Amy Polumbo is Miss New Jersey. She's a 22-year old student from Howell NJ, and a student at Wagner University majoring in drama. Someone...

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Antonella Barba nude photos caused an uproar on American Idol. So, if there's anyone who knows what Amy Polumbo has gone through, it's this fellow New Jersey beauty.

The former American Idol sixth-season semifinalist has decided to offer some advice to her fellow Garden Stater. And, like someone might tell Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo nude the next time they wanna get it on in a hot tub, the general refrain is this: don't.

"I used to say 'Cover your tracks,' but it really should be, 'Don't make tracks that need to be covered,'" Barba told The Associated Press on Thursday.

"Once anything is online, it's free reign."

That's true. Celebrity gossip blogs are like sharks in bloodied water when it comes to naked pics of beautiful people.

Earlier this month, Polumbo revealed that someone was trying to blackmail her into resigning her crown by threatening to release Katie Rees-likephotos that she had previously posted on her Facebook social networking page.

Although Polumbo acknowledged that some of the photos showed her "not in a ladylike manner," none of the photos featured nudity, most were quite lame and the Miss New Jersey pageant board to decided not take away Polumbo's crown.

"I feel so bad for [Polumbo]," Barba told The AP. "I've been in the same situation she's been in. It disgusts me, people's interest in the dirt and trying to bring somebody down."

But Antonella Barba has risen above it.

She is currently taking summer class at Catholic University, with the goal to graduate from the Washington, D.C.-area school with her friends next spring. She wants to do something to stop naked pictures from being exposed to easily.

"We just want to prevent this from happening to someone else," Barba said.

But then how would Lucy Pinder make a living, Antonella? For some women, all they have is their body.

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No Amy Polumbo nude? No loss of crown.

That's the conclusion reached by pageant officials, after the supposedly lewd photos of Miss New Jersey were revealed yesterday.

"I am allowed to make mistakes and move forward," Polumbo told People magazine.

The five-member Miss New Jersey board determined in a closed-door meeting in Ocean City, N.J., that racy photos sent to them were no reason to dethrone this winner. That may be due to the fact that the pics had nothing at all on Antonella Barba nude shots or anything Katie Rees does before breakfast.

One picture, which Polumbo revealed on the Today show yesterday, showed her boyfriend biting her breast through her shirt. Another picture showed Polumbo sitting with her legs spread wide apart, but looking nothing like Garcelle Beauvais in Playboy; Amy's clothes were on.

A blackmailer pulled the photos from Polumbo's private Facebook page and sent them to Miss America and Miss New Jersey officials with a note threatening to make them public unless the crown was relinquished."

They were there from the last four years of college. They were meant to be between my friends and I for memories," she said. "I never ever would have thought that someone would want to do something like this to me."

But people are cruel, Amy. Look at what they say about Simon Monjack.

The New Jersey attorney general is investigating who sent the pictures and a note claiming to be from "The Committee To Save Miss America."

"I think they are a miserable person," says Polumbo of the people or person responsible. "I am praying for them."

She also said dismissed any suggestion that revealing the photos was a publicity stunt, something to get the name Amy Polumbo spread across celebrity gossip sites everywhere.

"Absolutely not," she said. "I never thought my actions fighting against this blackmailer would lead to all of this. I've been stressed out, I am emotionally and physically exhausted from this experience. This was not a publicity stunt."

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Really? These were the Amy Polumbo pictures someone tried to blackmail Miss New Jersey with? This is what all the celebrity gossip buzz was over?

Shemar Moore has done worse just walking on a beach.

On the Today show, Polumbo sat down with Matt Lauer and calmly explained the motivation behind each of the tame photos below. While the beauty queen is drinking alcohol in some of the pictures, she says she was over 21 at the time they were taken.

Yawn. Where are the Katie Rees nude-like pics when you need them?

Even the one photo that would seem a bit racy is harmless enough; that's the boyfriend of Amy Polumbo biting her breast. Nevertheless, Amy felt the need to defend herself:

"It's not in a lady-like manner... But I am not a robot [like Katie Holmes]. I am human being." Of the blackmail incident, she added: "I feel sick to my stomach."

Don't worry about it. Like Vanessa Minnillo nude in front of her man, Nick Lachey, none of this is a big deal.

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While the details of allegedly racy Amy Polumbo photos are still unknown, Miss New Jersey pageant officials are giving the green light to the reign of this beauty queen.

Three of the pageant's five board members told The New York Post yesterday they've examined secretly mailed pictures of Polumbo (taken from and sent by a group calling itself "The Committee to Save Miss America") and don't believe they're offensive.

As long as Polumbo had nothing to do with the vulgar captions that made Katie Rees look tame by comparison - and is not in violation of her contract - the three said they're on her side.

"They weren't bad at all, but the captions on the pictures were hurtful," said board secretary Mark Soifer.

We wonder what they could say. Amy Polumbo nude, getting it on! Naked Amy Polumbo does six guys at once! The possibilities are endless.

The trustees are set to meet tomorrow in Ocean City and decide Polumbo's fate. There's a good chance that, like Tara Conner, this crown holder will continue to represent her state and the country.

And why wouldn't she be able to? Too much is made of people getting naked and having fun, as Nick Lachey pointed out. It's typically rather harmless.

Board President Nancy Johnson basically agreed, as she described the photos as "college theater kids" just "doing the silly things they do."

That does get our mind racing, of course. We wonder if Jennifer Toof was involved.

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Amy Polumbo, the blackmailed beauty queen being terrorized by an anonymous nemesis, says the pics in question don't show her drinking underage, nor are they nude photos, nor do they show anything that would disgrace her.

None of that explains why, as Matt Lauer inquired this morning on Today, why she won't just release the photos and rid herself of the blackmail?

Amy Polumbo didn't know quite what to say to that, but characterized the snaps as "normal college girl" stuff and dismissed their salaciousness.

Does that mean dressing up for Halloween parties? Girl on girl action? Anything different than we see in our gallery of celebrity photos on a daily basis?

We have absolutely no idea.

Meanwhile, her mom tells the New York Daily News that the rumors about her boozing underage are "lies," but says Polumbo will discuss the pics with Miss America officials.

Claims that a blackmailer has sent Miss New Jersey nude photos showing raunchy behavior and drinking underage are "nothing but lies," the beauty queen's outraged mom said.

After making the rounds on the morning interview shows, Amy Polumbo plans will meet with the New Jersey Chapter of the Miss America Pageant Thursday to discuss whether or not the pictures show her committing any unseemly behavior.

Anthony Caruso, the lawyer for Amy Polumbo, said Saturday the 22-year-old had received a second threatening package from a blackmailer.

Neither would disclose what the threat entailed exactly, but they said the photos show no nudity, drug use, drinking or other behavior that could cost Polumbo her crown.

Borrring. Show us the pics! We've seen Katie Rees go wild and heard about Tara Conner and Katie Blair making out. With each other! Come on. Inquiring minds want to know!

Amy Polumbo's mother, Jennifer Wagner, vehemently denies the New York Post story suggesting her daughter had been "caught" with her boyfriend while still a teenager.

"No, no! There was no underage drinking [in the photo]," Wagner said. "The New York Post lied. They printed nothing but lies."

Suuuure thing. Just like they "lied" about the whole Joslyn Noel Morse - Alex Rodriguez - Cynthia Rodriguez "Stray-Rod" scandal. These people are just doing their jobs!

Ronica Liccia, who's first in line to take over the tiara of Amy Polumbo, should she be stripped (ooh), denied any involvement in the scandal.

She and other runners-up said they hadn't been interviewed. But Samantha Hahn, 22, said she'd be more than willing to talk to cops, "especially if it helps Amy and her family."

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If Alex Rodriguez can hit home runs in the face of his affair with Joslyn Noel Morse, while his wife Cynthia Rodriguez looks on in an obscenity-laced shirt, Amy Polumbo can overcome the latest scandal to embroil a beauty queen.

And that's exactly what this beauty is doing.

Just crowned Miss New Jersey last month, Amy Polumbo is being threatened by someone who claims to have Katie Rees-like pictures of this beauty getting drunk and naked.

This loser is blackmailing Amy, telling her to forfeit the crown or have her giant boobs and other body parts exposed for the world to see.

But Amy Polumbo isn't taking such a threat lying down!

Holding a press conference that was far more impressive than the one Tara Conner put together months back, this Jersey girl said she would not give in to any demands.

"Being crowned as Miss New Jersey is a dream come true. But that dream has now turned into a nightmare. I am presently the victim of blackmail and possible extortion," she began. "It would certainly be easier for me to simply succumb to these unlawful and immoral threats, and quietly disappear."

But that won't happen. We commend Amy Polumbo for taking a strong stance.

It's one thing when Amanda Beard nude pics get publicized because she posed for those; it's quite another when an innocent beauty queen is blackmailed simply because she had a fun, naked night out with friends.

This development might cause celebrity gossip readers to wonder, though: What's in the beer water in New Jersey? Remember, Antonella Barba also hails from that state. And need we remind you about that photo scandal?

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