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Reality star Anna Benson is in jail in Marietta, Ga., for allegedly breaking into her estranged husband’s home and threatening him with a gun.

It turns out this is not the ex-stripper’s first run-in with the law.

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In 1996, Anna Benson (then Anna Warren) lived in a rundown Tennessee apartment that was adorned with satanic graffiti and anti-police messages.

At 19, Anna was reportedly the subject of a sweeping manhunt after an 18-year-old man named Michael Evans was murdered in that apartment.

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Oh, Anna Benson. You continue to crack us up.

The former Baseball Wives star, who made headlines in 2011 for threatening cast members with a sex toy, was arrested this week for breaking into her ex-husband's apartment and demanding cash.

She was allegedly wielding a handgun and a metal baton at the time... while wearing a bulletproof vest.

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So, what does Benson have to say for herself?

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Anna Benson has been arrested for brandishing something a lot more dangerous than a 12-inch dildo.

The ex-wife of former Major League Baseball pitcher Kris Benson was taken into custody this morning after she allegedly broke into her former husband's home, armed with a metal baton and a handgun.

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According to TMZ, Kris told authorities that Anna went off on him because a judge had forced her to vacate the estranged couple's marital residence.

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Baseball Wives, a spinoff of Basketball Wives, premieres tonight on VH1, and when it does, Anna Benson, the craziest baseball wife of all, will be front and center.

For those unfamiliar with the wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, she's one of the few baseball wives to ever overshadow the player, who was fairly average.

Nothing average about Anna, a stripper and former Playboy model who once threatened to sleep with the entire Mets organization if Kris cheated on her. Anyway.

During a recent Wives taping, she got into it with Cheri Knoblauch - wife of former Yankee standout Chuck Knoblauch - in an altercation involving sex toys. Really.

Anna Benson Pic

According to reports, Anna Benson pulled out a stun gun and set it on a table (gal's like a female, reality TV version of Gilbert Arenas) in front of her threateningly.

Then, she produced a 12-inch dildo from her purse and started swinging!

Why wield that over the stun gun? Wo carries around a 12-inch dildo? Where do you buy a purse big enough for that faux manhood? Questions for another time.

Sources connected with the show say some of the cast members and even the staffers are now threatening to quit, because they can't handle Anna's insanity.

Show execs, meanwhile, are trying to contain Anna. Good luck there.


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