Antonella Barba didn't win American Idol. But she did win over the hearts - or, well crotches - of men around the country with her oral...

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Antonella Barba nude photos caused an uproar on American Idol. So, if there's anyone who knows what Amy Polumbo has gone through, it's this fellow New Jersey beauty.

The former American Idol sixth-season semifinalist has decided to offer some advice to her fellow Garden Stater. And, like someone might tell Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo nude the next time they wanna get it on in a hot tub, the general refrain is this: don't.

"I used to say 'Cover your tracks,' but it really should be, 'Don't make tracks that need to be covered,'" Barba told The Associated Press on Thursday.

"Once anything is online, it's free reign."

That's true. Celebrity gossip blogs are like sharks in bloodied water when it comes to naked pics of beautiful people.

Earlier this month, Polumbo revealed that someone was trying to blackmail her into resigning her crown by threatening to release Katie Rees-likephotos that she had previously posted on her Facebook social networking page.

Although Polumbo acknowledged that some of the photos showed her "not in a ladylike manner," none of the photos featured nudity, most were quite lame and the Miss New Jersey pageant board to decided not take away Polumbo's crown.

"I feel so bad for [Polumbo]," Barba told The AP. "I've been in the same situation she's been in. It disgusts me, people's interest in the dirt and trying to bring somebody down."

But Antonella Barba has risen above it.

She is currently taking summer class at Catholic University, with the goal to graduate from the Washington, D.C.-area school with her friends next spring. She wants to do something to stop naked pictures from being exposed to easily.

"We just want to prevent this from happening to someone else," Barba said.

But then how would Lucy Pinder make a living, Antonella? For some women, all they have is their body.

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She isn't nude (at the moment), she isn't dating Blake Lewis (as far as we can tell), but Antonella Barba is back in the headlines. For one day at least.

"I just wanted to stay out of the public eye a bit," Barba told The Washington Post in an interview published in the newspaper's June 3 edition.

For those with short memories, of course, Antonella was very much in the public eye - and not wearing much as she chilled there - during her stint on American Idol. Controversial naked, oral sex photos of the singer cropped up on the Web.

The Post reported the Catholic University student plans to take summer classes in an effort to make-up the work she missed while competing on Idol's sixth season, with the goal being to graduate from the Washington, D.C.-area school with her friends next spring.

"If I want to do music, I'll have to pursue it. Wouldn't it be great if I could do [both school and music]?" Barba said, letting down men everywhere that hoped she'd accept an offer to pose in Playboy as opposed to either of the aforementioned options.

Once Barba was eliminated from Idol, she openly wondered how the photos were released in the first place. Good friend, Amanda Coluccio, has denied playing any role in the incident.

In the end, most people forgot about Antonella as Lewis, Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks battled for the Idol crown. Barba said it's a chapter in her life that's already been written and she can only learn from the lessons it taught her... despite not knowing what they are yet.

"I don't regret going on American Idol," the beauty said. "I'm thankful for the opportunities... Even if you've made right or wrong decisions, you can't regret them, because you've learned from them. Everything happens for a reason. I'd like to know what it is, though."

Some things may remain a mystery, though. Like why Lindsay Lohan is holding a knife to the throat of Vanessa Minnillo.

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Chris Richardson might need to actually find a girlfriend now.

After all, the budding romance with his American Idol buddy, Blake Lewis, may be coming to an end.

Such a rumor has been circulating after the one and only Antonella Barba attended the show's performance last week. She remained mum throughout the evening - until Lewis caught her eye at the end of the night and blew her a kiss. She promptly returned the favor, he "caught" the airborne smooch and promptly held it close to his chest.

We don't know for sure what these gestures meant. But Blake better keep his eye on the singing ball for another few weeks, lest he lose the chance to beat out Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle for the American Idol crown.

There will be plenty of time to see Antonella Barba nude later. For Blake and any guy with an Internet connection.

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Don't worry, Antonella Barba, you still have the blowjob picture market cornered.

However, a new contestant might be going after your title of American Idol Hottie.

Fortunately for Haley Scarnato, she can carry tunes a lot farther than Antonella could ever dream of - but it looks like this hopeful is realizing that looks also go a long way toward remaining in the competition.

Scarnato was striking in her short shorts last night, stealing a lot of the Idol chatter from more talented singers such as Lakisha Jones. There's a very good chance we'll be seeing a lot more of Haley over the next few weeks.

And that's a much better thing than seeing Heather Mills nude. We're just sayin.

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Antonella Barba will have the last laugh. How do we know?

The former American Idol singer told us herself.

On her new MySpace page - found in the website's Music section - Antonella has changed her name from "I Just Look Like Her" to, well, Antonella Barba. And her personal quote is: "I'll have the last laugh."

And what can you find on her music page?

A downloadable version of her a capella audition song, "Free." There's also the horrendous rendition of Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" that got this beauty kicked off the show in favor of, you know, talented crooners such as Melinda Doolittle.

Anyway, we're sorry, fellas. We know this isn't exactly the Antonella Barba photo you were hoping to see on this post.

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Yes, Antonella Barba can do more with her mouth than ... nevermind.

The booted American Idol contestant appeared on Ryan Seacrest's morning show this morning on KIIS FM and she spoke candidly about everything thats been going on in her life.

When asked about the controversy that actually made her more searched for on the Web than Britney Spears for a few weeks, Antonella said:

"It was unnecessary, it was hard to deal with it, it was an unnecessary distraction ... trying to stay off the Internet, some nervousness."

"I tried to get through it ... my family has been so supportive, they told me to stay focused and we will worry about all that later."

For now, Barba told Ryan she would stay in Los Angeles for a while longer to see what offers come her way. She's already been asked to host a porn party, of course.

Antonella says that singing is her number one priority, but would take acting offers if they came along. Call us crazy, but a Barba/Kristin Cavallari pairing would set Hollywood on fire.

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The time finally came for Antonella Barba last night.

Fortunately for the now former American Idol contestant, she has a plethora of opportunities at her disposal. Give Joe Francis a call, Barbs.

Season 10 Panel

There weren't too many other shockers as America's favorite reality show got chopped down to the final 12. On the men's side, Chris Sligh and his afro moved on.

So did human beat boxer, Blake Lewis.

Few would've predicted that Sabrina Sloan would go home as one of the women sent packing - but Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones and Stephanie Edwards expectedly moved on.

Lastly, Ryan Seacrest announced an impressive, admirable project: Idol Gives Back. The show will be adapted to become a two-night special (April 24 and 25). It's described as a special "raising awareness and funds for organizations that provide relief programs to help children and young people in extreme poverty in American and Africa."

For more details, click here.

But Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Pink, Michael Buble, Annie Lennox, and Il Diva will all perform for a VERY good cause.

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If Antonella Barba is voted out of American Idol tonight, she won't be lacking for career options.

Let's review the choices laid out for her so far:

  • Pose in Playboy: Hugh Hefner has made it clear he'd welcome a bit of nude Antonella. So would most males around the globe.
  • Accept the offer from Joe Francis: Barba, representing all those Girls Gone Wild? Seems like a perfect match.
  • Accept the latest offer from SugarDVD. Allow us to elaborate on this one:

The largest renter of adult DVDs online, told TMZ its've offered Barba a whopping $500,000 to become its new spokesperson.

Last month, the same company offered $1 million to Kim Kardashian. She turned it down.

If Barba signs, Sugar CEO "Jax" claims that her first gig would be hosting a launch party for their new video-on-demand service. And he said he welcomed a bidding war:

"You saw her photos online, she's smokin'. We will not lose because of money."

Sounds like Antonella has some choices to make, all of which will make her serious cash. Perhaps Kevin Federline should talk to her for some professional advice.

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Look, if you think certain Antonella Barba photos are actually her, then you just need to hear from the American Idol vixen herself on the topic.

What better place to get the proof you need than Antonella's MySpace page?

As Shanna Moakler and other celebrities have proven, this is a useful forum for denouncing more than just sexy photos. You can slam ex-husbands here, bitterly diss Chris Daughtry and trash your former stylist.

Anyway, Barba claims that she merely looks like the girl in those infamous oral sex pics. She also appears to encourage everyone to keep talking about her.

So consider this a favor to the Katie Rees of American Idol.

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We know, we know. Didn't she already go wild when she took off her shirt for those Antonella Barba nude pictures?

The answer is:

Yes. But she didn't get paid for the experience.

Now, however, Joe Francis, the guy behind the Girls Gone Wild empire, has already offered the sexy American Idol singer a $250,000 contract to appear in a video as a celebrity host.

Francis tells TMZ:

"We have reached out to Antonella Barba through her family and are trying to reach her directly in order to offer her a hosting job for one of our upcoming video projects. Just like the American Idol judges, we at Girls Gone Wild are looking for a girl next door, with sexiness, attitude, a carefree spirit and a presence that will command the attention of the Nation."

Sounds like a great deal to us, Antonella. Talk to Kim Kardashian if you need to learn anything else about Francis. Or sex videos.

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