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Antonella Barba will eventually be voted off American Idol.

It's a sad but true fact that may take place as soon as tomorrow night - although we urge all viewers, with the intensity of a Naomi Campbell tirade, to keep this beauty around.

Please, vote for her.

Anyway, the good folks over at have posted the odds on some of Barba's potential, post-Idol moves:

We're not sure why the odds of Antonella ending up in the next Katie Rees picture aren't on the board.

Probably because they're too high.

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Rosie O'Donnell isn't a fan of American Idol.

The latest verbal smackdown from the host The View in regard to America's favorite reality show centered around Antonella Barba. Perhaps you've heard of her.

Rosie O

Because Idol canned former contestant Frenchie Davis (pictured here with Antonella) for her breast-baring snapshots, but kept current wannabe Barba despite hers - and because Davis is black and fat and Barba is, well, neither - Rosie went off on the show like it was produced by Donald Trump or something.

"It's weightist and wacist," said Rosie, sounding somewhat like a cartoon character.

Unlike her critique of the Tara Conner scandal, O'Donnell has a semblance of a point on this issue. But there are many sides to the story. In fact, here's Frenchie's:

"I think it's fantastic if American Idol has evolved and I think it's fantastic she won't have to go through what I went through four years ago," Davis told the New York Post. "But if the rules have changed, I believe there should be something to make up for the fact that I was humiliated needlessly."

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You can't make this sort of thing up.

Some idiot is selling a piece of toast on eBay that he claims resembles an Antonella Barba photo.

Even more idiotic? The leading bid - as of 10 a.m. EST - is $7.50. So someone out there is willing to take money that could easily be spent on a night with Kim Kardashian and purchase a mold-ridden slice of bread instead.

Perhaps this individual isn't aware that you could check out a slew of Antonella Barba pictures on our website right now ... for FREE! It's an amazing concept, we know.

We're not even sure what else to say about this; other than to point out that paying money for this item is crazier than thinking a Star Jones guest starring turn on your TV show is a good idea.

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Say this about Antonella Barba nude: she's focused.

While at the beach with friends, the American Idol contestant only has time for her friends in this picture. Perhaps she's trying out a new song to use in the upcoming competition.

Whatever the reason, our favorite Idol hopeful doesn't appear to notice the man drowning in the background. He was probaby destracted by the bare Barba boobs in front of him as he practiced his crawl stroke.

Either way, where's Pamela Anderson when you need her? Unlike Antonella, she's one busty female that's trained as a life guard.

We hope this dude eventually swam to safety. Once there, maybe he came across an Antonella Barba blowjob picture and realized the chance he had just missed out on if only he had bought this beauty a drink. Maybe next time.

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Antonella Barba nude, in the pages of Playboy?

Sounds like an ideal match, doesn't it? Almost as compatible as Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bra commercial.

Hugh Hefner, New Girlfriend

If it were up to Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, a deal would already be on the naked table.

"She really looks sexy here," Hef said upon seeing a few Antonella Barba pictures.

Asked if he would consider making Antonella an offer to pose for the publication should she be voted off American Idol any time soon, Hugh answered: "Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely."

This isn't the first time a celebrity in the news for sexy photos has been rumored to pose for Playboy.

Tara Conner still might bare all if men across the nation have their say.

Hefner, who knows a thing or two about nudity in photos - and in life - says those that call for American Idol to remove the 20-year-old's saucy pictures are "hypocritical and dumb."

"I think in America we have a very strange attitude toward sexuality and nudity, and it makes no real sense," he told USA Today.

The Hollywood Gossip staff agrees. So does Kate Moss, evidently.

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Antonella Barba lives to sing another day.

Enough American Idol viewers called in to vote for this attractive, mediocre singer that she survived the latest round of cuts last night.

Simpson in Paris

But will she survive this photo face off against Jessica Simpson?

Back when she was really beautiful, popular and married to Nick Lachey, Jessica posed on the cover of Rolling Stone as the coolest, hottest housewife of all-time.

Since then, of course, she's seen an album tank, dyed her hair and gotten hot and heavy with John Mayer. Interesting career choices all around.

Now, in one of the lesser known Antonella Barba pictures, we've come across a shot of this hopeful singer emulating that same cover shoot. Who looks better? Which beauty would you prefer to be sweeping your floors right about now?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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Gentlemen, we beg of you.

Take your eyes off those Antonella Barba photos for a minute and find a telephone.

The American Idol hopeful needs your help.

She was less than stellar signing Celine Dion on the show last night. But, come on viewers, Antonella should get credit for even trying a song by this amazing artist. It's really hard to sing that well.

As hard as the dude in a Antonella Barba porn pic? Maybe not. But still.

The point is simple, folks: American Idol needs Barba to remain in the competition.

The program's act is getting old. Great singers, heated banter between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It needs something fresh. Something almost as raunchy as Keeley Hazell nude, but for the kids. And who cares if Antonella isn't the best singer on the planet?

Neither is Ryan Seacrest and he's been on the show for six years.

Think about it.

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And you thought Simon Cowell was just plain mean.

Turns out the American Idol judge can be quite sympathetic when it comes to hot and horny contestants named Antonella Barba.

Original X Factor Panel

Cowell has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the scandalous photos of this hopeful singer.

"I think it's disgraceful that so-called friends would sell these pictures," he told People magazine at a Playboy Mansion party for the E! show The Girls Next Door and the launch of the new Ryan Seacrest-produced reality series Paradise City. "It's private property. I really, really have a problem with that â€" big problem."

Simon is one of the few males out there that have a problem with Antonella Barba pics. But we see his point.

Cowell also had a point to make about this year's batch of competitors.

"If you want to do as well as someone like Jennifer Hudson you've got to be great, and we're not seeing enough great, but they're getting better ...We're going to weed out the bad ones."

After last night, maybe Simon has a better opinion of a few Idol ladies. Melinda Doolittle, for instance, was mighty impressive.

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Try to get the image of Antonella Barba, nude and on her knees, out of your head for a moment, okay?

The singer actually has work to do tonight - and she needs your help.

Barba will join nine other American Idol hopefuls on stage this evening, as she yearns to impress viewers with oratory skills of a different nature than the ones she's become famous for.

But what song should Antonella select? We've come up with a few ideas. Feel free to submit your own ...

  • Lay Your Hands on Me - Bon Jovi
  • I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
  • On the Way Down - Ryan Cabrera
  • Who's That Girl - Madonna
  • Sin Wagon - The Dixie Chicks
  • I Touch Myself - The Divinyls

In the end, we recommend that Antonella honor a couple of former Idols as she attempts to be known more for her melodious pipes than her deep throat. There's We're Young and Beautiful by Carrie Underwood, in honor of Barba and her topless pals.

Or maybe Here You Come Again by Clay Aiken. That one might be self-explanatory.

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Sure, Jennifer Hudson may be expressing stunned ecstasy over her Oscar victory Sunday night. The actress certainly seemed in awe during her acceptance speech.

But sources backstage at the awards tell us the former American Idol finalist had forgotten all about the little man in her hand by the time this picture was taken.

A Jennifer Hudson Photo

Instead, she had just found out about certain Antonella Barba pictures that depict that singer and very different sort of little man.

Was Jennifer bothered because her chance to be in the Idol spotlight would be stolen all week by a girl on her knees? Or was she tweaked over the fact that some so-called friend of Antonella would actually publish those Barba pics on the Web?

We might never know.

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