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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood says having 2-year-old daughter Leah taken away by Child Protective Services and placed with her ex-fiance was a low point.

We can see that. The powers that be intervened for other reasons than her routine beatings of Gary Shirley, too. The attention Amber gets was a big concern.

Teen Mom Stars Destroyed!

"Child Protective Services agreed that it was safer for her to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside my house," says Amber Portwood.

TEEN MOM BEATDOWN: Gary Shirley's received his share.

Amber's now-infamous physical attacks on her ex have garnered national attention, and sparked a domestic abuse investigation by Anderson, Ind., police.

On medication to cope with anxiety, she calls the forced separation from Leah "is the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

"I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I'm just trying to put the pieces back together," she tells Us Weekly. "I have to get myself better.

"When I get my baby back, she'll see her mom as happy as can be."

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Cops now have unedited video of the recent episode of MTV's Teen Mom where Amber Portwood beating the living crap out of her on-off fiance.

Acording to Anderson, Ind., police, who are investigating Amber for the attack on Gary Shirley, MTV turned the tapes over to officials this week.

Jenelle Evans, Jace

The network received a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence after cops launched the probe following the recent Teen Mom episode.

This is pretty much angry Amber's permanent expression.

An altercation between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley got all kinds of ugly and ended with the latter being kicked and punched repeatedly.

The couple was also involved in an August brawl that resulted in a 911 call. They fight so much, it's unclear if this was even the same incident.

Amber, who has a history of anger issues, could face felony domestic violence charges if daughter Leah witnessed the altercation. Stay tuned.

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“You are going to prison for being abusive.” - Amber Portwood to Gary Shirley

Some say the star of MTV’s Teen Mom may be in danger because of her erratic behavior. A just-released 911 call from August certainly makes that case.

Anderson, Ind., police arrived after Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley argued themselves into an all-out melee. To say it got ugly is putting it mildly.

A familiar sight in the Portwood-Shirley household.

"My ex just threw all of my stuff everywhere and cussed me out and ran up on me like ... I can't breathe right now," a hysterical Amber told the cops.

Cops are investigating the mother-of-one after MTV aired an episode in which Amber repeatedly punched and slapped Gary in an expletive-filled rant.

Listen to the full Amber Portwood 911 call after the jump ...

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Amber Portwood’s mother and friends are worried for her safety.

The Teen Mom star is in "serious danger," they believe, given her prescription drug abuse and violent outbursts. People fear for Amber and her daughter Leah.

Farrah Abraham on the After Show

Amber has not abandoned baby Leah, but left her with ex Gary Shirley. Why? "She’s getting death threats," says a friend. "She doesn’t want Leah around that.”

The source says Amber Portwood will be on Teen Mom’s third season, even though she doesn’t want to: ”Amber has a contract that she cant get out of.”

Still, things may be looking up: “She’s seeing a therapist, and it’s going well. It’s even better that her and Gary are apart and not getting back together.”

With all the drama surrounding Amber - including the ongoing domestic violence investigation - perhaps the third season should be her last on MTV.

Then again, the network will likely milk it for all it's worth. When you have two popular shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), you do what you gotta.

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Amber Portwood is a teen mom. On a reality show by that name. She has a bit of an anger management problem. All this is now common knowledge.

The police want to see just how bad it is, though.

Leah's Double Life

Officials in Anderson, Ind., plan to subpoena MTV for the unedited footage of the decidedly one-sided fight between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.

A typical morning in the Portwood-Shirley household.

"We're looking for any behavior that would be considered to be unlawful where the law is broken," Anderson PD spokesman Mitch Carroll told E! News.

"From what we have seen so far from the allegations, and we have to bear in mind that we're dealing with edited footage, it could be something as simple as misdemeanor domestic violence battery - a Class A misdemeanor."

That wouldn't be so problematic. However ...

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Is Teen Mom star Amber Portwood stealing back her baby daughter, Leah? Was her baby ever not with her in actuality? It's all very much unclear, but hey.

If you're OK! Magazine, these details don't get in the way of good copy. The celeb gossip tabloid reports in its new cover story that Amber's hatched a plan.

For the past two weeks, the mag says, every time Leah, saw a young woman with brown hair, she called her "mommy." Amber Portwood? Devastated.

Stealing Baby Leah

STEALING LEAH: Amber Portwood allegedly is. Or was. It's unclear.

“Leah would look around and say, ‘Amber, Amber, mommy, mommy,’” says Andrew Swan, BFF of the baby’s father, Gary Shirley. “It was breaking my heart.”

Then finally, on October 31, Amber swooped in to reclaim Leah, spending Halloween with her and claiming she'll do what it takes to get her life together.

Despite freaking the f*%k out on occasion, Amber believes she can do a better job than Gary when it comes to raising Leah, a source says. Right.

Anyway, she has Leah back, but can Amber Portwood really change? How long will it be until the next police report? Stay tuned, people. Stay. Tuned.

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Wow. Amber Portwood is really going to beat his ass this time.

Gary Shirley was seen grinding on another girl (as seen in the image posted by Radar Online after the jump) in the latest drama from the Teen Mom tandem.

"They were making out, whispering to each other. She was even nibbling on Gary's ear," a witness said. "They were dancing and grinding with each other."

Has Gary Shirley moved on from Amber Portwood?

Despite being hit by Amber Portwood on national TV, then being dumped so she could date another man, Gary Shirley has stood by the Teen Mom star.

Why? It's extremely difficult to figure out. Seems he just can't quit her.

The parents of baby Leah even renewed their commitment recently. After seeing this, she's gonna renew her commitment to punching him in the head.

The most astonishing thing about Gary's creepin'? The girl was cute.

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is going through a lot right now.

She's been involved in numerous violent altercations with fiance Gary Shirley, and there have even been reports that she's suicidal and/or losing her baby.

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

Not the case, she says. ”It’s not true!” she tells Hollywood Life regarding the rumors that she's losing Leah. “Where in the world would that come from?”

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood enjoy a tender moment between fights.

Amber says Leah is staying with Gary, yes, but because she's in the process of moving. It's not safe while she searches for a baby-friendly home.

“I’m in the process of moving, so my stuff is all packed up,” she explains. “Gary does have Leah right now because it’s not safe in my house now.”

Especially since she kicks Gary Shirley's ass so regularly.

Despite the drama, Amber Portwood sounds like she’s ready to leave it behind. Literally. “I can’t wait to move out of Anderson!” she says of her Indiana hometown. As long as there are psychiatrists where she ends up, we support the move.

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Amber Portwood clearly has issues, as evidenced by the weekly beatdown of Gary Shirley we always seem to report on. But it could be worse than we thought.

Much worse.

Amber Portwood Crying

The Teen Mom star's life continues to unravel, from problems with fiance Gary to those domestic violence charges to - wait for it - possible suicidal tendencies.

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood needs help, promptly.

According to a friend of Gary's, Jordan Sanchez, there have been instances where Amber has called Gary and told him, "Come home or I'm gonna kill myself!"

Just being dramatic? Maybe. But there's more.

Sources say the troubled, often angry Teen Mom star has allegedly been sleeping until 7 p.m. some days and has been abusing Klonopin, a powerful sedative.

For the sake of baby Leah, someone's gotta intervene if this is true. We make light of their squabbles, but no one wants to see Amber Portwood seriously hurt.

Or even worse.

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Just weeks after their televised smackdown, a police report from a new, disturbing fight between Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley has surfaced.

But despite the latest of many heated confrontations between the troubled couple, Gary insists that both he and the couple's baby, Leah, are “100 percent OK.”

At 12:33 a.m. last Wednesday in the couple’s home town of Anderson, Ind., Gary says he pushed Amber out of his home after she “threatened to batter him.”

ALL GOOD: Gary and Leah are fine after the latest domestic disturbance.

Amber Portwood, who was only wearing underwear at the time, became enraged when Gary received a text message she thought was from another woman.

The pair were quietly watching a movie together when she saw the text, which Gary later told police was from a male friend – NOT a woman. Oops. Her bad.

According to the police report, a fight erupted and Gary Shirley headed for the door when Amber Portwood physically threatened him. Pretty standard stuff.

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