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No program or mindset has ever been installed in Britney Spears that makes her just want to stay home, clean the house, make a PBJ sandwich and watch The Hills sometimes.

This would also mean, you know, spending time with her sons.

Britney, Jason, Kevin

Britney's hard partying ways and relentless self-destructive path, Fox News notes in a recent editorial, leaves her prospects for regaining custody in doubt.

"She will always be a visitor now," sneered a source close to the case.

According to sources, Kevin Federline's camp filed motions last Friday to take the kids away from Britney Spears. Among other things, they claimed she hadn't made arrangements for mandatory counseling and drug testing.

Cited in the papers was the declaration of Britney's former bodyguard, Tony Barretto, who claimed he witnessed Spears parading around nude in front of her kids, doing drugs at a restaurant and having done crystal meth in a hotel.

Despite the fact that last week Britney Spears was described by the judge as a habitual drug user, the singer simply decided to ignore his opinion.

Instead of keeping her kids at home, quiet, warm and safe, she took them to a Malibu diner where celebrity news photographers hounded them. So great is Britney's need for public approbation that she pimped out the kids.

What made it worse was news that she was driving without a valid driver's license. Of course, a prior late night drinking champagne didn't help.

The big question is why? Why is she doing all this? And who is advising her? The answer? No one. She has no manager or publicist. She doesn't speak to her own mother, Lynne Spears, upon whom she served legal papers months ago.

That leaves her "cousin" Alli Sims â€" and that's another story.

Sources say that Alli Sims, who is not a close cousin of Britney, has set out to remake her own personal version of "All About Eve" or "Gaslight."

"She wants her own career as a singer," a source says. "She's ambitious and going after it. They recently played her demos up at the label and everyone loved them."

All this talk about Alli and her possible motives to see Britney fail makes us wonder who the pop star's actual friends - if there are any - might be.

And who in God's name is advising Spears to get drunk and drive around without a valid license, while using her kids as passengers no less?

This whole episode is eerily reminiscent of Anna Nicole Smith.

All the plot points in Smith's bizarre last year of life: the pregnancy, the death of her son, the scheming of her lawyer and companion, the rise of her personal shrink as her doctor, Anna's own death â€" look like a blueprint for Britney.

Someone should sober Britney Spears up quickly and make her read some of these stories, unless she wants to wind up a corpse.

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The Hollywood Gossip tells it like it is.

As a celebrity gossip provider, that means you've occasionally got to get down, dirty, explicit and profane in covering the famous people that make the news.

That's been our philosophy since our first post (about Lindsay Lohan) 13 months ago.

Nonetheless, according to a new blog rating system, which rates gossip blogs the same way as movies, T.H. Gossip has been given parental guidance suggested, "PG" status.

How, we're not sure. It was a close shave. Not unlike that recently given to that shank Paris Hilton. Man, that thing was given a serious waxing!

Despite a consistent deluge of raunchy articles and censored nude / sexual photos, we were able to dodge the more risque "PG-13" or "R" designations.

Guess all those shots of Britney Spears wearing no underwear and all that talk about Amanda Beard and Garcelle Beauvais nude wasn't enough. Oh well. We'll work harder, we promise.

Here are a couple of good celebrity photos from our (apparently PG) archive.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

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Could it be that Brooke Hogan is no longer our least favorite "Hogan" in Hollywood?

Might Dina Lohan not be the most insane family member of a celebrity?

Playboy Bunny

 The Hollywood Gossip staff is being forced to face such harsh realities now that Donna Hogan has opened her crazy mouth.

The half-sister of Anna Nicole Smith is apparently focused on remaking herself â€" fake, giant breasts included - into an Anna-clone, just months after Smith's passing.

Hogan wants to get a Heidi Montag (aka "boob job") and yearns to convince Hugh Hefner to put her in Playboy, just like he did with Kristine Lefebvre, she told Steppin' Out (via Page Six). But she's not gonna go quite as far as Anna did.

Hogan revealed in her recent tell-all biography of Anna, "Train Wreck: Anna Nicole Smith Unauthorized," that her half-sister's' "double enhancement" gave her brutal back pain. It's a problem we're guessing Jessica Simpson can relate to.

But Hogan also says she has unorthodx plans for Anna's lawyer-lover Howard K. Stern, who she calls a "creepy little weasel-looking thing" and then adds: "I'll just torture him ... act like I like him, then just walk away and leave him like that, all sexually frustrated."

Take note, Larry Birkhead: you may wish to keep Dannielynn away from her aunt.

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We weren't sure what to make of the news that Willa Ford would be portraying Anna Nicole Smith in an upcoming movie.

All we really knew about Ford was that she was engaged to a hockey player and had never dated Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Or so she claimed.

Playboy Bunny

We were only recently made aware of the naked connections between the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and Anna, however: each has posed in Playboy. Now the casting makes perfect sense. 

As you can tell, Anna Nicole Smith nude (above) was a common sight. Therefore, the film needed to star another female that's comfortable in her own skin. Enter Ford. Only a few celebs have posed in Playboy, making the decision easy for producers.

It had to be Willa, Kristine Lefebvre or Tricia Helfer. They went with Ford.

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This week isn't just bringing good news to fans of Larry Birkhead.

Those that have been clamoring for a biopic of Anna Nicole Smith to hit the big screen are in luck: a film version of this starlet's life begins shooting next week. And just who will portray the former Playboy model?

Playboy Bunny

Willa Ford, of course.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant certainly has the blonde hair to pull of the role. But does she possess the giant boobs? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, we haven't received word yet on who will star as Dannielynn.

We vote for Ramona Sarsgaard.

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Move over, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor. You've got company.

TMZ has just confirmed the California Medical Board is conducting a formal investigation into Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna Nicole Smith's shrink.

Playboy Bunny

She's the one who prescribed numerous drugs that Anna Nicole Smith ended up taking, and which turned up in her autopsy report.

In all, a shocking combination of eleven drugs was found in the hotel room where Anna Nicole Smith died, all prescribed by Khristine Eroshevich.

Eight were prescribed to Smith's lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern, including chloral hydrate, the drug that was the most direct cause of Anna's death.

As we stated above, this is the second doctor being investigated for prescribing practices involving Anna Nicole Smith.

The Board is also investigating Dr. Kapoor, who prescribed methadone to Smith under an alias when she was eight months pregnant with Dannielynn.

Last year, just five days after Smith's son, Daniel Smith, died, a document shows that Dr. Eroshevich sent Dr. Kapoor a prescription wish list for Anna Nicole, which included methadone, Soma, Dilaudid and Lorazepam.

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor has said he did not fill the prescriptions. More on this story as it develops.

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Forgive us if we don't believe everything Howard K. Stern says.

But in a recently released statement, the immoral lawyer claims Anna Nicole Smith could have been saved if she'd been hospitalized before her death â€" but she refused emergency care, fearing a "media frenzy."

Playboy Bunny

After announcing Smith's autopsy results on Monday, Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Smith had been suffering from a stomach flu, a 105-degree fever and an infection from repeated drug injections.

At the same time, she was using a long list of medications, including the powerful sleeping drug chloral hydrate, methadone, valium, several antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs, longevity medications, vitamin B12 and growth hormone, the Associated Press reports. The loving mother of Dannielynn died from an accidental drug overdose.

If Smith had sought treatment for her flu, she might have been saved, Perper said, if only because her drug use could have been controlled:

"If she would have gone to the hospital she wouldn't have died because she wouldn't have had the opportunity to take the excessive amount of chloral hydrate."

But according to a statement from lawyers for Stern, she refused emergency care in the days before her death because "she did not want the media frenzy that follows her." We wish Larry Birkhead could've stepped in.

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Anna Nicole Smith died of "an accidental overdose with no other criminal element present," Seminole Police Department Chief Charlie Tiger announced at a press conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Monday.

He said the police conducted a thorough investigation, which included reviewing hundreds of hours of videotapes captured by the hotel security cameras and analyzing the contents of the laptop computer belonging to Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, and "we found nothing to indicate any foul play."

Playboy Bunny

Broward County medical examiner Dr. Joshua Perper, who earlier had declined to make the autopsy results public until he reviewed the evidence, said that Smith's system contained methadone, anti-anxiety and weight-reducing drugs and, possibly, vitamins, among other substances.

This is also known as the Nicole Richie diet.

The former Playboy Playmate died six weeks ago, on Feb. 8, in Hollywood, Fla. According to the Associated Press, additional evidence from the Seminole Police Department, which is investigating Smith's death, delayed the autopsy's release.

Tiger said Monday that his department found "no evidence of illegal drugs" at the death scene and had reviewed "hundreds of hours of tapes [and] found nothing unusual" in regard to the death of the mother of Dannielynn.

The day after Smith's death, police said they had found no evidence that a crime had been committed, and Perper said he'd found no serious injuries in his initial examination.

Perper said at a Feb. 9 press conference that Smith's death could have been due "solely to natural causes ... some medical and chemicals ... or a combination of natural causes and medication."

No matter what, it's a tragedy. Perhaps a silver lining will be elicited, however, when Larry Birkhead is rightfully named the father of Dannielynn in the near future.

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If Howard K. Stern was out for money, he didn't have to commit murder.

The simple act of larceny would have been enough. Especially now that the diary of Anna Nicole Smith has sold for over half a million dollars on eBay.

Playboy Bunny

TMZ has learned that in an online auction, a businessman from Hamburg, Germany just dropped $512,500 on two handwritten diaries, penned by Anna Nicole between 1992 and 1994. That's even more than most guys would pay see to see Kim Kardashia nude on her sex tape.

According to the seller, Thomas Riccio of Universal Rarities, the winner is "a huge fan" of the former Playboy Playmate, but wishes to remain anonymous. The German outbid fans from all over the world, including the United States, England and the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Anna's daughter, Dannielynn, will soon be finding out her true daddy. And the world will soon be finding out just how Smith died.

The price of that information? The same as someone should pay on eBay for a car with the Olsen Twins: nothing.

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As correctly points out, is there any chance we wiil soon see a movie based on the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith?

With that in mind, let's give Hollywood honchos a few ideas of who could portray whom in the big screen version of this soap opera:

Playboy Bunny

Only one talented actress is blonde enough and busty enough to slide into Anna's shoes: Tori Spelling...

And her soon, Daniel Smith, ought to be played by another young star in Tinseltown. We just hope Nick Carter isn't also murdered...

As for the dueling baby daddies, let's start with Larry Birkhead. We know Lance Bass is gay, but he could pull off dashing Anna lover, as well.

Finally, Howard K. Stern is dirty and corrupt.. We're not claiming that former Friends star David Schwimmer is either of these things - but they do look similar, don't they?

As for Dannielynn, it's difficult to cast a baby, of course. It's also sometimes dangerous; we've all seen what happens to child stars.

Surrounded by stable acting parents, though, we think Pax Thien Jolie would do a great job.

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