Amy Alexandra was booted from Big Brother 8. But that hasn't stopped the Brit from making a sex tape.

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Amy Alexandra didn't last very long on Big Brother 8 this year. She was booted off the British version of this reality show in just two weeks.

Following in the naked footsteps of countrywoman Keeley Hazell nude, however, Alexandra simply has more time to promote her sex tape now. And she isn't shying away from doing so.

News of the World has posted an extensive article detailing the video this former Big Brother contestant has released. Far from a rumored sexual romp - such as the rumbling of a Lauren Conrad sex tape - this footage is quite real.

On camera, Alexadra is as open as other British babes, such as Lucy Pinder and Gemma Atkinson. She talks about how she:

  • CRAVES wild sex outdoors and in unusual locations.
  • DEVOURS men in her kitchen as she cooks dinner for them.
  • LOVES hosting LESBIAN slumber parties at her house.
  • SHOWERS with "guests" in her plush wood-lined bathroom at home.

Just 21, Amy appears to have more of a sexual appetite than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined.

"I've had sex on the top of a multi-storey car park, but I'm hoping to add quite a few more to that list of strangest places I've done it," she says. "I do love a good hot steamy shower with a guy. So I think my ideal fantasy would be to get hot and steamy in an amazing waterfall somewhere in the rain forest, surrounded by all the flowers and animals."

Amy Alexandra: The latest reality star with a sex tape.

Alexandra also makes it clear that she doesn't reserve her giant boobs (30DD) solely for men. When her girlfriends come over: "We get really dressed up - make sure we're looking sexy - and we go out for a night on the town.

"Occasionally a bit of fun happens when we get back. But that's for us to know and you to wonder about."

Sounds to us like the sexual gauntlet has been laid down to other reality TV contestants that have put out sex tapes. Hear that, Jennifer Toof? Your escapades sound almost harmless now compared to all Amy Alexadra admits to.

Same for you, Olivia Mojica. You're gonna have to get seriously hardcore in order to earn the title of Raunchiest Reality Star.

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Amy Alexandra was booted from Big Brother 8. But that hasn't stopped the Brit from making a sex tape. More »
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