Andy Dick has a last name that fits his personality. If you know what we mean. We mean he sucks. Seriously, this drug addict loser should...

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Andy Dick has pulled, well, a dick move. Allegedly, that is.

According to TMZ, the trouble actor was riding his bike on Hollywood Boulevard last week when he spotted a man wearing an expensive necklace.

The former Newsradio star supposedly asked the victim if he could see it and the man, recognizing Dick, responded in the affirmative.

Authorities say Dick then simply rode away with the item, which was later valued at $1,000.

Andy Dick Snapshot

The man reported the crime and police arrested Dick when they found him on his bike near his home Friday night.

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In this ever-changing world, more and more celebrities come out as gay on a regular basis.

We've recently counted 29 stars who are out and proud.

But those who are admittedly bisexual are more difficult to find... unless you know where to look!

Did you know that the star of True Blood has played for both teams? That an Oscar-nominated actress was once in a relationship with a woman? That Andy Dick has somehow found both a guy and a girl who wants to see him naked?

Click through the following photo gallery to become acquainted with celebrities who are down with either private part:

Anna Paquin
"I'm proud to be a happily married bisexual mother," Paquin Tweeted in March of 2014. There you have it.

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Who will advance to the final six on Dancing With the Stars?

Kellie Pickler. That we knew going in, given that she earned immunity last night. For everyone else, it left six people vying for five spots in the field.

Who got them? Were there any big surprises? Let's find out!

  • Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
  • Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
  • Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess

Given Monday night's scores, the celebs in danger coming into this evening pretty much made sense - Andy Dick, Ingo Rademacher and Jacoby Jones.

Sean Lowe was safe early on, leaving the three of those fellas at risk.

Of the three, Dick seemed like the odds-on favorite to get the boot.

But did he? The contestant leaving the ballroom tonight is ...

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The new cast of Dancing With the Stars, which premieres next month, features some interesting choices as the ABC reality hit looks to liven things up.

As rumored Monday, NFL star Jacoby Jones will vie for the Mirror Ball, as will Olympian Aly Raisman (below). Her dad is totally gonna stand the whole time.

Notably absent? Rumored contestant Sean Lowe of The Bachelor fame.

Aly Raisman Pic

But with a 12th contestant TBA, and two weeks of Bachelor left (read The Bachelor spoilers to see how it plays out), we're guessing he's the final entrant.

If he does lace up his dancing shoes, it'll be a reality TV bonanza. Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) and Kellie Pickler (Idol) are also gonna be competing!

Who else will take to the parquet March 18? Here's the list of 11 celebs going Dancing With the Stars, as unveiled Tuesday on Good Morning America ...

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Andy Dick is back in the news, as is wont to happen every so often.

Predictably, the reason is not positive. The alleged comedian was accused of roughing up a tourist in Hollywood, according to law enforcement sources.

A male tourist recently filed a battery report with police, claiming a seemingly intoxicated Dick went off on him when he tried to snap the actor's photo.

Andy Dick Drunk

After spotting the guy walking around in the famous Hollywood and Highland area, the tourist claims Andy grabbed him by his collar and tried to take his camera.

Police believe the fight was captured on tape and are interested in checking out the footage. Point is: Could be another Andy Dick mugshot coming our way.

Luckily, the tourist claims he managed to beat the Dick off, and it retreated.

So to speak.


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Andy Dick may have hit a new low, which is saying something.

The alleged comedian went off on an anti-Semitic rant this week, railing against Howard Stern of all people while visiting the Greg Fitzsimmons Show.

So what exactly did Dick say? You really won't believe it.

On Fitzsimmons' show, Dick spewed that the radio legend was a "shallow, money-grubbing Jew" with a "big fat hook nose." Yup, that's verbatim.

Dick's vitriol apparently stemmed from Stern not going to bat for him when his own Sirius satellite radio show was canceled a few years back.

"For two years I did the show, never got a cent, and I'm not complaining about that. I'm just saying the Jew facts. I never got paid," Dick said. "I have no problem with his big, fat, hook nose, and his money-grubbing miserly Jewishness."

Stern, as you might expect, was not thrilled ...

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Andy Dick is being sued allegedly grinding his genitals into a guy's head during his comedy routine. This allegedly took place in Texas in December.

Robert Tucker says he attended Dick's comedy show and wasn't at all amused about what Dick did as he left the stage to interact with the audience.

According to Tucker's lawsuit, he asked Dick for an autograph. First mistake.

Fresh off his arrest for disorderly conduct, Andy didn't need this.

Instead of obliging, Dick (dressed like a woman at the time for reasons unknown, yet that make perfect sense) brought a bar stool alongside the fan.

"Andy Dick then took control of Plaintiff's head with his left hand and pulled down his costume skirt with his right hand," the suit alleges, then gets worse.

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The downward spiral continues for Andy Dick, who was arrested at a restaurant in Temecula, Calif., last night after officials say he was acting disorderly.

The alleged comedian was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The former Celebrity Rehab star was taken to a nearby jail and booked. On the plus side, he looks relatively clean cut (for him) in his new mug shot!

Andy Dick Mugshot

Andy Dick was later freed on $500 bail.

Man. Between this wacko, Rick Springfield and Flavor Flav, this week is off to an amazing start on the random celebrity meltdown front.

If things keep going at this clip, pretty soon we're gonna have to start releasing celebrity mug shots on parole early due to overcrowding.

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Charlie Sheen may have snorted cocaine, paid a porn star for sex and screamed the N word in his hotel room last week - but the actor comes across as Mother Teresa when compared with Andy Dick.

Rarely does a month go by without that rarely-employed actor in an embarrassing, illegal situation, from arrests for sexual abuse to public drunken outbursts to the world's best mug shot.

Andy Dick Mugshot

But has the D-lister's behavior finally caught up to him? Might he suffer the most dire consequences of all?

Andy Dick is anything but A-OK.

"Andy has openly talked to me about committing suicide and he has definitely hit rock bottom at this point," a friend tells Radar Online. "Unless he gets help fast then he's going to kill himself because he is totally out of control just now."

This anonymous source says he spent time with Dick two weeks in Virginia.

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Alleged comedian Andy Dick was arrested in West Virginia on two felony counts of first-degree sexual abuse this morning. Talk about a _______ move!

Dick was released from jail in Barboursville, W.V., after posting $60,000 bail. The owner of the Funny Bone, where he performed last night, posted bail.

According to officials, Dick was talking to a guy when he "unexpectedly, and without invitation, grabbed the victim's crotch, groping, then kissing him."

Also, the security guard at the bar is claiming that Andy Dick "grabbed his crotch and began laughing" when the guard tried to give him an armband.

Dick was in town performing at the Funny Bone in Huntington, W.V. Manager Tom Schaefer says Dick will go on stage Saturday and Sunday as planned.

Andy Dick Mug Shot

This old (but still funny!) Andy Dick mug shot is from '08.

One of his alleged victims last night? Phillip Daniels, a bouncer at Rum Runners, who says Dick tried walking past him when he entered, without taking a wristband.

Daniels says he stopped the comedian, put the band on his wrist ... and Andy grabbed his crotch. When he pulled away, the guy says, Dick laughed and walked off.

"You could tell he was really out of it. He was on something," he said. A male patron also says Dick also groped him at the same location. Police were soon called.

The bouncer says someone called the cops, who showed up 20 minutes later, inquiring about Andrew. A few minutes later they departed with the Dick in handcuffs.

You may recall that the man is currently on probation over an incident at a chicken joint, where he was busted for sexual assault and copped a plea to battery in 2008.

He faces 1-5 years in prison if convicted this time. Andy's lawyer says Andy "is stunned by these allegations" and denies wrongdoing. If so, then what's with this ...

Groping the Fellas

He may or may not be convicted of sexual abuse, but Andy Dick was definitely all over some fellas last night in W.V., according to this TMZ picture. [Photo: TMZ]

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