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Amy Winehouse's parents, Mitch and Janis, plan to convert her London home to become the headquarters of the new Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The charity organization will help children in need, say reports.

The 10-room, $4 million home in Camden, North London, where Amy was found dead July 23, will house the group, whose mission statement is set to be announced September 14, which would've been Winehouse's 28th birthday.

Amy the Great

"The foundation is going to help thousands of people. That is Amy's legacy," Mitch Winehouse, always her biggest supporter, Tweeted Wednesday.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation will be funded in part by proceeds from the star's last recording, a duet with Tony Bennett of the pop classic "Body and Soul," that will be available on Bennett's upcoming album, Duets II.

The cause of Winehouse's death is still being determined.

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The late Amy Winehouse's final recording, a duet with the great Tony Bennett, will be released as a charity single for a foundation set up in her name.

"Body and Soul" will go on sale in September, with all proceeds going to the newly established Amy Winehouse Foundation, according to her dad, Mitch.

Mitch Winehouse was always Amy's biggest supporter, having tried for years to get her help. Now that she's gone, he's advocating important causes.

Winehouse and Bennett

Winehouse and Bennett, who just turned 85 (!), recorded the pop song in March at London's Abbey Road Studios for Tony's forthcoming Duets II album.

The 27-year-old Winehouse, who famously struggled in recent years with drug and alcohol addiction, was found dead at her London home July 23.

Her cause of death remains inconclusive, but family believes that an abrupt alcohol withdrawal, rather than a drug overdose, was likely to blame.

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If there is a silver lining to be found in the aftermath of Amy Winehouse’s death, it's that a light has shone on the perils of alcohol and drug addition.

To that end, her father and managers are urging politicians to do more for young people across the UK who are struggling to overcome these woes.

Winehouse: Back in St. Lucia

Mitch Winehouse, 60, urged officials to support opening a government-funded treatment center for those citizens who cannot afford private rehab.

Amy and Mitch Winehouse, always her biggest fan and supporter.

"This isn't about Amy because we were in a fortunate position of being able to fund Amy's rehab," he said. "This is about people that can't afford it."

Also accompanying Mitch on his visit to Parliament was recovered addict-turned-addiction specialist Sarah Graham, who told The Guardian this:

“We didn't know [Amy's death] was going to happen, but we hope it will show that addiction is something that can kill people when they are very young."

"We should not wait until it is too late."

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The late Amy Winehouse was readying to adopt a 10-year-old girl from St. Lucia at the time of her death, the girl and her grandmother told a UK paper.

Dannika Augustine says she met Amy during one of her long visits to the Caribbean island over the past couple of years. Amy often went there for R&R.

She says she was living in poverty with her single mom when Winehouse took an interest in her, and that the two remain close from that point on.

Devastated Amy Winehouse

A-Dubs during one of her lengthy stints in St. Lucia.

Dannika tells The Sunday Mirror, "Amy was already my mother."

"I would call her mum and she would call me her daughter. She took care of me and we had fun. I loved her and she loved me ... She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London."

"This is the worst thing that ever happened to me."

This is not a tabloid fabrication. Dannika's grandmother, Marjorie, says she was on board with this plan, and she spoke to Amy a few weeks ago about it.

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In honor of Amy Winehouse, the folks behind this summer's Glee concert movie have released a clip from the film.

The 3D flick will hit theaters on August 12, but the sneak peek below features Naya Rivera belting out Winehouse's “Valerie," while cast members such as Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. dance (incredibly!) all around her.

As for the Glee casting news that seems to change with each producer interview, visit our friends at TV Fanatic for the latest scoop.

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Amy Winehouse's past with drugs was well documented, but despite reports that drugs were to blame for her death, her family feels otherwise.

Instead, they believe a sudden abstinence from alcohol might have been what led to her untimely passing last Saturday at age 27, sources say.

Getting Her Kicks

Winehouse ignored doctors' advice to cut back gradually from her heavy drinking and went cold turkey in the past month, Britain's Sun reports.

Her official cause of death is still inconclusive, but her family believes that this decision simply caused too much of a shock to her fragile system.

"Abstinence gave her body such a fright, they thought it was eventually the cause of her death," says a source of Amy's effort to quit drinking.

Her father, Mitch Winehouse, said in a eulogy at his daughter's funeral that he believed it was the opposite of a bender that took his daughter.

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How's this for irony.

Blake Fielder-Civil, the degenerate many people blame indirectly, if not overtly, for the addiction problems that clearly contributed to the untimely death of Amy Winehouse, says he could have saved his former wife.

He didn't, of course, because he's in jail as usual.

Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse Pic

Blake's dad, Larry Fielder, says his son knew better than anyone the depth of Amy's drug addiction, and had planned to stage an intervention.

When he got out of jail, that is. March 2012 is his scheduled release date, provided he doesn't commit any further crimes while incarcerated.

It's a pretty absurd statement, given that the co-dependent junkies were entirely incapable of helping the other during a turbulent marriage.

Blake believes it, though, and has been crying hysterically in his cell for days, says his current girlfriend, Sarah Aspin, who visited him in jail.

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Reg Traviss, Amy Winehouse's heartbroken boyfriend, says of his grief over the singer's sudden death: "I can't describe what I am going through."

"I want to thank all those who are mourning the loss of Amy - such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love," Traviss told the UK's Sun.

Reg, 35, wept beside fans who paid tribute to the music star outside her North London home, and again today at Amy Winehouse's funeral.

Reg Traviss Picture

Reg Traviss, right, with Amy's father Mitch Winehouse.

Today's service comes after police revealed they will have to wait 2-4 weeks for the results of toxicology tests to establish her cause of death.

A distraught Reg said that contrary to reports of Amy being distraught over their breakup, she had been upbeat and full of life in recent days.

Traviss said Amy had been excitedly choosing clothes to go to a pal's wedding on Sunday. He added: "Amy kept trying to decide what to wear."

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Music executives, former band member, close friends and family gathered Tuesday at a synagogue in Edgware, North London, to mourn Amy Winehouse.

The soulful singer with the beehive, velvety vocals and turbulent personal life took the music world by storm in 2006 with the acclaimed Back to Black.

Tragically, she was never able to overcome her demons and passed away just five years later at age 27. Police found Amy Winehouse dead Saturday.

RIP Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

Her funeral was attended by about 150 people today, including close friend Kelly Osbourne, who wore her hair in Winehouse's signature beehive style.

Mark Ronson, who produced Back to Black, and boyfriend Reg Traviss were also on hand. Not on hand? Ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who's in jail.

No one was more visible this afternoon than her father.

"Goodnight my angel," said Mitch Winehouse, who fought for years to help Amy with addiction. "Sleep tight. Mommy and Daddy love you ever so much."

Sad as the occasion was, there were lighter moments.

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Young British singer Adele, whose album 21 is currently enjoying widespread critical and commercial success, has paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

Adele, like Amy, attended London’s BRIT performing arts school, says the singer, who was found dead Saturday “paved the way for artists like me."

While Winehouse single-handedly "got people excited about British music again,” Adele doesn't think she “ever realised just how brilliant she was.”

Adele's statement, headlined “AMY FLIES IN PARADISE X,” appears below:

  • Winehouse Pic
  • Adele Pic

“not many people have it in them to do something they love, simply because they love it. with no fuss and no compromise. but she knew what she was capable of and didn’t even need to try."

"if she wanted to do something she would and if she didn’t she’d say f— off. it came easy to her and that’s why we all loved her so much."

"we believed every word she wrote, and it would sink in deep when she sang them. Amy paved the way for artists like me and made people excited about british music again whilst being fearlessly hilarious and blase about the whole thing."

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