of the tapes that made Joe Francis a multi-millionaire.

And a man facing up to 10 years in federal prison and many more than that in the fiery pits of hell, but that's a subject for another time.

Earlier this week, Girls Gone Wild offered her $1 million to pose in her birthday suit. Then the seedy company discovered it didn't have to shell out the money: Its archives contained 5-year-old footage and pictures of Ashley Dupre.

But even for the producers and cameramen who traveled across America with the single goal of finding drunk girls willing to lift up their shirts, "Amber" took the party to a place where even Girls Gone Wild won't go.

Ashley Dupre hopped on a table in the middle of a hotel lobby crammed with frat boys and launched into a raunchy strip-tease. That's when the camera crew packed up and returned to their monster bus to leave town.

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Ashley Dupre, a.k.a. Spitzer Girl, went crazy in Florida for "Girls Gone Wild," as we reported earlier (and as Joe Francis was willing to pay $1M for her to do, before realizing he already had mucho archive footage of her).

That's funny enough, but it gets weirder (and skeevier). Ashley may have been underage when she was filmed naked on the "Girls Gone Wild" bus.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Her lawyer, Don Buchwald, says Ashley Dupre was born April 30, 1985, and the footage was shot between March 13 and March 20, 2003, making her ... 17!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre was a girl gone wild... at age 17.

But "Girls Gone Wild" CEO Joe Francis says even if she was 17, Florida and Federal law permits her to be filmed in any state of undress ... as long as she consents and there is no "sexual contact." Joe says (he would know) there was none.

However, in a statement, Joe Francis says GGW has a "corporate policy" not to use girls under 18, and thus has "delayed the release of [Ashley Dupre] nude footage on the Internet and are investigating the matter."

Somewhere, Eric Stapelman is smiling. Not just because he likes nude photos of hot girls, but because Francis is certainly shadier and more disliked than him.

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After skyrocketing to instant notoriety and fame in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal, America's most famous call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, recently received a $1 million offer to pose and tour with Girls Gone Wild.

Little did GGW magnate Joe Francis know that she'd already gone wild!

Inside the video vaults of Girls Gone Wild is footage of an 18-year-old Ashley Dupre naked and cavorting on the GGW bus and doing scenes with another woman in 2003, the video company announced Tuesday afternoon.

GGW found the footage - seven tapes worth - after CEO Joe Francis offered $1 million to Ashley Alexandra Dupre to appear in one of his videos.

Francis will soon release a special video featuring none other than Ashley Dupre (born Ashley Youmans), now 22, the alleged high-priced call girl linked to the downfall of now-former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

"I met her on spring break at the Girls Gone Wild beach house in 2003," Francis said. "She got into the Jacuzzi. She threw her arms around me. I never made the connection that this was Ashley. But my cameraman had been in touch with her for a while. I didn't make the connection until recently. Then it was like: that's Ashley!"

Francis told the Associated Press: "It'll save me a million bucks. It's kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch."

We don't really want to think about what's happening on Joe Francis' couch, thank you very much. But this is certainly great news for all you people out there dying to get a glimpse of Ashley Dupre nude for less than $4,300/hour.

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The seedy Joe Francis' empire, Girls Gone Wild, has made an offer to the most famous prostitute in America, 22-year-old Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

The hooker caught in the middle of the prostitution ring busted by the government that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has become a smash Internet sensation - and received a $1 million offer from Girls Gone Wild.

Dupre, Ashley

Ashley Dupre would be featured on a photo spread and tour.

"Her face is on the cover of every newspaper in the country," Joe Francis said.

"It's clear that the public wants to see more of [Ashley Dupre]. This is a serious offer and I hope she gets back to me right away."

Francis wants Ashley Dupre (real name Ashley Youmans, or Ashley DiPietro, but known to Spitzer as "Kristen") to share her side of the Spitzer story in print and DVD - though she wouldn't have to pose nude - and tour with Girls Gone Wild.

Joe Francis is onto something for sure - Americans will waste money like nobody's business. The aspiring singer has already made an estimated $200,000 from downloads of her terrible music, the New York Post reported Saturday.

As for the shady and moronic Eliot Spitzer, he resigned in shame. Lt. Governor David Paterson was sworn in as Governor of New York yesterday.

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In addition to being a high-priced hooker, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, is a budding singer - and has already banked an estimated $200,000 from online music downloads in the past week, according to the New York Post.

It's hard to blame soon-to-be former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's prostitute for cashing in on the sex scandal... but come on, people. Put your money in a savings account instead, then go to her MySpace and have a listen for free. Sheesh.

Sort of Nude

Ashley Dupre made two tunes, "What We Want" and "Move Ya Body," available for purchase as 99-cent downloads on music site Amie Street shortly after the scandal broke. Musicians can earn a 70 percent cut on download fees via the site.

"What We Want," a pulsating dance tune, was also added to New York's Z100 play list on Thursday (she first streamed it on her MySpace page).

But is Ashley Dupre merely cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame, or does she actually have a future in the music business? Some reviews so far ...

"With MySpace, American Idol and cheap home-recording equipment demystifying the creation of pop music, there's this idea that anyone can become a star if she tries hard enough. It's not that simple, but ['What we Want'] is not especially good or bad. It's serviceable post-Britney Spears dance-pop, Dupre panting and sort of bleating over a clubby track with Middle Eastern pretensions, the sort of thing Scott Storch might make if he only had access to a $45 Casio." - The Village Voice

"'Move Ya Body,' isn't as good as 'What We Want.' It's got a Britney Spears-ish 'I'm a Slave 4 U' feel, but it sounds like it's not quite finished. Her vocals aren't fully processed as she sings things like 'Sex, money, drugs is what I'm all about, step your game up so you can see for yourself.' Still, with a little polishing it could totally pass for a single from Spears or a lesser Pussycat Doll." - Newsday

"Her song is absolutely terrible. If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn't be in the music business." - Billboard

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the high-priced hooker at the center of disgraced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's sex scandal, had sex with him several times before he was caught on a wiretap during a federal investigation.

However, only during their last sexual encounter did she finally realize the true identity of Eliot Spitzer, according to today's New York Post.

Ashley Dupre From Behind

"Oh, my God! Do you know who this guy is?" a shocked Ashley Alexandra Dupre asked her bosses at the Emperors Club VIP escort service, a source reports.

The comment came soon after Dupre's now-infamous and high-priced - $4,300 - meeting with Eliot Spitzer at a Washington hotel on February 13.

The 22-year-old call girl had several "dates" with the governor over the past year, the sources said, but always knew him as "George Fox" - the name of one of Spitzer's close friends that he used in order to protect his identity.

A possibly nude picture of Ashley Alexandra Dupre made the cover of today's New York Post. In sports news, the Yankees have a dude named Shelley on their team.

But just before Dupre - born and raised Ashley Youmans in Wall, N.J., but whom Eliot Spitzer knew as "Kristen" - had her startling revelation, the Feds caught the governor on tape giving them enough evidence to take down the sex ring.

That paved the way for his embarrassing resignation Wednesday.

Meanwhile, as the Democratic governor prepared to leave his office in disgrace, sordid details of Dupre's foray into prostitution emerged.

Dupre got involved with Emperors Club VIP as early as 2006 after responding to an ad from the agency seeking girls to "party" with deep-pocketed men.

Continue reading this article in the New York Post ...

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the high-priced call girl workin' it at good ol' Emperors Club VIP, the prostitution ring frequented by New... More »
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And to all the not so kind words ... I love you too, because it makes me push myself and want it even more. 'Hard times don't last ... only strong people.

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