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Two American Idol contestants that are rumored to make the final 24 of this year's competition have one thing in common: a background in modeling.

Amy Davis, for example, has appeared in ads for Wild Turkey Liquor, Vonage and an assortment of other companies. As her modeling biography also states, Davis has served as the lead singer for a band called 6th Element, as well as a Pink Floyd tribute band called Echoes of Pompei.

Then there's JoAnne Borgella.

This plus-sized model actually won the 2005 reality show Mo'Nique's Fat Chance. She may attract a different sort of audience than Davis, but both contestants will be relying on more than just looks when fans pick up their phones.

They better be able to carry a tune.

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Last night's American Idol was billed as the "best of the rest." So we expected a handful of solid singers, many of whom would move on to Hollywood and even a few that have already been named as part of this season's final 24, according to our American Idol spoilers.

We weren't disappointed.

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A quartet of contestants that auditioned last night are rumored to make it far this season. We've highlighted a pair below:

Danny Noriega: This talent advanced to Hollywood last season, but was never heard from again. He hopes to be singing a different tune this year... literally! Danny admitted that nerves were his worst enemy a season ago, so check out his audition now to see if he's conquered those skittish demons:


Amy Davis: Might she be this year's Antonella Barba? No, not because we've heard anything about Davis' oral skills outside of singing, but because she's a certified hottie! The former Nashville Star contestant can carry a tune, we guess, but her past modeling photos have us too distracted to tell.

Also advancing to Hollywood after last night: Chikezie Eze and Joanne Borgella.

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Amy Davis is from Cedar Lake, Indiana. She's performed in a band for years and was even a second-round qualifier for Nashville Star. Some... More »
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