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They must be really close friends.

Talentless hack Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz spent Saturday night kissing and cuddling at the new L.A. hot spot Parc.

Pete n' Ash

At the club for a pal's birthday, Simpson, 22, and Wentz, 27, were spotted getting cozy in a booth, holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes and smooching in between Simpson's dance sessions with a group of girls.

"They definitely weren't hiding the fact that they were together," said one onlooker. "They were making out a lot and they were pretty intense."

Wentz said in November that he isn't dating Jessica Simpson's sister, and that although "Ashlee is the sweetest girl ever," they're "just friends."

And in February he reiterated that they're not dating, telling Rolling Stone: "Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one."

Perhaps Parc is a different universe.

After their PDA-filled evening in front of clubgoers including The OC's Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie (who gathered with other friends around Ashlee Simpson and Wentz's booth to sing "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honor), the pop "star" and the rocker left together, hand-in-hand.

While we find Wentz slightly less irritating than John Mayer, we find Ashlee to be completely worthless, so the race for most annoying Simpson couple is currently a dead heat.

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Eight months into his relationship with Jessica Simpson, John Mayer has passed an important, severely annoying, untalented hurdle:

He's won the approval of Ashlee Simpson. Whoop dee do.

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

"Ashlee loves John Mayer," a Simpson pal tells People in its new issue. "She thinks he is great for her. More importantly, Jess is happy."

Ashlee Simpson isn't the only one in a positive mood.

"John seems very smitten," says another Simpson pal.

Just back from a romantic trip to Rome, Mayer and Simpson have been making the amore last back in L.A., with kisses over lunch, nuzzles at a James Morrison concert and hand-in-hand strolls.

On March 20, Simpson, 26, and Mayer, 29, happily snapped pictures with fans at a gig of Mayer's bandmate David Ryan Harris at the Hotel Cafe.

And catching Morrison's show at the Roxy, "They were smooching throughout," says a fellow concertgoer. Afterwards, over plastic surgery cocktails at Parc restaurant with Ashlee, 22.

"They were holding hands and laughing constantly," says an onlooker. "Jessica looks really comfortable with him."

Friends say Simpson is relishing this romance, which is low-key compared to her time with ex-husband Nick Lachey (or her sex romp with Bam Margera).

"When she was with Nick, she was really under her family's thumb," says a friend. "This is a relationship that is all hers."

Kind of how Ashlee feels about her new nose, chin and boobs. Oh, snap. Observes another pal, Christina Milian, who was in Simpson's "Public Affair" video:

"Clearly this is a relationship that's not for the cameras. It's not about celebrity. It seems like they truly have an attraction to each other, and they're both clearly very talented as well."

No word on whether Pete Wentz approves of John Mayer. Or whether he tells his friends that he's not dating Ashlee Simpson.

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When Pete Wentz sat for a cover interview with Rolling Stone in February, he was fairly clear that he's not dating that loser Ashlee Simpson.

Ashlee, Pete and Bronx Pic

"Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one," the rocker said.

Oh snap! Well, apparently he feels differently about Ashlee Simpson now.

The plastic surgery fiend and the Fall Out Boy frontman - with whom she's been linked before - enjoyed a recent hush-hush getaway to Mexico.

A Simpson source tells Us Weekly, "She really likes him."

Thanks for the awesome quote, source. The feeling seemed mutual on March 12 when the pair hit the West Hollywood hot spot known as Hyde.

"He massaged her back and played with her hair," says an eyewitness.

Crazy Joe Simpson is rolling in his grave right now! As is Ryan Phillippe - and you thought you were the only man in her life, Ryno! Dumbass.

Still, Wentz is trying to play it cool. As anyone who's tried to score some tail with a nasty chick knows, it's all good until your friends find out.

A source close to the rocker says, "they aren't serious."

Busted. Wentz and Ashlee Simpson aren't the only ones hooking up this spring. But they're probably the most annoying - with the possible exception of Ashlee's own sister, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer.

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What would Abbie Cornish have to say about this Hollywood rumor?

If it's true, we assume that the young actress is no longer seeing Crash star Ryan Phillippe.

Jessica, Ashlee and Bronx

After all, reports are going around that the actor recently met Ashlee Simpson at Los Angeles nightclub Les Deux before spending the night at her $6 million home.

According to a source at Australia's New Weekly magazine: "When Ryan and his friends arrived they were shown to the only table with any space left â€" where Ashlee and her friends were sitting.

"He couldn't keep his eyes off her in her very figure hugging little black dress. They seemed very into each other. Ashlee was really excited. You could tell she had a huge crush on him."

Well, sure. Now that Pete Wentz doesn't want her and her fake nose.

After flirting for hours, Phillippe and Simpson allegedly disappeared to a private area upstairs, called The Library. Let's just say they didn't exactly read there, if witnesses are to be believed!

"They were up there for over an hour and came back looking dishevelled. We knew something went on," the source continued.

Maybe you should stop reading this now, Reese Witherspoon. It doesn't get any prettier.

"They took separate cars and met at her place. He spent the night! Ashlee is keeping quiet and just said how hot he was. They really hit it off. I think they will hook up again."

Well, if this random, anonymous person says so, we believe it. We just wonder if Jessica Simpson would approve.

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Unfortunately for Ashlee Simpson, she's a no talent hack and has gotten more plastic surgery than our main man Michael Jackson. Well, okay. That's a lie. But she's chasing his record!

Oh, and also sadly for Jessica Simpson's younger sister: the guy she's been kicking it with doesn't want to be her boyfriend.

Bronx Mowgli Wentz Photo

Apparently, holding hands and making out on a regular basis with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame doesn't make her girlfriend material.

Wentz insists he and Ashlee Simpson are not an item, telling Rolling Stone:

"Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one," Wentz says. "I'm attracted to creative people and train wrecks, and there's no shortage of that in Los Angeles."

Hey, Pete: Britney Spears is supposed to be getting out of rehab in 30-45 days. Mark it on your calendar. Or just wait until tomorrow when she escapes out the window. 

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They've both received nose jobs in the last year - performed by the same doctor, no less.Therefore, it's only natural to compare.

Fortunately, Ashlee Simpson stopped flashing her boobs long enough to pose for the following picture.

A Ring For Jen

Next to her, Jennifer Aniston and her new schnoz are looking sharp.

Or not sharp anymore. That's probably why she got the surgery in the first place.

The same surgeon actually cut up Cameron Diaz, as well. But we couldn't wrangle her away from Kelly Slater long enough for a picture.

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Anna Nicole Smith is the red menace.

But it looks as though the Simpsons sister are giving the possible son-murderer a run for her rosey money.

Jessica Simpleton

Seen here, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are leaving dinner together last night. You can tell the siblings are tight because they're wearing the same color lipstick.

Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint - Ashlee's boobs remained covered for the evening by a nice scarf.

The elder sister, meanwhile, appears to be holding her liquor a bit better on this night out than she was in this Jessica Simpson picture.

by Free Britney at . Comments recently captured the lovely, worthless Ashlee Simpson in a compromising position. We feel it is our duty to pass this picture along to you. It's nice to see that despite her complete lack of talent, Ashlee is still finding ways to stay in the news. Perhaps those great Katie Rees pictures that surfaced late last month inspired her here...

Pete and Ashlee

Man, Pete Wentz is probably so jealous of us right now for having this pic. And if her crazy dad was pissed at Jessica Simpson for partying with John Mayer on New Year's, what's he going to say about Ashlee's exhibitionism here? You can bet he's gonna be ripsh!t over this nipple slip!

Actually, Joe Simpson so insane, you have no idea how he'd react to something like this. Since he paid good money for those breasts (in one of many plastic surgery procedures she's had), he might be glad they are being put to good use. Hell, he might even try to sell this particular image and "rack" up some cash!

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In a desperate effort to remain relevant despite no discernible talent and no reason for living, Ashlee Simpson has systematically transformed her worthless self into a skanked-out, plastic version of Ashlee Simpson. Man, she could definitely be the cover girl for January's Crack Whore Monthly. What a cheap hack. See below.

Upfront and Center

Ashlee's tagline for 2006: New chin. New nose. New boobs. No skills.

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We've seen many Ashlee Simpson pictures in our day. Some of which are kind of attractive, others just plain annoying. They really run the gamut. This one may take the cake, though, in terms of leaving T.H. Gossip utterly perplexed:

P. Wentz and A. Simpson

Sure, it's kind of cute at first glance. The artsy black and white style. The girlish hair, the innocent expression. But it begs a couple of questions:

  • What possible use does she have for the microphone dangling in front of her, as she clearly can't carry a tune to save her life? What an absolute waste (of a good mic and of oxygen).
  • How many body parts can one person have plastic surgery on? She's gotten than nose worked on, and that chin has taken a beating as well. Quite possibly her breasts, too - those things are looking much more supple than in months past.
  • Most importantly, why is this person famous? Lane Garrison has more talent in his pinky finger than Ashlee will ever have (even when you consider the sizable fake boobs).

We may never get the answers to these queries. But it's no wonder Braxton Olita dumped her ass. Beyond pole dancing with Britney Spears, it's hard to see what career this "singer" and "actress" should have.

Yep, she's as worthless as they come. Sorry, Paris.

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