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Ariana Grande turned 21 yesterday, and her adoring boyfriend Jai Brooks is making sure the world knows how special she is - and that he landed her!

Jai Tweeted: "happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world, you are 21!!! you're my world I really love you. here's to so many more memories!!"

Jai Brooks, Ariana Grande

Talk about cute and heartfelt. And public! The adorable duo has seemed happier than ever after getting back together last month. This proves it.

“Ariana and Jai are great,” a source said of Grande and Jai Brooks, 19.

"They spend as much time together as possible and are really happy.”

Even though Ariana can legally drink, we don't she and Jai won’t be partying too hard, considering he's underage still, and they are very low key overall.

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Get ready, millennials: the video countdown that had you squealing your way through puberty is back on MTV! But sadly, it's only for one day.

Ariana Grande and MTV are reviving the Total request Live (aka, TRL) format for one day only on July 2.

Ariana will debut her new single "Break Free" during the first and only broadcast of Total Ariana Live.

Naturally, Ariana will perform "Problem," as well, and will likely be joined by iggy Azalea.

"Only one artist has the power to turn the lights back on at 1515 Broadway in the iconic TRL studios, and that's Ariana Grande," says a rep from Grande's record label. "The transformation to Total Ariana Live represents her unique star power."

For her part Ariana reflected nostalgically on the original show and teased fans with the prospect of some unexpected moments:

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Ariana Grande's "Problem" shattered expectations by becoming the first big song for the summer of 2014 and she's already planning her follow-up smash:

Ariana Grande: "Break Free" Photo

That's Ariana on the set of the music video for "Break Free," the second single to be released ahead of her forthcoming sophomore studio album.

Within a week of its release, "Problem" was breaking sales records becoming one of the most popular major label debuts for a female artist ever.

Needless to say, expectations are high for "Break Free." If Ariana's sexy space vixen attire is any indication, we're sure fans won't disappointed.

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Ariana Grande delivered another strong performance of "Problem" at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night, even rapping parts of Iggy Azalea's verse.

Donning her signature knee-high boots and classic up-do, Ariana's sexy-yet-understated dance moves were almost as impressive as her voice.

That's always been her calling card, though. Safe to say she doesn't lip sync up there, because she doesn't have to. Girl has got talent and then some.

With a silver bra top and high-wasted skirt, Ariana looked like a sexy little disco ball up there. One that can actually carry a tune, to say the least.

For whatever reason, Iggy Azalea did not attend the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards to rap with her, but the 20-year-old Grande picked up the slack.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus threw a tantrum after losing to Selena Gomez, and event co-host Kendall Jenner wore no underwear on the red carpet.

So yeah, there was quite a lot going on up in Toronto! Fortunately for Ariana Grande, she managed to remain scandal free. BUT FOR HOW LONG?!

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Who doesn't love a good selfie, right?

Granted, Katy Perry says selfies are a disease - but, really, selfies are a sign of modern times. Or of the end of times. One of the two.

Regardless, Merriam-Webster saw fit to put the word "selfie" in the dictionary, thanks to their rampant appearances on social media. They're just so trendy!!

If there's one thing Hollywood loves, it's a trend, right? So it comes as no surprise that some celebrities are WAY bigger fans of the selfie than others.

The difference in number of selfies between the last place entry on this list and the first place? 400. That's a LOT of selfies, and the winner of this little countdown is probably the definition of narcissist, but she (or he) comes by it honestly. 

Check out the 25 most selfie -bsessed celebrities now.

Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson's kiss-face selfie is just a tribute to her fans, right?

And just in case that wasn't enough celebrity selfies for you, here are 19 TYPES of celebrity selfie... so you know which mistakes you definitely never want to make on social media.

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Jennette McCurdy raised eyebrows on Twitter by calling out an unnamed former "friend" for being a drama queen and a "leech" for gossip in a lengthy rant.

Could she be talking about her Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande, as many suspect? Some notable excerpts from Jennette McCurdy's Twitlonger post:

Jennette McCurdy-Ariana Grande
  • "I enjoyed her company because she was fun and energetic, but I had reservations about how much I could trust her ... she seemed to be a leech for drama and gossip."
  • "I felt like every time [we hung out] I was in quicksand. Being around her took my identity because everything in her world became just that... Her World."
  • "Being friends with you takes the 'better' out of me. In fact, I might possibly be the worst version of myself when I'm around you."
  • "I'm standing up for myself. I'm not playing your games, letting you manipulate me, and succumbing to your twisted perception of reality."
  • "You won't be hearing from me anymore because sweetheart, being a friend to you was doing so much more for you than it was doing for me."
  • "You sucked the life right out of me, and I want my life back."

Harsh stuff, and given the frequent reports of a Jennette McCurdy-Ariana Grande feud, all signs pointed to the latter as the target of this rant.

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Cats are taking over the Internet.

This has been the case for years now, we know, but the last few weeks have given us a cat who plays Jenga and a cat who saves the life of a boy being attacked by a dog.

Also, cats who keep the beat to Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What."

Now, we present cats creating their own version of Ariana Grande's smash hit, "Problem."

The lyrics have been changed in the most purr-fect of ways, making this a must-listen for pet lovers around the globe. Enjoy!

It doesn't get much cuter than that...

... or does it?!?

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Musicians are forever pushing the envelope, honing their crafts, stretching their limits.

Or they're just trying to get as many #1 hits as possible in order to sell more records and make more money to buy big cribs with multi-car garages and basketball courts in the basement.

To that end, artists frequently collaborate with other artists to experiment with style and sound. Sometimes they cross the genre lines and what results is... unexpected. 

Nearly an entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was dedicated to Kandi Burruss' quest for songwriting credits in Country music and she teamed up with Sara Evans to make it happen.

Some of these collaborations are wildly more successful than others, but when rap meets country or when pop meets metal, it feels weird. So weird it's good.

Here are 11 weird musical collaborations that totally work. Get ready to groove!

Katy Perry and Juicy J - Dark Horse
Academy Award winner Juicy J's inclusion on Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" made the song sure to be a hit instead of a, well, dark horse.

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Ariana Grande's "Problem" video is blowing up the web and well on its way to become the pop hit of the summer, but it seems the singer has a different sort of problem on Twitter. 

Ariana posted tweets and Instagram photos Sunday to honor the 88th birthday of Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926-August 5, 1962).

The 20-year-old Grande is apparently a fan of the late actress and hashtagged her photos with "#misunderstood" and "#innocentrebel."

Some fans responded negatively to the posts, deriding Marilyn as a "hoe" and expressing their belief that Ariana shouldn't be encouraging young fans to admire such a troubled figure.

Well, it seems Ariana was less than pleased by these reactions, dropping her squeaky-clean persona for a moment to let the world know how she felt in no uncertain terms:

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It's Ariana Grande's world. The rest of us are just living in it. At least it's shaping up that way in 2014 as she continues her domination of the charts.

After conquering iTunes and becoming one of the fastest-selling singles of all time, "Problem" now has an official, retro-glamorous music video.

Check out Ariana's collaboration with Iggy Azalea below!

The Sam & Cat actress has always possessed vocal talent that has even drawn Mariah Carey comparisons, but you can forget about labeling her.

"Problem" is a clear attempt to evolve beyond her good-girl persona ... or at least prove that a good girl can still look hot in revealing leather outfits.

In the video, Ariana Grande rocks a black and white skirt, crop top and now-signature white knee-high boots that have become staples of her live performances.

Looking fierce as ever as she belts out the sexy track, Ariana is joined by up-and-coming rapper Iggy Azalea, who spits game with the best of them.

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