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Andre Johnson cut off his penis and jumped off a balcony back in April, and astonishingly, the rapper is not only still alive, but fully functional "down there."

In fact, the Wu Tang-affiliated artist wants to do porn in order to prove that his junk still works:

Asked if he can still have sex, Johnson colorfully replied: "Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?"


Asked if there were drugs involved in his decision to mutilate his own genitals, Johnson unsurprisingly answered in the affirmative:

"F--k, yeah!" said Johnson. "There was PCP involved! Kids, stay off drugs!"

Well, if there's ever been a poster child for the dangers of drug use, it is definitely Andre Johnson.

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Rapper Andre Johnson, a.k.a. Christ Bearer, is opening up about why he cut off his penis and jumped out of a two-story apartment window last month.

Let's be honest: Few had even heard of the Wu-Tang affiliated rapper before Andre Johnson cut off his own penis. He certainly doesn't lack for notoriety now.

Until today, however, he hadn't discussed the incident personally. The Killa Beez and Northstar member says it boiled down to depression. But over what?

Not being able to see his daughters is what drove him to commit the act, Christ Bearer tells TMZ, saying he was isolated, alone and deeply saddened.

With two daughters and a third child on the way, and unable to see any of them due to restraining orders, he had reached an emotional low point.

Johnson began smoke weed and read a book about monks and vasectomies, and feeling as if his world was collapsing, took matters into his own hands.

Probably not the best problem-solving approach, in retrospect.

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Wu Tang Clan founder RZA was stopped by TMZ cameras in Manhattan yesterday.

When asked about Andre Johnson - the rapper who cut off his penis during a suicide attempt - RZA clearly became anxious to end the conversation. 

To his credit, RZA was polite when the topic first came up. He stated that he had been in contact with Johnson's family and wished only the best for the ailing MC. 

When TMZ asked if he had any plans to work with Johnson in the future, however, RZA could hardly contain his laughter. 

"Nah!" the rapper replied when asked if he would still be affiliated with Johnson. He then added for the sake of the cameras, "It's hard to predict what might happen in the future."

So basically, RZA feels bad for the guy, but doesn't plan to feature him on any tracks in the near future.

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A representative for the Wu-Tang Clan released an official statement clarifying Andre Johnson's reported affiliation with the legendary hip hop group.

Andre Johnson cut off his penis before jumping from an L.A. apartment building in a suicide attempt last week, and has been tied to Wu-Tang in the media.

Clearly, the group is trying to carefully distance itself from him.

Andre Johnson Image

"I feel terrible for what happened to Andre Johnson," Wu-Tang publicist Heathcliff Berry said. "I hope he finds peace and gets the help that he needs."

"I feel terribly for his family, but he is not in Wu-Tang Clan."

"He is in his own group," Berry continues of Johnson, who performed with Northstar and has also been identified by the stage name Christ Bearer.

Northstar was briefly signed to Wu-Tang Productions.

"RZA worked with them, as he does with countless other artists, years ago," the rep says. "[Northstar] was only loosely affiliated with Wu-Tang 10 years ago."

"[Johnson] was not a member of Wu-Tang Clan."

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The bizarre story of Andre Johnson's suicide attempt and self-mutilation got a little stranger yesterday as the rapper took to his Facebook page and seemed surprisingly tranquil given his circumstances.

Andre Johnson (Christ Bearer) Picture

Johnson posted a status update that read simply, "Peace - feeling blessed."

Naturally, this leaves followers to wonder if he's heavily medicated or simply grateful to be alive after jumping from a balcony in an apparent attempt to take his own life.

While the Wu-Tang Clan wants nothing to do with him, other rappers have spoken out in his defense - claiming that Johnson has no history of hard drug use.

Instead, they say, he suffers from profound mental illness. 

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John Wayne Bobbitt is weighing in on rapper Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson, who cut off his own penis this week as part of an apparent suicide attempt.

Andre Johnson cut off his penis and jumped off a second-floor balcony in North Hollywood, Calif. Incredibly, he survived this and is in stable condition.

While doctors failed to reattach the member, he will live to tell about this. And if any one person can relate to this kind of trauma, it is John Wayne Bobbitt.

  • John Wayne Bobbitt Photo
  • Andre Johnson the Rapper

In 1993, Bobbitt became something of a tabloid sensation after his frustrated wife Lorena took a kitchen knife and sliced off his manhood as he slept.

While he lay bleeding and wailing on the bed, she tossed his detached penis out into a Virginia field. She quickly caught up with reality and called 911.

The former Marine, then 26, underwent a successful reattachment surgery. Johnson was reportedly not so lucky, but Bobbitt still understands his pain.

"You have got to get lucky," Bobbitt told Fox 411. "It’s about doctors and it’s about time."

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Wu-Tang Clan is disputing that Andre Johnson, the rapper known as Christ Bearer who cut off his own penis Wednesday, is affiliated with the hip hop collective.

Andre Johnson (Christ Bearer) Picture

Most reports that Andre Johnson cut off his penis before jumping off a balcony in a bizarre suicide attempt listed him as a "Wu-Tang affiliated rapper."

Miraculously, he survived and is in stable condition, though doctors were unable to reattach his member after an incident that left the music world stunned.

Or in Wu-Tang's case, racing to its official blog.

Soon after the story broke, the group posted an article titled “EXCLUSIVE: NOT AFFILIATED TO WUTANG” followed by a picture of Johnson.

“Parental Advisory: Don’t Believe The HYPE. This Mother F----- Ain’t Got S--- to do with WUTANG ..~ Mr .TANG,” the post on Wu-Tang's blog went on to say.

The post has since been taken down, and in its place is TMZ's story about Johnson's penis-severing and balcony-jumping ... with no additional commentary.

And that's the Wu for you.

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Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson will no longer have a penis after he cut it off Wednesday morning and doctors were unable to reattach the member.

Andre Johnson the Rapper

Officials confirm that Johnson, also known by his stage name Christ Bearer cut his penis off yesterday morning and then jumped off of a balcony.

He survived the fall from his second floor apartment.

After the incident, which developed "within seconds," Christ Bearer was rushed from North Hollywood to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills and saved.

His penis was unable to be salvaged, however.

One of many Wu-Tang affiliated rappers, Andre Johnson is a member of the group Northstar, which was founded by Wu-Tang member and producer RZA.

Despite what he just endured, Johnson/Christ Bearer is remarkably in stable condition, though it's unclear whether he will be released and in what state.

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Christ Bearer, a member of the rap group Northstar, cut his penis off and jumped off a balcony in a suicide attempt this morning, according to reports.

The rapper affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan, whose real name is Andre Johnson, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital early Wednesday, TMZ reports.

He allegedly cut off his penis and jumped off a second story balcony in what police believe was an attempt to take his own life for unknown reasons.

Officials were called to an apartment building in North Hollywood, Calif., at around 1:00 a.m. today and found Andre Johnson on the sidewalk critically injured.

Johnson was rushed by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; it is not known if doctors are able to or are attempting to reattach his penis.

Also known by his stage name Christ Bearer, Johnson was in a group founded by members of the legendary hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan.

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