Amanda Salinas won Age of Love. But will she and Mark Philippoussis last as a couple?

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You could say that instead of love, Mark Philippoussis prefers 40-love. Or that he is 1-1 on break (up) points. Or that he "served" Amanda Salinas. Hard.

Bad tennis analogies aside, the Age of Love star is going to make his tennis comeback alone next week, according to the Australian media, having broken up with his reality TV love - moderately attractive Tennessee cheerleader Amanda Salinas.

The Poo and Salinas appear to be on the rocks and Amanda is unlikely to be on hand when he competes at the Stanford Championships in Texas.

Mark Philippoussis' agent, Carlos Fleming has refused comment for the past two weeks about whether the couple is still together.

Fleming, who works for international sports agency IMG World, would say only that Mark Philippoussis was concentrating on tennis.

"Mark is focusing on his preparation," said Fleming, who also did not say if Mark saw Jennifer Braff nude on the show. "Progress is going well."

Philippoussis, who before choosing Amanda Salinas dated Australian pop star Delta Goodrem, and has been linked to Paris Hilton, Tara Reid and Anna Kournikova, among other babes, suffered a knee injury in January.

Philippoussis' surgeon estimated a recovery period of 4-6 weeks after surgery in January but it has taken 10 months to make a comeback - after he took time to film the reality show in which he chose between women in their 20s and 40s.

Reality TV career behind him, Mark Philippoussis said earlier this week that he was hoping to be back in form for the Australian Open in January.

"What I'd love to do is start playing a couple of small events at the end of the year, get match fit and concentrate on getting back next year ... hopefully at the Australian Open," he said. "I've been training non-stop since the surgery."

To sum up, the Poo got added fame and maybe an endorsement or two, and now continues his tennis career having slept with at least one woman. Not a bad gig.

Mark Philippoussis and Amanda Salinas: A very brief Age of Love.

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The real world doesn't scare Amanda Salinas and Mark Philippoussis.

In fact, the Age of Love couple has the same message for life away from the cameras that Spencer Pratt has for his detractors: bring it on!

"We're in the real world now," Philippoussis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal after Monday night's finale broadcast had aired. "We just want to get to know each other without the cameras."

Philippoussis chose Salinas, a 26-year-old financial planner's assistant from Nashville, TN, out of a group of seven 40-something "Cougars" and five other 20-something "Kittens." The fact that he chose a younger woman over an older one was almost as shocking the fact that Katie Price was recently seen partying.

There have been mixed reactions over this tennis star choosing Salinas over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff. Not since Asia Nitollano was selected as a Pussycat Doll over Melissa has reality TV caused such controversy.

The couple told the Review-Journal it kept in-touch while Age of Love was airing via text messaging, but now plan to spend some one-on-one time together in Vegas this week, "just hanging out, watching a movie and having some popcorn."

There are no marriage plans right now.

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Should Ryan and Trista Sutter be worried?

A new couple may be trying to steal their title as World's Most Beloved Reality TV Couple.

Last night, tennis star and Age of Love bachelor Mark Philippoussis broke the heart of Jennifer Braff - the last remaining "Cougar" on the show that pitted 2o-something women against their 40-something, single counterparts - and selected Amanda Salinas as his significant other.

Congratulations, Amanda Salinas. We hope you and Mark Philippoussis are as happy as Lorenzo Borghese and Sadie Murray.

So, will the future of this pair be as perfect as that of other reality TV loves, such as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?

Or will they go the way of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey instead?

Count on the former, Salinas said to close the show last night:

"Next is happily ever after..."

Hey, don't scoff. It's been that way so far for Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst.

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