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Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is suffering from severe mental illness and is unfit to stand trial, according to the attorney representing her in her DUI case.

The 27-year-old star was supposed to appear in court yesterday in the DUI case, following her arrest in West Hollywood, Calif., back in April 2012.

Amanda's lawyer, Rich Hutton, told the judge that his client "does not have the mental capacity" to even understand the nature of the proceedings.

In other words, she has no idea what she's being charged with, nor can she grasp the consequences. If you assume that's true, it's both amazing and sad.

The judge transferred the matter to the mental health court.

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With "Blurred Bynes," a group of drag queens have done the impossible, covering Robin Thicke's summer smash and calling out troubled actress Amanda Bynes.

Okay, maybe not the impossible. But didn't see that one coming, did you?

L.A. drag queens Willam Belli, Detox (both ex-contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race) and Vicky Vox have just released the video lampooning Amanda Bynes' wild antics.

Watch it in its NSFW glory below:

The three queens sing seductively, "OK she smoked some weed, you know you can't malign her. So high she tweets to Drake to murder her vagina."

Hashtag: #VAGACIDE.

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The cost of Amanda Bynes' psychiatric care inside UCLA Medical Center is reportedly so staggering, you would need "Olsen Twins money" to pay for it.

The actress, fortunately, is well off (albeit nowhere near the same league as Mary-Kate and Ashley, as she once dubiously claimed), because ... wow.

It's currently running her $3,500. A day.

The cost is so high because it covers not just around-the-clock treatment for severe mental illness, but her living expenses as well. Still, it's a huge price.

A judge ruled that doctors could keep Amanda on a long-term hold for up to a year, although the goal is 60 days, after which she'd live with her mom.

For reference, 60 days would run her $210,000, while a full year would be upwards of $1,250,000. Her SAG insurance covers just a small portion of the cost.

Bynes, whose mom now controls her finances, is reportedly worth $4 million, though she has been burning through it like crazy over the past year.

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Amanda Bynes is picking up right where she left off. On Twitter, that is.

Yesterday, the hospitalized 27-year-old actress tweeted, "I love Drake."

It was her first Tweet since July 19, when she said "Drake is gorgeous."

  • Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie
  • Drake at the Grammys

The singular Tweet is still live and was sent from her official account.

The brief, unexpected return to Twitter came one day after her doctors at UCLA Medical Center asked for and were granted an extended long-term hold.

Amanda Bynes was hospitalized under an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold back on July 22, and has been receiving mental health treatment ever since.

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Amanda Bynes could spend another year in treatment under an involuntary psychiatric hold at in L.A. after a judge extended the order keeping her there.

Amanda Bynes Shaves Head

A judge granted a "long-term hold" to her doctors, which could last for up to 12 months as she battles the severe mental illness that landed her in treatment.

She has been in treatment since setting a stranger's driveway on fire in July, the culmination of a year of bizarre behavior that had everyone worried.

Her mom, Lynn, still has temporary conservatorship over her legal, medical and financial affairs as Amanda Bynes remains under hospital care.

It's possible the former child star, 27, will not be held for a full year. At the end of 60 or 90 days, she could move to her mom's home if progress is made.

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Amanda Bynes' team of doctors is recommending long-term, in-patient treatment to combat the actress' severe mental illness, a new report states.

Doctors at UCLA Medical Center will submit a recommendation to the judge overseeing her mother Lynn‘s bid to gain conservatorship of her daughter.

In it, they will push for long-term hospitalization of the former child star.

Amanda Bynes is being treated for a serious mental health disorder and is under temporary conservatorship of her mother until at least September 30.

At that date, a hearing will be held to determine her status.

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Still under an involuntary 5150 hold, Amanda Bynes is moving to a new psychiatric facility, according to reports. The actress made the move on Thursday.

Amanda has been hospitalized since July 22. Yesterday, she stepped out for the first time since then, en route from Ventura County to UCLA Medical Center.

Covering her body and face in a white sheet, she appeared to be wearing a bright blue wig on her head and only socks on her feet while walking to a black SUV.

Bynes' mom Lynn, who was granted temporary conservatorship over her daughter on August 9, wanted her at UCLA to receive the best psychiatric care.

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Amanda Bynes is reportedly doing much better in psychiatric treatment these days, and ironically, that's likely what kept her in there longer than she'd like.

The prescription drug cocktail being used to treat her severe mental illness (believed to be schizophrenia) seems to be working, reports indicate.

In fact, in the last few days, Amanda Bynes had a breakthrough.

She's showing emotion, which many schizophrenics don't, and was crying Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about Friday's court date.

She did not attend it, and her psychiatric hold was extended.

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Amanda Bynes' mother was granted a temporary conservatorship over the troubled actress yesterday in court after a judge extended her psychiatric hold.

The judge based his decision on the findings of an investigator appointed to evaluate Amanda's mental health, which he found she is "gravely disabled" by.

Amanda Bynes was not even fit enough to travel to court in person.

Her lawyer told the judge at Friday's hearing that she's spoken with the star several times and Amanda opposes a conservatorship, believing it's not necessary.

The judge disagreed, and her mother will be in charge of Amanda's personal well-being - as well as her medical treatment and finances - for now.

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Amanda Bynes was just placed on an extended, 30-day psychiatric hold after doctors argued that the star is "gravely disabled" by mental illness.

Amanda Bynes, Blue Hair

Bynes was set to return to court and try to win her freedom, but doctors said she was not even well enough to leave the hospital to attend today's hearing.

Doctors went to a judge who went to the hospital to conduct the emergency hearing, according to TMZ, and the judge granted their request to keep her there.

The actress' 5150 psychiatric hold, which was already extended from 72 hours to two weeks, has now been lengthened for at least the next 30 days.

Taking away someone's freedom is a serious thing, and doctors can only do so if the patient is deemed "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

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