Celebrity fashion designer and possible rapist. Sounds to us like Anand Jon is an awful human being.

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Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander will learn what his sentence will be for sexually assaulting several aspiring models he lured to Los Angeles.

Then he's off to New York, to face similar charges!

Anand Jon, 35, may be imprisoned for the maximum possible under the law – three terms of 53 years and six months to life - if prosecutors get their way.

He was convicted on 14 counts of rape back in November. Some of his victims, ranging in age from 14-21, are expected to speak at his sentencing today.

Prosecutors said Anand Jon Alexander found women online, baited them with promises of glamorous photo shoots and modeling work, only to fondle or rape them at his Beverly Hills apartment ... yeah, 53 years sounds about right.

The rape case also included allegations of jury tampering by his sister, Sanjana, juror misconduct and Alexander's bizarre decision to represent himself.

Anand Jon Alexander will be spending a long time in jail.

In July, Superior Court Judge David Wesley found both juror Alvin Dymally and Sanjana Alexander in contempt of court after Dymally pursued a romantic relationship with her when he spoke to her by phone twice during the trial.

Alexander has been featured on America's Next Top Model and worked with such celebrities as Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige. His website lists dozens of A-listers as clients, including Hilton, who is described as a fan of Alexander's jeans.

Beverly Hills police began investigating Alexander in March 2007. He is under indictment in New York on similar charges involving nine women.

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Anand Jon, a former big name in the world of celebrity fashion, was found guilty on 16 of 23 counts of sexual abuse by a Los Angeles court this week.

Hey, at least he was cleared on seven! Woo!

The charges included multiple counts of forcible and statutory rape. Jon allegedly lured aspiring models, some as young as 14, to a Beverly Hills apartment.

Anand did so by promising the models "high profile work," then coercing them into his “sadistic fantasies.” Sounds like the kind of plot you see on Gossip Girl right before a brooding Chace Crawford emerges from nowhere, just in time to intervene.

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Anand Jon potentially faces life in prison for his crimes. Which is probably for the best. Just look at this man. If that's not a skeezy pic, we don't know what is.

The designer, who created clothes for Paris Hilton and appeared on America’s Next Top Model, was originally arrested for this behavior back in March 2007.

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Anand Jon Alexander, the celebrity fashion designer accused of rape, was previously arrested and charged with committing a lewd act on a child back in 2003.

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According to court documents, Anand Jon, who has been featured on MTV, pled no contest to the lesser charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

His probation required him to complete 52 weeks of sex therapy - which is probably different than what Britney Spears wishes it consisted of.

Anand Jon was also ordered "not associate with any child under the age of 18 years without a responsible adult present."

Jon, who has been known to kick it old school style with the likes of Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Michelle Rodriguez and other stars, completed his probation requirements in 2005.

Anand Jon is currently facing multiple felony counts of rape and sexual assault between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007, involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl.

According to cops, while Jon was completing his probation, he was also committing rape. Incidentally, in 2006, after Jon completed probation, the disorderly conduct conviction was removed from his record.

Jon's attorney, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ:

"My predecessor counsel [previous lawyer] did an excellent job of exposing the overcharged complaint and by doing so resolved the case for a low grade non priorable, non-registerable, non-admissible plea of no contest, which was expunged and set aside by the court we are in now. At no time did the DA's office or the police ever disclose to the court any violations of any law during his three-year summary informal probation, which includes the 2004 incident to which he has now been charged for."

We're not sure what that means, except that Anand Jon is in deeper than just about everyone out there with the exception of Lane Garrison.

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Apparently Mario Vazquez doesn't have a monopoly on being accused of bizarre, sexually-based crimes this week.

A celebrity fashion designer to the stars, Anand Jon, was arrested and jailed after cops say he raped two people, TMZ reports this morning.

According to the felony complaint, Jon allegedly committed a variety of despicable acts on four separate victims between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007.

Along with two counts of forcible rape, Anand Jon is also facing charges of "sexual battery by restraint, attempted forcible oral copulation and two counts of committing a lewd act upon a child."

In the document, police claim that Anand, 30, used an accomplice during the alleged sexual battery and forcible copulation. The investigation into that person is ongoing.

Jon, who has been featured on MTV and is known for hanging out with Paris Hilton, American Idol judge Paula Abdul (pictured with Jon) and Michelle Rodriguez, was arrested by Beverly Hills Police on March 6.

The arrest came after one of his accusers came forward to authorities. An investigation uncovered three other potential victims, the youngest of whom is 15.

Jon is currently behind bars in Los Angeles County Jail, as reported earlier by New York Daily News, with bail set at $1,365,000. Jon is due back in court April 4.

His pal Paris Hilton was scheduled to attend a major launch of Anand Jon's new line in India in Fall 2007, where Jon was born. The New York based designer has appeared on America's Next Top Model. AJ Jeans were unveiled on Valentine's Day at MAGIC, a huge fashion industry convention in Las Vegas.

In 2004, Anand was featured in the "Power & Influence" list in Newsweek. He was also selected by then NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a 2000 showcase as one of the top seventy-five designers in the world.

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