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Now that Ashlee Simpson has a smaller nose, she no longer needs a giant house.

Less than a year after settling into a $6 million mansion in Encino, CA, Simpson, 21, is putting it up for sale. Those with thousands of pairs of shoes or are part of the Suit of the Day Club should consider this estate? How come?

Skanking it Up Hard

Because it has large closets. 1,300 square foot closets, to be exact. Wonder what sort of activities Ashlee and boy toy, Braxton Olita, have experienced in there ...

The home also has a pool with a view of "mountains on one side, the city on the other ... and you can see my parents' house," says Simpson.

Ashlee will be moving to a smaller beach house once the sale is complete. A new Victoria's Secret contract should provide her with ample cash for any down payment, don't worry.

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Talentless plastic surgery fiend Ashlee Simpson has made it clear that is saving herself for her boyfriend, citing that as the reason she turned down a recent offer to pose naked for Playboy.

The magazine reportedly was willing to cough up $4 million for pictures of a nude Ashlee. Despite the staggering size of the offer, the lip-syncher says she was reluctant to share her body with tens of millions of eager male readers. In her world, that body is only for her boyfriend, Braxton Olita.

Uselessness Personified

"My body is for me and my love interest, and that's the only person who gets to see it," Ashlee was quoted as saying.

Olita, who plays guitar in Ashlee's band, declined comment when asked if he has already been given the Lohan Special and/or other favors, or if he is still waiting to tap that ass. Just joking. No one asked that.

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Ashlee Simpson has undergone quite the makeover.

In the past two years, she's gone from a semi-cute singer with relatively little talent to a tricked-out, lip-synching, wannabe skank with no redeeming value whatsoever. Defend her all you like, but the case is clear. Without the singing chops or box office appeal of older sister Jessica, Ashlee is attempting to stay in the public eye the only way she can -- by changing her appearance every five minutes and generally whoring it out.

The Gossip has already documented the Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery debacle, which she either forgot happened (not impossible given the intelligence level of the Simpson clan) or had the audacity to deny in a recent interview. Now we've taken it a step further with a trio of then-and-now comparisons. The results are stunning:

EXHIBIT A: Ashlee Simpson earlier this year (left) vs. Ashlee circa 2004 (right). Sadly for Ash, you can't have talent surgically implanted.

  • Trashlee
  • Nice Lingerie

EXHIBIT B: Ashlee in 2006 once again, vs. her innocent, unaltered 2004 version. Is she trying to become Britney Spears? Give it up!

  • Fake Firecrotch
  • Asslee

EXHIBIT C: Ah, how times change. Look at the tramp seen with Jessica just a few months ago, compared to the cute lil' sis showing her brother-in-law, Nick Lachey, some affection in '05. Is that even the same person?

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson Photo

THE VERDICT: Ashlee, you are a disgrace. You are worthless, a waste of valuable oxygen. Please cease all "music" projects and disappear from public view. Sincerely, The Gossip.

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Having just nixed a $4M offer down a deal to pose nude for Playboy, we here at the Gossip were a tad surprised to hear that Ashlee Simpson will be the next face (and body) of lingerie giant Victoria's Secret.

Fake Firecrotch

At 21, Ashlee is perfect for the company, or so it believes, as it aims to better promote its "Pink" underwear line, aimed at a younger audience.

According to the New York Daily News, the talentless lip-syncher beat out someone who can actually sing -- American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson was a finalist for the campaign -- to represent the line of younger, "cuter" Victoria's Secret lingerie.

Personally, I would have opted for Clarkson, but good for Ash. Evidently, a little bad plastic surgery and having a hot sister can get you a lot of things in life. So it goes.

In other Ashlee news, sources say she's selling her Encino, Calif., home to move in with boyfriend Braxton Olita, who plays (or pretends to play) the guitar in her concerts.

Maybe he'll get to see her in the "Pink." Eh? Eh?

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The AOL music section is kind enough to interview a slew of celebrities. First, there was Katharine McPhee. Now, we'r proud to bring you an interview with Ashlee Simpson via Instant Messenger.

Ashlee and Bronx Picture

MelissaInMusic: hey ashlee -- thanks for taking the time to talk to today! where are you right now as you AIM with us?

ashleesimpsoniam: thank you ... in new york city in my hotel room

MelissaInMusic: how excited are you about your new CD?

ashleesimpsoniam: I'm so excited!! I can't believe i already made a second record

MelissaInMusic: you're only 21! it's got to be mind-blowing

ashleesimpsoniam: It is! I feel I have accomplished a lot at my age

MelissaInMusic: You made's "21 Under 21" list, but now you're out of the running for next year!

ashleesimpsoniam: haha! Well at least I made it when I was under 21!!!

MelissaInMusic: so you recently proved that you can indeed sing on SNL! what it was like getting ready to step out onto that stage again?

ashleesimpsoniam: I was really excited, but of course, really nervous. I was mostly excited to come back and face my demons. Everyone was so supportive! It was really great!

MelissaInMusic: did you have any crazy moments behind the scenes with the cast?

ashleesimpsoniam: Not really...I was mostly goofing off with the crowd making light of the situation! Jon Heder was a lot of fun though!!

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Looks like Jessica Simpson isn't the only person who thinks her sister has a hot body. Rob Shuter, Ashlee's publicist, has confirmed that the diva was approached about posing for Playboy ... in the nude!

The price of this offer? A whopping $4 million! On tour, promoting her latest album, "I Am Me," Ashlee reportedly turned down the offer.

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson Picture

Good thing. It's hard to believe Papa Joe Simpson would approve of his youngest daughter shedding it all in public. It would've been quite the opposite career angle as taken by Jessica and her virginity.

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Bad plastic surgery, that is.

What a difference a year makes. Ashlee Simpson, 21, told Allure last year that she "felt like my nose was big. I was always like, 'I'm going to get a nose job one day. And I'm so glad that I didn't.'" Sure thing, kiddo. The talentless hack singer has apparently changed her opinion of plastic surgery as well as her hairstyle.

Take a look at these pictures from US Magazine, showing how Jessica's lil' sis looks before and after going under the knife, rhinoplasty stizzyle.

Nice Lingerie

Which do you prefer? We're still on the fence. And kind of freaked out.

Ashlee Simpson Biography

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth. She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup,... More »
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Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz

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I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

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