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A never-before-seen topless photograph of Angelina Jolie from back in the day has surfaced and is expected to fetch big bucks at an art house auction.

The picture was taken by famed celebrity photographer David LaChapelle in 2001. He took a series of Angelina Jolie photos when the star was just 25.

It's Salt!

A number of pics will be auctioned next month during The Wild Side of Photography sale at Christie’s fine art auction house in London, reports indicate.

Angelina’s is expected to go for between $30,000 and $46,000.

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Nadya Suleman makes like Angelina Jolie - who she claims she did not even know existed before the media started comparing them - in the new issue of In Touch.

Yes, Octomom said that. She is not normal. Never has been.

In any case, she's well aware of her now, as you can see ...

  • Octomom as Angelina Jolie
  • Nadya Suleman as Angelina Jolie

Nadya Suleman aped Angie's famous leg thrust from the 2012 Oscars, plus her Lara Croft/Tomb Raider style. And the comparisons didn't stop there.

Octo also compared herself to Brad Pitt's fiancee when it comes to motherhood, something we doubt the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador will be reciprocating.

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Well, at least she stayed away from Adele and the Holocaust this time.

But Joan Rivers appeared this morning on Live with Kelly and Michael and took aim at two more famous names, a couple weeks after slamming Adele as fat.

Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet

"Taylor Swift's knees have been together more than Melissa and I," the comedian told the hosts. "If you've broken up with nine people in nine months, maybe you should douche. I say this as a loving grandmother. I say this with love."

And certainly not with humor.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are married! The couple has tied the knot in secret!

At least according to OK! Magazine ... so they're totally not married basically.

Brangelina Married!?

Of course, there is NO MENTION of when this happened, or what she wore, or really much of anything else ... only that “official nuptials” are still to come.

Whatever that means.

In any case, Jolie and Pitt, the celebrity gossip tabloid reports, “exchanged their vows with a small sunset commitment ceremony at their L.A. mansion.”

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We have not made this point in a little while, but: Angelina Jolie is awesome.

E! News confirms that this UNHCR Goodwill ambassador has opened up an all-girls school just outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

The location was chosen because that area typically favors male education over female education, while many refugees have been returning to the village after the fall of the Taliban.

Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Pic

The school teaches over 200 young women, with Jolie making plans to open similar institutions around the world in the near future.

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Angelina Jolie is not married, she says, despite a curious ring switcheroo.

The actress sparked speculation when she swapped her $500,000 diamond engagement ring for a simple gold band during a humanitarian trip to the Congo.

Brad Pitt, Cane

This was logically done so it wouldn't get lost or stolen, but given that this is Angelina Jolie, speculation ran wild that she married Brad Pitt on the down-low.

Not so. She denied this personally yesterday, which means one thing:

Across the U.S., gossip magazines still have endless subject matter.

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Chelsea Handler is not exactly one to keep her opinions to herself.

And during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the talk show host went off to Andy Cohen on a couple big-name celebrities.

  • Chelsea Handler Red Carpet Pic
  • Taylor Swift on Street
  • Angie Jolie

First, referencing why Taylor Swift has dated so many men - although Swift said this week it's only been two since 2010 - Handler said she has a "theory."

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Mother of six Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant again. Well, according to a supermarket celebrity news tabloid report she is, so you know what that means:

There's no way Angelina Jolie is pregnant again.

Angelina Jolie: Is She Pregnant Again?

According to Star, which also "broke" the Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods dating rumors, Brad is spending all of his free time gushing about it to George Clooney.

Would be sweet if it were true! In other news:

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! With Valentine's Day looming, it's time for you to decide the most popular celebrity couple!

We've chosen 16 fan favorites for this tournament, but YOUR VOTES decide the winner! How to play: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done.

Previously, we pitted Jay-Z and Beyonce against Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Today, Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev vs. Brangelina! VOTE!

And the Winner is?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev vs. Brangelina: Which celebrity couple do you love more? Vote now in this first round Tournament of THG matchup! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ian & Nina

Angelina & Brad

Total Votes: 6374

One by one, we'll post polls of these respective matchups, and after each round, update the bracket as some duos advance, while others are eliminated.

It's easy, fun and decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of THG field:

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do not have a wedding date set, although the Killing Them Softly says they seriously do plan on tying the knot at some point.

Brad ana Angie

"We really don't [have one]," he told celebrity news program Extra, when asked about the timetable. "I don't know what's going to happen in two weeks."

"I certainly don't know what the new year is going to bring!"

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Angelina Jolie Biography

Angelina Jolie: Is She Pregnant Again? Angelina Jolie is mind-numbingly gorgeous. She also likes adopting kids and taking her clothes off in movies. We approve of both those... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Angelina Jolie Voight

Angelina Jolie Quotes

I'm very happy. Unlike most women, I love being pregnant... You just feel like everything about your body is there for your baby.

Angelina Jolie

Yeah, yeah, we've confirmed that already.

Angelina Jolie [after being asked if she's having twins]
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