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For the first time since the arrest of her husband, Blake Fielder-Civl, Amy Winehouse performed Wednesday in a controversial comeback that resulted in her storming off stage after being booed by the audience, the BBC reports.

Sporting a shiny silver top, short black skirt and trademark beehive, Amy Winehouse, 24, slurred her words and was a tad unsteady on her feet, but made it through "Back to Black," "Tears Dry on Their Own" and "Rehab."

A Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse Photo

The troubled, wobbly chanteuse dedicated her song "Wake Up Alone" to the embattled Blake Fielder-Civil, who is currently in a London prison awaiting trial on charges of witness tampering.

"This is for my husband," Amy Winehouse said on stage.

As disgruntled fans headed for the exits, Amy Winehouse announced
: "To them people booing, wait 'til my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that."

Her closing number, a cover of The Zutons' "Valerie," descended into chaos when she stopped singing, dropped the microphone and walked off stage.

"When she did sing she sounded phenomenal," one fan, Zoe Giorgio, told the BBC, "but she was not ready to be on stage. She was weak, so vulnerable."

The gig marked the first night of the troubled singer's 17-date U.K. tour. In August, Amy Winehouse canceled her summer shows amid reports of her own drug and alcohol abuse. She and Blake Fielder-Civil married earlier this year.

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Police raided Amy Winehouse's London home and later arrested four men - including her husband - in the operation, according to news sources.

The troubled singer was not arrested, and police did not reveal why her house was targeted but noted, "Investigations are ongoing."

What Your Step

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service were seen entering the back of Amy Winehouse's residence in northwest London.

Amy Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, were not believed to be in the home at the time the raid went down. However, Fielder-Civil was arrested and led off in handcuffs by plainclothes police later that day.

The four unidentified men ages 19-25 were arrested at addresses in East London on allegations of perverting the course of justice, police said.

A police spokesman would not mention Blake Fielder-Civil by name, and said only: "We arrested four men, two of them 25 years old, one 22 and one 19, in connection with an allegation of perverting the course of justice."

Blake Fielder-Civil goes on trial Monday on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, over allegations he and another man beat up James King, a bartender. Police did not say why the alleged assault took place.

The Mirror said it had tipped off police after it received evidence there may have been an attempt to pay witnesses to change their stories.

Earlier Thursday evening, police crashed into her North London house with crowbars. A spokesman for Amy Winehouse said the singer had no comment.

Officials say an accusation of perverting the course of justice, like the grievous bodily harm charge itself, could carry a potential life sentence for Blake Fielder-Civil.

Amy Winehouse, who achieved fame last year with the hit single "Rehab" about her own refusing drug and alcohol treatment, has been dogged by allegations of substance abuse, no-shows at concerts and (to say the least) erratic behavior.

She, Blake Fielder-Civil and a mutual friend were arrested just last month in Norway for possessing cannabis and paid a fine

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Emerging from her cavernous lair, a surprisingly sober Amy Winehouse took care of some errands in her London neighborhood on Monday. See below ...

Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse: Another day, another overdose waiting to happen.

Last week, Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, made headlines referring to her as a bulimic drug addict and blaming her husband of half a year, Blake Fielder-Civil, for nudging Amy down that road. Fielder-Civil's parents have also been openly critical of the seemingly always drugged-up British couple.

That hasn't stopped Amy Winehouse from accumulating accolades. She just took home the Artists' Choice award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich.

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Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, has been publicly critical of her partying ways before. But now he's revealed in a new interview that while Amy has scaled back the boozing, but she has much bigger problems to deal with.

The gist: Mitch says his daughter suffers from bulimia.

"She's not drinking as heavily now as she was then actually, but there are other problems. The other problem is the bulimia which is still apparent," Mitch said.

"Although she's put on about a stone in weight since the summer, it's still affecting her health and there are problems with substance abuse as well."

Healthy Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse: Stopping off for some quality food.

"She's eating, although the eating disorder hasn't been fully addressed," her father continued. "If you look at [Amy Winehouse pics] in August and see her now you will see a marked change for the better. But it's a change for the better, it isn't a cure."

Mitch also said that Amy Winehouse only turned into a habitual user of hard drugs after marrying Blake Fielder-Civil earlier this year.

"She was a complete opponent of doing hard drugs - in fact, she got up and said she couldn't understand why people in the music industry took hard drugs and that all changed about six months ago when she got married to Blake."

Marriage will do that to you. Although she really ought to quit the McDonald's ... that's much worse for your heart than Blake Fielder-Civil could ever be.

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- Chace rollin' solo style? Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was spotted hitting up New York nightspot Butter ... without a certain someone. While many in the club wondered if his "friend" Carrie Underwood would show up, the young star, sporting a suit and skinny black tie, instead was seen with a different blonde.

- At the same club, one of the regulars, Diddy, kept a low profile, then chatted it up with another Butter mainstay, Jay-Z. The hip-hop moguls seemed to enjoy the mix of music (which was, conveniently, heavy on the Jay-Z hits).

Wino in St. Lucia

- Across town, Natalie Portman was seen rocking out at the Band of Thieves concert with a male friend (likely Nathan Bogle) in tow. "It looked like they were roaming around the East Village and wanted to hear some new music," says an onlooker.

- As her beleaguered European tour rolls on, a still-living Amy Winehouse took a pre-concert cruise around the tattoo parlors of Paris' Pigalle neighborhood with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. The couple gawked at the Moulin Rouge cabaret and shared a kiss before making a stop at the L'Académie des Billiards.

- In Berlin to film the thriller The International, Naomi Watts stepped out with Liev Schreiber for supper at Sagrantino wine bar. Bor-ring.

- Okay, so this isn't exactly club news (or club news at all), but we love Mary-Louise Parker, who was seen working out with her trainer at Equinox in New York. They were doing weight training and work with a yoga ball. According to an onlooker, the actress "looked stunning... even in her gym clothes and no makeup."

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Singer Amy Winehouse has admits that her trouble with drugs almost killed her - and credits husband Blake Fielder-Civil with keeping her alive.

"I really thought it was over for me then," Winehouse recanted to the German news magazine Stern, referring to the night in August when a bloody melee left her hospitalized. "My husband Blake saved me. He brought me to the hospital."

The "Rehab" pop star canceled several performances after being hospitalized for what her rep described at the time as "exhaustion." Blake Fielder-Civil had rushed the singer to a central London medical center.

Within the month, Amy Winehouse's in-laws opened up about the mad hospital dash, and their daughter-in-law's problems with substance abuse.

"We are in hell," Georgette Fielder-Civil said. He added "People who take drugs don't care about other people but only care about their next fix."

Interviewed in Hamburg prior to a concert there last week, Amy Winehouse found the German reporter staring at the scars on her arms.

"Those are wounds, old wounds. You know. I wasn't well then, in August," Amy Winehouse said. But when the reporter asked if she was now clean of drugs, she snapped: "That's none of your business." Alright, then.

Amy and Blake: Just Hangin' Out

Just days later, the couple were arrested in Norway on October 18 for alleged drug possession. Guess old habits really do die hard for this crazy young pair.

Amy Winehouse also admitted the haze that life has become for her.

"Lots of times I have no idea what I'm doing. Not until the next day do I have any memory," she said. "Blake tells me later what happened. And then I'm ashamed."

Amy Winehouse said she's shocked at the situations she gets into - and says Blake Fielder-Civil often tells her what happened after the fact.

"I recently saw a picture of me when I got out of the hospital. I didn't even recognize myself," she said. "I believe that the pain makes me feel alive. Being willing to suffer for something means that I'm not just apathetic about them."

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In an absolutely stunning celebrity news item, Amy Winehouse was arrested for marijuana possession Thursday in Norway, police in Bergen confirm.

Authorities, acting on a tip "from a good source," arrested the 24-year-old singer, husband Blake Fielder-Civil and a male member of her touring party at around 6 p.m. in Bergen's Radisson SAS Hotel, a police source says.

Wino at Court Hearing

They found .25 ounces of marijuana in the singer's room.

The three were held for about 12 hours in separate cells, fined and then released. Winehouse and Fielder-Civil paid a 500 euro ($714) fine.

The member of her touring party, Alexander Foden, who creates hairpieces for Amy Winehouse, paid a 350 euro ($500) penalty.

"She paid the fine and she was released," a police source was quoted as saying. She and Blake Fielder-Civil were "very cooperative. It's over."

The scandal-plagued singer was hospitalized back on August 8 and treated for exhaustion, the start of a roller-coaster ride of canceled commitments.

Heck, even her parents and in-laws have publicly told her to get off drugs.

All of her U.S. appearances have been postponed until 2008.

The arrest also comes after Amy Winehouse had a shaky start to her European tour October 15 in Berlin. She tripped and staggered on stage and forgot the first few lines of the cover she did of "Valerie," by British band The Zutons.

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There are few times, as a celebrity gossip site, when celebrities leave you at a loss for words. But that's where Amy Winehouse leaves us. There is so little we can add when photos of this talented singer and train wreck.

Just the same, we're happy to post them for your enjoyment and puzzlement. And to celebrate the joyous fact that Amy Winehouse and her equally insane husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, have defied the odds in surviving another day in this world.

Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse Picture

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil: Shopping? Sporting mouth grillz?

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With Halloween a few weeks away, The Hollywood Gossip is here to help with potential costume ideas. Here's one of our interns in a spooky Amy Winehouse getup!

Where Am I?

Just kidding! That's Amy Winehouse herself!

But come on, how scary would this be on October 31!? Especially with that makeup and the nice touches of industrial size hair clips and hickey! Boo!

Extra points go to couples who dress up as Amy and Blake Fielder-Civil and attend a party together. Preferably while shooting up in between the toes.

In reality, the 24-year-old was snapped in London, looking her usual self, after stopping off for another gourmet meal... at McDonald's.

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If you have not yet seen Amy Winehouse's performance at the MOBO Awards this week in London, we recommend that you do, because it's hilarious.

If you're a user of drugs living in the United Kingdom, you'll probably want to call your dealer ASAP because supply is probably going to be a lot tighter soon.

Amy and Blake: Just Hangin' Out

Seriously, watch Amy Winehouse butcher "Tears Dry On Their Own" and "Me and Mr. Jones" and you'll see that "bad" doesn't even begin to cover it.

But you won't just want to laugh, as you would Britney Spears' VMA disaster. You'll want to start an Amy Winehouse Time of Death pool in your office.


Above: Amy Winehouse at the MOBO Awards. Or is it Britney Spears at the VMAs?

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