Angela Moyer had an affair with Roger Clemens, apparently. She's 30 years old, sort of hot, and works as a Realtor in Pennsylvania. She...

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What do a former Real-Housewife-turned-stripper, an ex-Charlie Sheen play thing and someone who had sex with Hugh Hefner have in common?

They can all be found at Dial-A-Star!

Yes, this new service gives regular folks the chance to speak with Z-listers such as Danielle Staub, Capri Anderson and Crystal Harris on the phone, for as low as $10/minute!

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  • Crystal Image
  • Diva Dina
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  • Dirty Little Hamster
  • Tila T.

According to founder Gina Rodriguez, the celebrities are in charge of their rate and no one is doing better than Staub, who has reportedly raked in $1,000 in an hour.

"I think recording artists will do really well," Rodriguez tells The Huffington Post. "Imagine if Lady Gaga did it."

So, how much are these nobodies bringing in? Tila Tequila asks for $20/minute; Dina Lohan $18/minute; OctoMom $12/minute and Michael Lohan $10/minute. AND PEOPLE ARE PAYING IT!!!

Which, of course, forces us to ask: which of these "stars" would you most want to chat with on the phone?


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The Hollywood Gossip likes to straddle a fine line between sports and entertainment, similar to how Angela Moyer apparently straddled Roger Clemens. Yes, like Rog, we are now ready to jump all over Moyer.

Her story, that is.

New York papers broke the story of Roger Clemens' relationship with Mindy McCready earlier this week. Now there is new information about another woman, Angela Moyer, whom Clemens allegedly had a long-term relationship with.

Angela Moyer, 30, works as a Realtor in Pennsylvania, was asked about her relationship with Clemens, and responded simply, "No comment."

Angela Moyer: Roger Clemens' mistress #2. Who's next? Wait and see!

Supposedly, Roger Clemens helped pay the rent on Moyer's Houston apartment and even after she had moved to New York and gotten a job as a bartender at Sutton Place from 2000-2004 (when Clemens played for the Yankees, oddly), the seven-time Cy Young hurler continued a relationship with her.

While this is still only celeb gossip, Mindy McCready said she could not refute a single detail from the New York Post story that exposed her affair.

We'll be curious to hear how the Angela Moyer story plays out - and when Debbie Clemens gets arrested for assaulting Roger with a baseball bat.

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