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Are the Antonella Barba pictures floating around the Web legitimate? Or a hoax?

It's hard to say ... for the staff of The Hollywood Gossip, at least.

However, according to this detailed image, there's an American Idol: CSI team on the case. And they have bad news for guys around the globe:

Barba is NOT actually the woman pictured in this oral sex photo. While the investigators offer no alternatives as to who the fallatio-ing female is, detectives have been dispersed to the homes of Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan.

We'll provide more details as they come in.

Meanwhile, lab technicians are comparing visual evidence of Daniel Radcliffe nude with the penis in question here. There are no links at this time.

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It doesn't get much more pornographic than the recent Antonella Barba blowjob photos. However, a case could be made that girl with her mouth full in those pics is not actually the American Idol contestant.

The same can't be said for the Antonella Barba pictures below.

These are definitely the New Jersey native; posed for, wet, wild and yearning to be nude. All of a sudden, Katie Rees really does face stiff, lewd competition... 

We have no idea if these pics will get Barba thrown off Idol or not. But we do know that Britney Spears should send the singer a box of chocolates - who's gonna pay attention to a shaved head when these photos are floating around?!?

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Does American Idol have its very own Katie Rees on stage?

First Live Performance

As everyone's favorite reality show heads into the semifinals, controversy is swirling around Antonella Barba. The New Jersey native may have a great singing voice - but she apparently also has great collection of drunken, topless pictures. 

Granted, these are nothing compared to the Katie Rees photos that caused Miss Nevada to forfeit her crown. And cocaine addict, Tara Conner, would scoff at the mere idea that any of Barba's pics were even remotely considered lewd.

After all, it's not like the American Idol hopeful is making out with Katie Blair or even showing her boobs. These are pretty darn tame.

Nevertheless, Idol is aimed at kids. We doubt FOX will be too pleased that Barba's bare breasts are out there, as covered as thet might be. But it still could be worse - at least she didn't go all Kim Kardashian on young fans.

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