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Amy Winehouse may sing that "love is a losing game."

But in snaring a great catch in Blake Fielder-Civil, she believes she's emerged a winner.

Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss

The 23-year-old singer and possible future James Bond girl, who married Blake Fielder-Civil last week, raved about her new husband Thursday at Britain's Ivor Novello songwriting awards, where she scored a best contemporary song trophy for "Rehab."

"I had a lovely dress and he looked very handsome," she told reporters of her Miami wedding. "We're not planning a honeymoon. Every day is a honeymoon with Blake. I've married the best man in the world."

Amy Winehouse admitted the wedding was sudden - she and Fielder-Civil, who inspired some of the songs on her album Back to Black after they temporarily broke up, had been engaged for less than a month - but she said simply:

"That's the way I am."

Also the way she is? Walking around with a giant squid on her head.

Fielder-Civil, 23, a music-video assistant, and Winehouse, 23, first began dating two years ago and had only recently resumed their courtship and got engaged.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer introduced "Rehab" on a recent radio appearance by saying:

"Here is a song I wrote when he left me a couple years ago. I wrote the whole album about it, really. We went on our little separate ways, but, then realized that we loved each other. Life's too short."

We fully expect Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to follow this advice, come to their senses and be back in each other's arms any minute.

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Swinging by Starbucks for some coffee, Amy Winehouse apparently needs a little pick-me-up. Which is surprising, seeing that a giant marine cephalopod is affixed to her dome.

The newly married and elaborately-tattooed singer with bad teeth at least has this going for her - she can carry a coffee cup and balance a squid on her head simultaneously.


Let's see Criss Angel try that one!


We were about to ask what the hell Blake Fielder-Civil could have been thinking marrying this weirdo, but then we remembered she's rich and he dodged a prenup, so it makes sense.

Seriously, though. Forget being the next James Bond girl. Winehouse could play the evil, eight-legged villain out to destroy Daniel Craig forever.

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Two words: Heather Mills.

One would think that after bilking Paul McCartney out of nine figures, the digger of gold would inspire every rich person on Earth to make an aspiring spouse ink a prenup.

Wino at Court Hearing

But Amy Winehouse didn't take this to heart.

Reports out of the UK say that the singer and Lily Allen rival, who wed Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami last Friday, ignored the advice of family and friends and refused to draw up a deal to protect her fortune should the couple split.

Now friends claim Blake Fielder-Civil, a music video assistant, has been boasting about his refusal to sign any such agreement.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Blake has been singing, ‘They tried to make me sign a prenup, but I said no, no, no', to the tune of her hit ‘Rehab'. Some people worry he is only after her money."

Come on, Amy. Tom Cruise is insane, and Katie Holmes was already loaded - and even he insisted she sign a deal to safeguard his cash.

The couple - who got engaged only last month - tied the knot in a secret ceremony at Miami's Shore Club hotel, followed by a poolside reception.

Amy wore a short floral-patterned sundress for the surprise wedding, while Blake wore a 50s-style grey suit.

Amy's spokesperson confirmed the wedding, saying:

"Amy and Blake got married on Friday. They are both very happy."

The couple rekindled their romance in April following a split in 2006 and got engaged after an alcohol-fueled night out.

Sounds like something straight out of Britney Spears' playbook.

Amy previously revealed: "He proposed at home and I took a day to finally agree. Obviously we are both young and it is frightening. But it is the right thing to do. That is why I agreed."

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This just in: Amy Winehouse said "Yes, yes, yes!"

The singer married her fiancé, Blake Fielder-Civil, on Friday in Miami Beach, her representative confirmed yesterday.

Shopping in North London

"Amy Winehouse did get married to fiancé Blake Fielder-Civil this morning in a very private, intimate ceremony. They are very happy."

You could say it was ... wait for it... a civil ceremony. Get it!? We are good.

Blake Fielder-Civil, who is duking it out with François-Henri Pinault for most hyphenated and random celebrity husband/fiance of the year, proposed to Winehouse just a few weeks back with a diamond ring from Tiffany.

The 23-year-old "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good" singer, who's rumored to be the next James Bond girl, is currently in Miami shooting a spread for Rolling Stone.

Following the ceremony, the couple celebrated their union with piña coladas and mudslides poolside at the Shore Club before heading to the beach.

"They look so happy and in love," a witness at the hotel said. "She wore shorts and a tank top. They were all over each other."

Think Winehouse hater Lily Allen is jealous?

This concludes the Gossip's three-named celebrity beau news for today. Ryan Piers Williams, boyfriend of America Ferrera, is now on the clock. Hurry up and pop the question, Ryno!

Congratulations to Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil once again.

Shifting gears: In other Blake news, how about that Blake Lewis? That beat-boxing maniac has captured our hearts, whether he wins American Idol or not.

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Lily Allen has shocked some fans by branding herself "fat and ugly" - and "s**tter" than fellow British singing sensation Amy Winehouse.

The "Smile" singer, who last week criticized editors of fashion magazines for perpetuating what she calls the "size zero culture," made an impassioned turnaround on (where else) her MySpace page on Saturday.

What Your Step

She wrote:

"Fat, ugly and s**tter than Amy Winehouse - that is all I am. I'm on my own in America again."

"I used to pride myself on being strong-minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look. I felt like it didn't matter if I was a bit chubby ‘cos I'm not a model, I'm a singer.

"I'm afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine. I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed. I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery and laser liposuction."

In other words, the Star Jones treatment.

Speaking at the launch of her clothing range Lily Loves for British fashion chain New Look last Tuesday, she criticized fashion mags for perpetuating eating disorders, saying "Fashion editors can f**k off."

"Lots of them are responsible for the skinny issue."

"If fashion editors put bigger models in their magazines, then maybe girls wouldn't be sticking their fingers down their throats so much."

That's right, Nicole Richie. You got served.

"It makes me so angry, they should think more about what they're doing to the younger generation."

It would seem Maroon 5's Adam Levine - the man-whore who slept with Jessica Simpson, among many others - agrees with her view, even after he labelled her a ‘A S**t Spewer' recently.

Earlier this year, Allen called U.S. President George W. Bush "an a**ehole and a c**t" and referred to Americans as "backward" - and Levine isn't impressed with the young lady's candid international commentary.

He says, "S**t constantly spews out of her (Allen's) mouth. It's not attractive seeing someone spew s**t out of their mouth."

We feel the same way about Spencer Pratt.

"She's bigger in the UK," Levine continued. "But [here] her words still have some effect. Her talking s**t seems to be embraced."

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According to sources close to producers of the James Bond movies, British singing sensation Amy Winehouse has been offered a role in the next film.

Her fiance, Blake Fielder-Civil, is probably thrilled.

Drunk as a Skunk

The film's producer, Barbara Broccoli, is reportedly keen on seeing Amy opposite Daniel Craig, even though Craig has stated (half seriously) that he'd like to see the next James Bond be gay.

Satsuki Mitchell had no comment on that statement.

Craig won rave reviews for his portrayal of the uber-cool British spy in Casino Royale last year, which featured a classic, retro feel different than the more recent Bond flicks.

A source said, "[Amy Winehouse] is perfect for the role because she's the embodiment of the retro glamour of the original movies."

No word on whether Lily Allen is also in the running, or whether Bond will be forced to save his latest love interest from anorexia and DUI arrests.

We have faith in the producers to make the right call on this one. If there's one thing we've learned in our 11 months of covering celebrity gossip, it's that you always trust someone named Barbara Broccoli.

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Singer Amy Winehouse is engaged to boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil, a source close to the singer has confirmed.

Fielder-Civil - a 23-year old gofer for music videos that may now need to compete with François-Henri Pinault for most famous, hyphenated fiance - proposed earlier this week with a diamond ring from Tiffany.


"I'm a very lucky girl to have found someone I love so much," Winehouse, 23, told the U.K.'s The Sun newspaper, flashing her ring.

"I hope to be with him for the rest of my life. We haven't set a date yet or anything like that."

That's ok. They can't expect to be as far along as Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, the lovely couple that's set to marry on July 7.

Wines and Fielder-Civil first started dating two and a half years ago, and Winehouse â€" who told People magazine in March that she has "12 or 13 tattoos ... I haven't counted" â€" promptly tattooed his name above one of her boobs.

The pair later split because Fielder-Civil was also in another relationship â€" an experience that inspired Winehouse to write the track "Tears Dry On Their Own" on her album Back to Black.

Earlier this year, Winehouse split with her boyfriend of nearly a year, chef Alex Claire. A month ago, she and Fielder-Civil got back together. It all sounds almost as healthy as the relationship between Alec Baldwin and his daughter, Ireland.

Winehouse told The Sun: "He proposed at home a few days ago and I took a day to finally agree. Obviously we are both young and it is frightening. But it is the right thing to do. That is why I agreed."

Such passionate, loving words. The father of Britney Spears speaks nicer about his daughter than Amy seems to about her fiance here. These kids should have a great life together.

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