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Don't worry, Anna Nicole Smith, you're no longer stuck in a home with no lights. You're just stuck without a home.

After weeks of speculation about whether or not the chesty crazy woman would be allowed to remain in the Bahamas, TMZ obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith:

Playboy Bunny

G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her and Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday. Shockingly, she failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith and Howard K. Stern out of the house.

Thompson - along with half the male population - was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.

Larry Birkhead is now claiming that he's the real father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

And we're claiming that Anna Nicole Smith has officially passed Flavor Flav as the craziest celebrity. It was a close race.

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You have to love a story like this. Not only is she in the dark in the figurative sense, as she is thoroughly devoid of brain cells, but the electricity in Anna Nicole Smith's house has actually been shut off.

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Sorry, we're still not over it.

Apparently Anna Nicole has lost her appeal (again, literally, not in terms of her sexiness or other redeeming qualities) and the power company that has left her in the dark is content to keep it that way. And God bless them for it.

As first reported Monday by TMZ, Ben Thompson, Anna's former fling who owns the home where she's living, turned off the power after Anna and her huge breasts refused to pay for staying there. Smith's lawyers proceeded to go ape$h!t and the power company quickly gave her a reprieve.

But Ben meant business and the lights are now officially off.

The mother of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is still inside the house, which ironically has worked to her benefit. The police showed up yesterday to serve her with a second eviction notice -- and couldn't get in because the electric gate wouldn't budge!

You know what they say: Every dark cloud has its silver lining. And you know what else they say: Every love triangle with Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern has its bastard love child and coincides with the death of the woman's 20-year-old son.

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Anna Nicole Smith has a lot of problems these days. Most recently, her power was turned off at home.

Playboy Bunny

Before that, the former Playboy model was worried that her son Daniel's soul was stuck in the afterlife. And we all know how awkward that can be.

Then, of course, there's that whole baby daddy thing. Is it Howard K. Stern? Larry Birkhead? A myriad of other contenders?

Perhaps worst of all, however, is that Anna will always look like she does below. Granted, she'll be able to pick up shopping bags without her twig-like arms breaking off (sorry, Nicole Richie), but she'll also scare children under the age of 10.

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Before Anna Nicole Smith worries too much about the final resting place of her son, she may wanna focus on the lights in her house.

Smith has been living with her newborn baby and attorney Howard K. Stern in a residence in the Bahamas owned by former "friend," G. Ben Thompson. But Thompson wants the pair out.

Playboy Bunny

And last Friday, he contacted the power company rep to pull the plug.

Without warning, Anna had no juice for her hairdryer, no power to watch read The Hollywood Gossip online and find out the latest regarding Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Nothing.

Four hours later, after lots of threats from her lawyer, the power company agreed to a temporary reprieve until today.

On Friday, though, Thompson and his son-in-law flew to the Bahamas and served Smith with an eviction lawsuit. According to, Smith ran back inside the house, then appeared on the balcony and, in classic antebellum style, began screaming:

"You get off this property. This is a gift and I ain't ever leaving. And I'll show you, Ben, you ain't never gonna see the baby again! You did a declaration for that f***head Larry Birkhead!"

We think that quote speaks for itself.

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The bizarre Anna Nicole Smith apparently worries that her dead son is trapped in the afterworld -- because he has no one to turn to.

The former model (seen below with little Danielynn Hope Marshall Stern), worries her late son, Daniel, was too young when her former husband, J. Howard Marshall, who died in 1995. As a result, Smith thinks Daniel won't be able to make contact with the oil tycoon in the afterlife.

Playboy Bunny

"I'm afraid that he's stuck," Smith said of her dead son. "I'm afraid he has nowhere to go. I don't have anybody that's dead that he can go to. He was very small (when Marshall died) and I'm just scared that he doesn't know anybody and he's afraid."

THG NOTE: We tried to reach Larry Birkhead, but he's in Disneyland. Aside from that, we have deemed it unworthy of our time to ridicule Anna Nicole Smith in this instance, as her comments have effectively taken care of that for us.

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Thank goodness for the Internet. It allows us to provide fans with Hollywood gossip at all times.

It allows Travis Barker to react to a divorce party thrown by his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

Up Yours, Larry!

And now it's allowed Larry Birkhead, the probably father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, to speak out against his former lover and for his current child.

In a statement posted on, the disgruntled papa blasts the Anna Nicole: "I constantly wonder what kind of person would steal a child from another. I thought at first maybe because your brother was taken from your mom was the reason, but then I realized she started planning on keeping you from me all the way back in May."

Birkhead also talked directly to the infant Dannielynn, claiming he tried to go to Disneyland to cheer himself up, but the trip backfired.

"I couldn't help but thinking, after seeing all of the kids, what it would be like to take you there one day."

We hope justice falls your way, Larry. But a word of advice: if you do end up with custody of Dannielynn, do NOT buy her the Ali Lohan holiday album for Christmas.

We're just sayin.

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T.H. Gossip knows a thing about fantasies. We wish we had the riches, fame, good looks and character of Mr. Brad Pitt, who not only wows us on the big screen, but pushes for social change in real life. He's inspiring. And on a simpler level, we wish we could see more Kristin Cavallari pictures. She's pretty.

Never have our fantasies involved either of the ladies below, however, with the exception of wishing they might disappear. To the Bahamas. Or another planet. Forever. In any case, T.H. Gossip asks you, fans, who would you rather wake up next to in bed tomorrow morning?

Everybody Together: Awww!

Hmm. It's a really tough call. Would it be an anemic Nicole Richie, withering away to nothing before your eyes, and unable to utter the simple words "feed me" for lack of energy? Or would you choose the gold-digging waste that is Anna Nicole Smith, and her HUGE BREASTS that may soon be give their own ZIP codes?

Tough. Very tough. We know. Feel free to take a cue from Richie -- or this Lindsay Lohan jack-o-lantern -- and vomit. Hard!

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Give Anna Nicole Smith credit.

When the buxomy blonde wants a man, she goes on the attack. It's like the can smell the money love.

Playboy Bunny

"I wanted more than a lawyer relationship, and then started kind of flirting with [Howard K. Stern] and we kind of got it on," Smith says in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I just kind of attacked him and that was it. I kissed him first. He was the shy one."

Maybe, Anna, he was intimidated by your GIGANTIC BOOBS. Or your similarities to the anti-christ.

Eventually, however, Smith wore him down because the two exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony on September 28. They're also pretending that Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is Howard's kid.

Isn't that adorable?

The couple has also been criticized for holding the ceremony so soon after the Sept.ember10 death of Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel, but Stern says the goal was to help Smith deal with her grief and fear of loneliness.

"For anybody to try and judge us and to try and say we're doing what's right or what's wrong, there's no way for anybody to understand what Anna was going through when Daniel passed," he says.

Smith's response to critics? "Don't worry about us. Worry about your own self."

Anna was then seen reading an article about possible future riches for Ryan Phillippe and jotting down his phone number. Look out, Ry.

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Anna Nicole Smith may not be fit to live in the Bahamas, but don't worry: she is fit to go on national TV and act all broken up about the death of her son, Daniel.

The terrible looking gold digger has broken her silence about the Sept. 10 death the 20-year old in the Nassau hospital room where he was visiting her and his 3-day-old half-sister, Dannielynn Hope.

Playboy Bunny

In a series of interviews scheduled to begin airing Nov. 2 on Entertainment Tonight, an emotional Smith says of her son, "I don't understand why God took him and didn't take me."

She also says Dannielynn "looks like Daniel," which is supposed to make us feel sad, we guess. But we glance at an Anna Nicole Smith picture and she looks like an attention-starved liar.

So forgive our lack of sympathy.

"She seemed calmer, sadder, a bit broken, yet she looked quite beautiful," ET reported, Mark Steines said.

He added that Smith beams when playing with her daughter and is gracious when introducing him to the man she calls her husband: her lawyer and confidante, Howard K. Stern.

"If I didn't have Howard, or my baby, I wouldn't be here," Smith said.
Steines seemed more understanding than we are when talking about Anna Nicole: "This is not just a controversial, misunderstood woman, this is a mother who has lost a child."

True. But she also sold the last pictures of that child alive to magazines for $600,000. It's the sort of capitalistic move that Ivanka Trump might be proud of, but we scoff at.

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Sorry, Anna Nicole Smith, possibly being thrown out of the Bahamas isn't the only ordeal you have to go through now.

Playboy Bunny

The former Playboy model and current disgusting, gold digging hag is being sued for a second time by photographer Larry Birkhead, who is now accusing her of fraud and conspiracy, his lawyer says.

At a press conference Thursday outside the Los Angeles courthouse where Birkhead filed a paternity suit on Oct. 2, his lawyer, Debra Opri, shared copies of legal papers filed on Birkhead's behalf earlier that day in a Bahamas court.

The papers allege that Smith and her lawyer and fiancé, Howard K. Stern, conspired to misrepresent Stern as the father of Smith's six-week-old daughter, Dannielynn Hope, and committed libel and slander by denying Birkhead is the father.

The suit requests that the Bahamas' registrar general change the baby's last name on legal documents from Stern to Birkhead.

"It will be up to this government entity to pursue any criminal investigations against Anna Nicole Smith and/or Howard K. Stern," Opri said.

Opri added that she is afraid Smith will flee the Bahamas to avoid the charge.

"My main concern is this child," she said. "While I do not anticipate that Anna Nicole Smith will be going to Disneyland here in California anytime soon, I do have every concern that she might go to another jurisdiction with my client's child, and we will then be forced to pursue her."

So the chase may be on! Sounds almost as exciting as Nicole Richie versus the food police.

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