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The family of Amy Winehouse is selling the home in London's Camden neighborhood where the singer lived, struggled and ultimately died last summer.

"It is with regret that we have to sell Amy's house in Camden Square," her father, Mitch, tweeted today. "It is empty and costing a fortune to secure it."

The property, where Amy lived until her death at home on July 23, 2011, has become a meeting ground for mourners and fans of the "Rehab" singer.

Amy Winehouse Steps Out

"Amy and I both worked on the house and she loved it so much," her father added. "I hope a lovely family buys it as it is so full of love. Mitch."

The three-bedroom house was originally earmarked as the headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity set up by her parents.

However, family spokesman Chris Goodman said in a statement that the family staying in the house now was neither practical nor appropriate.

"It was not practical to keep it empty while paying the costs of its upkeep," he said, adding that the family was leaving it "with great regret."

Amy's former home - purchased for $2.79 a few years ago - is currently on the market with an asking price of approximately $4.2 million.

What economic downturn? Maybe it has more cachet now ... although you wonder if everything that happened within those walls is net positive.

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The late Amy Winehouse's estate, worth an estimated $4.66 million, will go to her parents in its entirety, as will residuals from any posthumous earnings.

Her ex-hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, jailed for a burglary committed to pay for his drug habit (which some feel he passed on to Amy), will get nary a cent.

Sucks to be him in so many ways.

Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil Cuddle

According to probate documents, because the late diva did not have a will, her dad, Mitch Winehouse, will serve as the administrator of all her assets.

Mitch also heads the newly-created Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The star passed away at age 27 at her London home July 23, 2011. A coroner later determined Amy Winehouse's cause of death was accidental alcohol poisoning.

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Amy Winehouse's life had more than its share of controversy. In death, she is no different, as the coroner's inquest into her demise is coming under scrutiny.

British officials are currently investigating the coroner in charge of conducting the singer's medical examination and whether he was unqualified for the job.

There's a chance the investigation into Amy's cause of death could be reopened as a result. Not a strong chance, but a possibility. The reason being?

RIP Amy Winehouse

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway declared Amy Winehouse's cause of death a "misadventure" or unintended consequence of accidental alcohol poisoning.

The judgment was accepted and everything seemed to have been done by the books. However, Greenaway resigned from her job shortly thereafter.

It emerged that she failed to meet the standards required for coroner appointments: she logged just two-and-a-half of the necessary five years required.

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Designer Jean Paul Gaultier paid homage to Amy Winehouse's unique style at his Paris runway show earlier this week. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Wrong, if you're the late singer's father, Mitch Winehouse.

"We don't support the Jean Paul Galtier [sic] collection. It is in poor taste," the elder Winehouse tweeted, incensed at his daughter's image being used to sell clothes.

The Late Amy Winehouse

"The family was upset to see those pictures. They were a total shock," he told The Sun.

"We're still grieving, and we've had a difficult week with the six-month anniversary of Amy's death." Mitch said Gaultier's show portrayed "a view of Amy when she was not at her best, [glamorizing] some of the more upsetting times in her life."

Mitch felt it inappropriate to try and cash in on his daughter's legacy.

"To see her image lifted wholesale to sell clothes was a wrench we were not expecting or consulted on. We're proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste."

He wasn't the only harsh critic of the celebrity fashion designer.

Kelly Osbourne, a close friend of Amy Winehouse, also Tweeted in response: "Although @JPGaultier was paying homage to my friend and icon to the world, I found it to be lucratively selfish and distasteful. Exploitation=evil."


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Amy Winehouse's life, while tragic, would make an amazing movie.

The rise to stardom, the drugs, the disaster that is Blake Fielder-Civil, the late night melees and most of all the music ... it'd be brilliant if the right woman played her.

Rumors are swirling that Lady Gaga herself covets that very role. And better yet, Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, supposedly gave his stamp of approval on the casting:

  • Tea With Gaga
  • Winehouse Pic

"I have heard Lady Gaga is keen to play Amy in a film," the elder Winehouse is quoted as telling the U.K.'s Mirror. "I don't know what her English accent is like."

"It's not just an English accent she would have to perfect - it's an English-Cockney-Jewish accent so she better start practicing now. But she would be great."

When this triggered a firestorm of speculation, Mitch later walked it back.

"I never said Lady Gaga will play Amy in film," Mitch himself Tweeted, later claiming that his daughter's story "will never be told in film," and adding: "It would hardly be a biopic without the music and we'd never allow the songs to be released."

Really? Not even a few years down the line? It'd be great, Mitch. Think about it. Speaking of Winehouse's music, her new album was released last week.

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Amy Winehouse's final, posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will officially hit stores tomorrow. The new album cover has been unveiled ahead of the release.

Like her Back to Black art, it's understated with a classic feel.

The cover is vintage Amy Winehouse, with her trademark beehive, '60s style winged black eyeliner and tattoos, her eyes downcast in a vulnerable, melancholy state ...

Amy Winehouse Lioness Album Cover

The photo, taken by singer Bryan Adams of all people in 2007, is subtle and tasteful, to be expected given that the album has received the Winehouse family's blessing.

In related news, the printed chiffon Disaya-designed dress the late star wore for the cover of Back to Black, the Grammy-winning 2006 smash, has been auctioned.

Proceeds from the sale - $68,000 by a Chilean music museum, randomly - will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, as will money made her new album sales.

Amy Winehouse Back to Black Album Cover

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

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A new song off Amy Winehouse's posthumous, upcoming album has been released, and it is beautiful, conjuring up the best possible memories of the late chanteuse.

Her voice, her style, her raw ability - it's all on display and then some, which is a pleasant surprise. Often times, these types of albums fall well short of expectations.

Not here. The cover of Ruby and the Romantics' 1963 song "Our Day Will Come," which she recorded back in 2002 but never released, is vintage Amy Winehouse.

Her third album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, drops December 5. If this soft, sultry track is any indication of what the full record is like, it might be a must-have:

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A posthumous album from Amy Winehouse will soon be released.

Island Records' Lioness: Hidden Treasures, featuring 12 tracks of previously unreleased and rare recordings from the late chanteuse, is coming December 5.

At an emotional family gathering last week, the singer's dad, Mitch Winehouse, wept as he listened to the music, some of which he had never heard before.

Amy Winehouse Lioness Album Cover

"It wasn't until I sat down with the rest of the family and listened to this album that I fully appreciated the breadth of Amy's talent," says Mitch Winehouse.

"From jazz standards to hip-hop songs, it really took my breath away," her grieving dad said in a statement. "I never realized what a true genius she was."

Coming from her biggest fan, that's saying something.

Winehouse never released another album after her 2006 smash Back to Black, but recorded plenty of unreleased material from which her label might choose.

The new album apparently includes one track written while she was on drugs, according to the Sun, as well as a song about a cheating Blake Fielder-Civil.

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The mystery of what caused the death of Amy Winehouse has been solved.

Her family's claim that drugs were not found in her system were correct; Other reports that she died of a seizure brought on by detoxing now appear less valid.

Amy Winehouse's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit when she passed away, directly resulting in her death, according to the coroner.

Lucid Wino

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

Winehouse died as a direct result of alcohol over-consumption, Suzanne Greenaway said, describing the final days of the 27-year-old a "death by misadventure."

Noting that Amy voluntarily pounded an extraordinary amount of liquor in the hours before she died on July 23, her death was accidental, but by her own hand.

Amy's family released this statement on the findings:

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Amy Winehouse's official death report, containing both highly personal and confidential information, was mailed to a random stranger instead of her family.

Must have been quite a surprise for the London resident who, as far as anybody can tell, has no connection to the late singer, who died this summer.

At least this stranger seems to have been an honest one: The material was turned in to a London police station. Still ... how the heck did that happen?

What a Boob

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police explained the mix-up, saying that the paperwork was simply delivered to the wrong address, per The Guardian.

"Police were informed on Friday that material relating to a forthcoming inquest may have been delivered to an incorrect address," the spokesman said.

"On Friday evening, material was handed in at a north London police station. Inquiries are underway to establish the full circumstances of this matter."

The singer was found dead July 23 and toxicology tests had confirmed no drugs were found in her system at the time of her death, but alcohol was.

"Results indicate that alcohol was present, but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death," the Winehouse family said in a statement.

An inquest into Amy Winehouse's cause of death death is due to reopen this Wednesday after the initial postmortem exam proved inconclusive.

Amy Winehouse Biography

Amy Winehouse Smokes Amy Winehouse is talented British singer and train wreck. This R&B / soul crooner, who's perhaps best known for her songs "Rehab" and... More »
Southgate, London, England
Full Name
Amy Jade Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Quotes

Gorgeous as f-ck. You seen him before?

Amy Winehouse [on how Blake Fielder-Civil is doing in jail]

I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad.

Amy Winehouse
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