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After more than two months behind bars, Amber Portwood is a free woman.

Sort of.

The Teen Mom star, who had been locked up for drug possession and probation violations galore, was released only after the halfway house where she was supposed to complete a drug treatment program apparently refused to accept her.


According to sources, people at the transitional home - Sister 2 Sister Ministries - thinks Amber Portwood is too much of a risk and embodies too much negative energy.

She would be unlikely to benefit from its program, in other words. So she was denied, and since no other program will take her the judge decided to release her.

With an electronic monitoring bracelet. Classy.

Amber's not out of the woods yet, either. The judge will still require her to apply for residency at another home, although that process could take several months.

Until then, she will remain under home confinement. Until a different drug treatment program accepts her, at least she'll be home. And unable to leave her home.

At least Gary Shirley can visit. Actually, maybe that's not the best idea.

Will Amber Portwood end up back in jail?


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Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is considering NOT taking a plea deal because it would effectively end her reality TV career, according to reports.

Amber is supposed to be released from jail into the care of a halfway house this week after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

She may end up changing her plea, however, so she can continue shooting Teen Mom as much as possible, sources tell E! News. Why on Earth ...

Clueless Amber

Portwood, who faces up to five years in jail if she violates probation, is not going to change her plea because she wants to sit in a cell instead.

It is true, though, that the drug court that's allowing Portwood to rehabilitate at the halfway house has ordered the facility not to allow cameras.

For Amber Portwood, this is a very big deal.

Last week, she said she had been under the impression that she would be allowed to live with her grandparents and film Teen Mom while fulfilling the terms of her sentence (counseling, regular check-ins with the court, etc.).

Being ordered to a halfway house caught her by surprise.

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Amber Portwood's Teen Mom career may have just come to an end.

An Indiana judge just handed down a tough sentence on the reality star, who's been in more legal hot water than we can even summarize in this space.

In court to deal with the fallout of a recent drug arrest and repeated probation violations, Amber reached a plea deal that keeps her out of the slammer.

Barely. That's about all the tough judge was willing to grant her.

Sad Amber Portwood Photo

After completing rehab, Amber Portwood has been ordered to live in a halfway house for up to THREE YEARS and get a court approved 9-to-5 job five days a week.

In case there were any confusion, Teen Mom does not qualify.

The judge also banned Amber from taping anything at the halfway house, at her job or while appearing in court ... so it's not like she can film in her "free" time.

Portwood is also not allowed to tape anything while hanging out with any other girls who also live at the halfway house. There's clearly a point being made here.

The judge reached out to MTV, and the network assured the court that it would not sue Amber Portwood for breaking her contract because of the sentencing.

Short story, they're planning on moving on from her story. Given all that's unfolded since she gained notoriety from Teen Mom, that's probably not a bad thing.

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Amber Portwood was close to going to jail yesterday, but copped a plea that allows the Teen Mom train wreck to enter a rehab program rather than do hard time.

An Indiana judge agreed to a deal that allows Portwood to enter rehab instead of jail, where she could have been sentenced up to five years for various offenses.

Amber's woes stem from a December 2011 arrest for drug possession, a class D felony, and probation violation. She previously pleaded guilty to all charges.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

The plea deal does not afford Amber Portwood a chance to make good and get her act together, but it does not offer the 22-year-old an immediate, no-strings out.

She has been locked up since December and could spend two more weeks in custody, during which time an evaluation by the Drug Court team will be conducted.

Once accepted into the rehabilitation program, Amber will be released from jail and admitted into rehab. She'll be expected to complete it and stay clean, or else.

Portwood arrived in court wearing an orange-and-white striped jumpsuit, shackled at the hands and feet, to hear the judge's approval of her rehab plea deal.

Let's see you top that, Jenelle Evans.

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Maligned Teen Mom all-star Amber Portwood has copped a plea in her probation case and will not be sentenced to five years in prison ... at least not yet.

In jail since before Christmas awaiting trial for felony drug possession case, Ambs cut a deal Friday to avoid spending the foreseeable future behind bars.

Portwood pleaded not guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance - a medication she had no prescription for - and one probation violation.

Awful Amber

In return, she remains on probation and, if she hopes to remain free, must complete the Madison County (Ind.) Drug Court program. Or else.

Her next hearing is scheduled for February 6.

Amber Portwood is on probation following her domestic violence case involving baby daddy Gary Shirley. She missed a probation hearing last month, a big no-no.

When police showed up at her house to check on her, they found the pills in her bag ... and she was unable to produce a prescription. Even bigger no-no.

While she's been in jail and making officials worried that she will shiv someone, Portwood's now-former landlord had sued to have her evicted.

A judge said she is already in the process of moving out, so the lawsuit is not necessary. A separate hearing on that issue is set for March 14.

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Amber Portwood is under close watch in jail, according to an inside source - her.

A letter the Teen Mom train wreck wrote from inside jail claims that officials even made her use a flexible writing utensil to pen it ... so she won't shiv anyone.

Prisoner-proof pens are standard issue with people viewed as violent threats, but Ambs says people think she's a danger to society and she'll end up in prison.

"I don't think I'll ever take this sh!t for granted," she says. "I'm scared I'm going to prison ... All I think about is Leah and how she needs a ro-model (sic)."

Dangerous Amber

She adds, "I am a good person and I pray that I can change my life."

Amber wrote the letter to her brother last month after she was thrown in an Indiana jail for drug possession and failing to provide a urine test (as per her probation).

She's scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 27 for her probation violation hearing. She faces two years behind bars if convicted, which is not looking like a big stretch.

She's also staring at an eviction hearing in the meantime. Rough.

In the meantime, here's hoping she gets counseling while behind bars and reassesses her life ... while having her belt and shoelaces taken away from her.

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Amber Portwood's 2012 has not started off on a positive note.

The Teen Mom star's landlord is evicting her, which isn't an issue now, as she's got an indefinite place to stay in the county jail - but could be a problem down the line.

The company that owns the home in Anderson, Ind., filed notice with the court yesterday that it wants Amber, who is due in court Jan. 13, out of there ASAP.

Happy new year!

Amber Cries

According to court documents, Portwood somehow violated her lease agreement. No specifics are listed, but she violates probation like it's her job, so no shock there.

The landlord delivered a "notice to vacate" on December 20, the day after Amber was hauled off to jail for a battery of alleged probation violations. Gonna be rough.

Portwood's hearing in her probation case is set for Jan. 13, with her eviction case scheduled for mediation Jan. 25. If she misses that, she's evicted immediately.

Hey, at least she's not pregnant again. Sorry Leah Messer.

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Young stars such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber rang in 2012 with terrific live performances last night. Countless others partied.

Amber Portwood crashed on the floor of a jail cell.

According to law enforcement sources, Indiana's Madison County Jail did not do anything to mark NYE. Visiting hours were 7:00-7:30 p.m. Amber had none.

Amber Pic

At least she wasn't alone. Due to overcrowding, Amber has been transferred out of the cell she shared with one other inmate and into a room with several others!

Portwood's prison pals' convictions range from probation violations - which is what's keeping Amber in jail for a month - to dealing a controlled substance. Nice.

The accommodations were less than luxurious. As part of moving into that large room, instead of a bed, she slept on a vinyl mattress on the concrete floor.

This is what happens when you're arrested AND fail to comply with terms of your probation, kids ... onerous tasks such as passing drug tests and obeying laws.

As we look ahead to a new year:

  • Glass half full: Things can only get better in 2012!
  • Glass half empty: Maybe not. We said that a year ago after she spent Christmas in jail in 2010. She and Jenelle Evans often find a way to lower the bar.

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was just reamed out in an Indiana courtroom, accused of violating her probation and pulling a no-show for two urine tests.

Law enforcement sources say Portwood got popped on December 16 for possession of a controlled substance. It's unclear what exactly the substance was.

She also failed to provide mandatory urine drug screening results on December 16 and December 19. Not a smart move when you're on probation already.

Awful Amber

That's not even all. Amber Portwood is on the hook for various other alleged probation violations, including failure to complete anger management class.

A judge recently ordered her to set up a college fund for her young daughter, Leah. You can probably guess whether or not that's happened.

Spoiler: It has not.

As such, Amber was ordered to remain in custody until her hearing in late January. At that point, the Teen Mom's longer-term fate will be determined.

SIDE NOTE: This is her second straight Christmas in jail. Wow.

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Sad sack Teen Mom train wreck Amber Portwood is still behind pars, and to add insult to injury, the Indiana native's latest mug shot has just been released.

Not surprisingly, she doesn't look too pleased.

Amber was arrested Monday after she failed to show up to her latest probation hearing ... and authorities sent to Amber's house found pills in her purse.

She couldn't prove she had a prescription for the pills, resulting in a clear violation of probation and another stint in jail for Portwood. Cue the mug shot:

Amber Portwood Mug Shot (New)

Portwood was on probation after she was convicted of domestic battery for attacking her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley. Amber's sentence to two years in jail was suspended, provided Portwood stuck to the rules of her probation, which was highly unlikely.

After her latest arrest, Amber could end up spending her Christmas behind bars - for the second consecutive year. A court hearing is reportedly set for January 13, and given the circumstances surrounding her case, don't expect bail to be offered.

Oh well. Check out THG's ever-expanding gallery of celebrity mug shots!

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