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While the 2014 Academy Awards spent several minutes honoring movie heroes, one real-life hero didn't get a chance to join them: 5-year-old "Batkid" Miles Scott.

Scott, who is in remission from leukemia, made headlines last year when the city of San Francisco shut down to honor him and his "Batkid" costume.

He been promised a spot in the Oscars show, only to be cut last-minute. Fortunately, he still got to meet a movie superhero in Spider-Man Andrew Garfield.

Batkid, Andrew Garfield

So what went wrong? A spokesperson blamed scheduling conflicts: "Basically, because of the fluid nature of live TV production, ultimately the segment didn't work."

Garfield, who was listed as one of the Oscars' presenters, rehearsed with Scott the Saturday before the Academy Awards; he also did not appear Sunday.

This prompted speculation that it was the actor who nixed the segment. Not the case. A rep from the Academy issued a statement defending Garfied:

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 is picking up steam with an EW cover featuring Spidey and Jamie Foxx as Electro, and now star Andrew Garfield is asking everyone who'll listen, "Why can't he be gay?"

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

If you're going by the books, well, MJ is a woman. However, there's nothing saying they have to stick to the books.

There's been plenty of instances in superhero movies that the storylines don't even come close to what is/was found in the comics. So that's not really a valid argument.

Garfield goes a little bit further by saying he would like the male version of Mary Jane to be played by Michael B. Jordan. 

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FACT: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is filming in New York City this week.

FACT: The following video depicts a man dressed as this super hero playing basketball with kids.

That's all we can report for certain surrounding this footage, which certainly seems to feature star Andrew Garfield playing some really bad defense at a park in Manhattan. Except he never takes off his costume.

Watch now as onlookers ask whether it really is Garfield... and then grow excited when they confirm his identity. They think.

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For year, Martin Scorsese has been trying to get an adaptation of Shusako Endo's novel Silence off the ground.

Now, that movie is finally under way.

Andrew Garfield has been cast in Silence, in the lead role, a 17th-Century Portuguese priest. Ken Watanabe will play a Japanese translator.

Andrew Garfield at Spider-Man Premiere

The film follows two Jesuit priests who travel to Japan to investigate claims of religious persecution.

The role of the second priest has yet to be cast.

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It's no Kevin Spacey photobomb, but it's pretty solid.

Emma Stone struck last night at a New York City party for the Mike Bartlett play Bull, popping up in the background of a group shot with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Check out her fine photobombing effort below:

Emma Stone Photobomb

Well played all around, Emma. Well played.

Stone, 24, and Garfield, 29, are also collaborating on other things. They'll star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is set to open exactly a year from now.

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Yup, it's official: Andrew Garfield is The Man.

During an appearance this week on Ellen, the actor got his dancing shoes on for a good cause:

At $1,000 a pop, all donated to charity by Shutterfly, the Spider-Man star took cues from the host and first danced an Irish Jig... then did some Robot... and capped it all off with an amazing example of belly dancing.

You've got watch this for yourself:

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In a battle of webs against fangs, which will come out on top?

That's the question we're now forced to ask, as Us Weekly sources report that an unexpected feud is brewing in Hollywood: Andrew Garfield vs. Robert Pattinson! Simply put...

  • Andrew Garfield at Spider-Man Premiere
  • Robert Pattinson Outside Chateau Marmont

"Andrew can't stand Rob," the tabloid insider claims. "Andrew hates that they're put in the same category because they're both English and around the same age."

And Pattinson isn't itching to befriend the latest superhero star either, allegedly, as each attended the wedding of producer Kevin Turen on June 23, but "spent much of the night ignoring each other," according to a witness, who added:

"They don't enjoy hanging out. Andrew considers himself a 'serious actor' and sees Rob as the equivalent of a cheesy boy bander because of Twilight."

Ouch. Zing and a half! Will Robert soon fire back? He is in a fighting mood these days, recently calling out whoever came up with the nickname R. Patt.

You tell us, readers: Which of these actors would you rather do anything but fight with... naked in bed?


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It's the question movie fans have been asking for years: Thor or Spider-Man?

No, not who would win a fight. Which superhero has better fashion taste?!?

Indeed, Chris Hemsworth and Andrew Garfield both walked the red carpet of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards last night, with the former basking in this summer's success of both The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman; while the latter will soon take his place on the A-list with The Amazing Spider-Man.

No punches were thrown, but a handsome haymaker will be landed by one of the rising stars. Who looked best? Decide now:

Fashion Face-Off!

The MTV Movie Award red carpet was barely big enough for hunks Chris Hemsworth and Andrew Garfield. Who looked more handsome at the event? View Poll »

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Production on The Amazing Spider-Man wrapped in May, but Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still working on the next chapter ... in real life!

What we meant by that horrendous intro is that the talented twosome is totally together, in a romantic sort of way. Cute stuff, are we wrong?

"They got close during filming and have been hooking up," a source says.

  • An Emma Stone Pic
  • A-Gar

The new couple decided to keep things quiet, the source adds, because Garfield split with Shannon Woodward, his girlfriend of three years, in May.

Stone, meanwhile, recently parted ways with Kieran Culkin, clearing the way for this new couple, which is still flying under the radar, by and large.

"They haven't gone public, but he's told his friends," the insider says.


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