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Former Jersey Shore waste of space Angelina Pivarnick may or may not be engaged, but she is definitely taking her lack of talent to the wrestling ring.

Angelina, who is supposedly marrying Dave Kovacs, or not, will soon appear on two “TNA iMPACT” episodes on SPIKE TV, Thursday, March 3 and 10.

What brings Pivarnick inside the ropes?

Pivarnick in Action

GETTING SOME TNA: Angelina will not go away. But maybe she will at least suffer a major beatdown in one of these wrestling events. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

She will meet and partner with the wrestling duo “The Shore,” comprised of Cookie and Robbie E, and make her professional wrestling debut on TNA.

Angelina and “The Shore” share a mutual hatred of “Jersey Shore” star, JWoww, whom she will challenge publically to meet her in the ring for a brawl. 

Last October, JWoww made an appearance on TNA where she pounded Cookie. Somehow we can see her jumping at the chance to repeat history ...

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It looks like Angelina Pivarnick's fiance is already poised to lave her a$$ amid reports that she's also nailing some guy named Ivan out on Staten Island.

The Jersey Shore star got engaged to David Kovacs last week in what was a very public engagement on the red carpet during New York Fashion Week.

Everyone thought there was no way in hell it was meant to last. But just hours after his proposal, he was referring to her as "a bad evil person." Why?

Angelina Pivarnick, Fiance

The engagement is nothing more than a "publicity stunt," a Kovacs source said, noting that David was involved, but that he got screwed just the same.

Kovacs loves Jersey Shore and assumes the producers are going to want Angelina back (don't hold your breath), and that he'll be brought on as well.

But, "Angelina is also seeing this guy Ivan, a firefighter from Staten Island," and her recent actions on Twitter have left Dave feeling hung out to dry:

"The day she got engaged to Dave, she put photos of herself and Ivan on Twitter with their shirts pulled up, leaning against each other in his room."

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Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is engaged. Somehow, she convinced David Kovacs to propose to her. Hopefully for his sake it's a stunt.

That's not a stretch. The reality star's boyfriend popped the question as cameras rolled at STYLE360 Sachika's fashion show at NYC's Fashion Week.

Here, for Angelina's 12 fans, is the magical moment ...

David Kovacs makes the biggest mistake of his life.

"She said yes," says the onlooker of Pivarnick. "She was completely surprised [and said], 'Are you serious?' She looked really happy and shocked."

"She covered her face with her hand and dropped ring on carpet because she was so nervous. He then picked her up and they hugged and kissed."

Aww. Congratulations, we guess. Sorry, Justin Rego. You totally missed out. Our pick for the first dance song at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding ...

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We love the smart phone era. Everybody's got a camera on hand at all times, leaving the door open for someone to capture impromptu fights breaking out.

Specifically, we're referring to ex-Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick's expletive laden, cell phone-heaving scuffle at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

The footage picks up after Pivarnick and Melissa Mayne, who is suing Angelina over the melee, exchanged blows. Here, they mostly trade vulgar insults.

A phone is hilariously sent flying at one point, though. Enjoy ...

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Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of Jersey Shore, is fairly used to being smacked around by JWoww and Snooki. Now she's been slapped in a different way.

With a lawsuit.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Ange's alleged "violent assault" on a female clubgoer before a Celebrity Boxing match in New Jersey last month is the reason for the legal fisticuffs.

Melissa Mayne claims she was leaving a nightclub at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino when she bumped into Angelina ... who was on her way to box.

Mayne claims Angelina punched her grill, shoved her and threw a glass in her face. She also snatched her phone and threw it across the room. Ouch!

She is also going after the hotel, claiming this went down in front of Trump security guards, who did not intervene or "even attempt to stop" Pivarnick.

Angelina was likely just trying to remain relevant, given that the Jersey Shore season premiere was the biggest episode yet - sans her annoying a$$.

She's suing Pivarnick, who's seeking a new reality show, for unspecified damages.

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Having been banished from Jersey Shore twice in as many seasons, the exiled Angelina Pivarnick is now gearing up for her own reality TV show.

Don't hold your breath there, girlfriend.

After her single “I’m Hot” inexplicably failed to gain any fans in the music world, she’s grappling to stay in the limelight by any means necessary.

Dirty Little Hamster

Desperate times call for desperate fame whores.

She’s even in talks with her sworn enemy, Kerry Schwartz of VH1’s Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair to star in a reality new series together.

Somehow, we don't see it happening. Just a hunch.

The two enemies were even scheduled for a celebrity boxing match at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City but never made it into the ring.

They both were involved in separate altercations before their bout, of course. Aside from bar fights, this may be the last time you hear of either.

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Late last week, Kim Kardashian destroyed every eardrum in Las Vegas with the first rendition of her single "Tune It Up." It was seriously atrocious stuff.

But was it the worst song ever unleashed? That remains to be decided.

Kim has serious competition from an assortment of other reality stars who were convinced the public needed to do more than just watch them recite scripted lines on television. Below, starting with Kardashian's foray into the industry, we've compiled a quintet of truly awful tunes. Listen to each and then vote on the worst of the worst...

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What a wild year it's been. From hit songs to LOL moments, meltdowns and bombshell scandals, some videos won't be forgotten anytime soon.

As 2010 draws to a close tonight, here are some of the videos that defined the year in Hollywood news, entertainment and celebrity gossip ...

Tiger Woods apologizes: In the wake of his shocking sex scandal, Tiger came clean with a marathon, extremely stiff media mea culpa.

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You gotta hand it to Steven Hirsch and Vivid. Always thinking.

The adult video kingpin has offered Angelina Pivarnick, the axed former co-star of MTV's Jersey Shore, the lead role in a porn spoof of the reality hit.

The Cast in L.A.

The offer: $50,000 plus a cut of the profits. Octomom was offered $1 million, mind you. When Nadya Suleman is 20 times hotter than you ... wow.

In a contract presented to Angelina Pivarnick, Vivid offered the Staten Island native a $50,000 advance against the royalty profits she would share in.

"Vivid shall pay Artist 25 percent of Adjusted Gross Revenue (the "Royalty")," the contract reads. That'll pay for her bail money a few times at least.

In return? Angelina would deliver Vivid three hours of footage, including "(i) a minimum of two (2) hours of footage depicting Artist engaged in sexual positions, and (ii) one (1) hour of personalized sexy wrap-around footage depicting Artist."

Gross. So is she interested?

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Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of Jersey Shore and currently of various police lineups, didn't just get in a fight this weekend, she went after the girl. Hard.

According to law enforcement, the erroneously self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island punched some chick in the mouth in Atlantic City, N.J.

Ahmad Bradshaw and Angelina Pivarnick

Ange was set to fight a Celebrity Boxing bout against another reality star - Kerry Schwartz, whoever that is - but got into an unsanctioned bout earlier.

AC cops claim the wannabe rapper was the aggressor at the Taj Mahal (shocker), allegedly punching the unidentified girl in the face and body.

Police say a summons complaint for simple assault has already been mailed to Pivarnick ... and she's due back in court later on this month.

Angelina says she plans on cooperating with authorities, but adds, "That night I feel I was provoked, taunted, and harassed into a fight."

"On top of that there are signs pointing in the direction that this was a set up against me and I have witnesses and evidence to prove this."

Just like on Jersey Shore when Snooki whomped her ass, we're sure she had NOTHING to do with it and the attack came out of nowhere.

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