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It was clear long before people saw Amanda Bynes doing drugs and driving around aimlessly this week that she has been on a disturbing downward spiral.

Friends say she is "not in touch with reality" ... gee, ya think?

The star is accused of two separate hit-and-run accidents and was arrested April 6 for a DUI after sideswiping a police car. Her license has been suspended.

Still, she shows no signs of slowing down, and has rejected any overtures to get help. In fact, she seems to be partying and crashing harder than ever.

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"Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or seek any form of psychiatric treatment or diagnosis, because it's clear something is up with her," a close pal said.

"She has been told by her agent and her dad Rick that she has substance abuse issues and needs to get help. She's a lost little girl right now."

"Amanda's completely gone off the grid. She won't speak with her manager, her agent, her publicist; she's not returning anybody's phone calls."

"She's obviously crying out for help, but isn't ready to receive it. She seems to be having some serious mental health issues and she's always out of it."

Here's hoping she gets help for them before it's too late.


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Amanda Bynes was driving aimlessly for hours earlier this week, smoking out of what appears to be a drug pipe. With a suspended license no less!

TMZ photos CLEARLY show the star taking hits from a pipe designed to look like a car cigarette lighter, with remnants of marijuana all over her ride.

In addition to what by all accounts looks like weed (see the photos), Bynes' car is a mess, littered with trash, stains, bottles, dog hair and other items.

Hot Amanda Bynes

Amanda apparently started her day at a Baja Fresh in the San Fernando Valley, where she ate tacos in the parking lot and smoked from the pipe.

Following a three-hour spa excursion, Bynes drove without purpose for hours, sometimes cutting off other drivers and violating various traffic laws.

Amanda eventually ended up at Home Depot for reasons unknown; there, she again took a hit from the pipe in the parking lot, TMZ is reporting.

The actress is already driving with a suspended license, which is illegal, following her DUI arrest and two hit-and-run allegations earlier this year.

She needs to get help, and fast. Or at least pay a friend to drive her around so she can get stoned and eat tacos while endangering fewer lives.


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Troubled star and horrendous driver Amanda Bynes was pulled over in L.A. for driving with no headlights on, but was somehow let go with just a warning.

Clearly the cop doesn't read celebrity gossip.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Bynes, who recently had her license suspended, was warned by the police and let go without arrest of incident.

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Had they run Amanda's license, records would have likely shown that it had just been suspended due to a pair of misdemeanor hit-and-run charges.

Bynes' refusal to take a breathalyzer test after being arrested for DUI in April would also count as a red flag, along with all the other traffic incidents.

It's unclear if the license has already been reinstated, but given the list of infractions by Bynes, that seems very unlikely in a short period of time.

Way to go cops, and Amanda.


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Greater L.A. residents can now sit in traffic drive with reduced fear.

Amanda Bynes' license has been suspended by the California DMV, according to the L.A. Times, following the misdemeanor hit-and-run charges filed against her this week.

DMV officials won't specify the exact reason or when Amanda's suspension occurred. Regardless, insurance companies and pedestrians everywhere can exhale.

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Bynes was charged in two hit-and-run accidents - occurring April 10 and August 4 - when the troubled star allegedly crashed into another car and peaced out.

In the case of the former, Bynes was charged with DUI. She's been involved at least two other unrelated traffic incidents in the past six months as well.

Maybe now the 26-year-old will rely on friends, cabs or car services ... a novel idea she and Lindsay Lohan should have considered years and years ago.


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Amanda Bynes was apparently involved in yet another car accident Monday night ... no seriously, this is not a recycled story, it just keeps on happening.

Bynes was driving a rental car in the San Fernando Valley when she was rear-ended; the driver claims Bynes made a "reckless maneuver" that caused it.

Police showed up but no one was ticketed; Amanda is currently driving a rental because her BMW is in the body shop. What are the odds of that?

Bynes Pic

For those keeping score, in the last six months, she's been accused of three hit-and-runs, plus this collision ... AND Amanda was charged for DUI.

Police also say she peaced out on them in March when they were writing her up for driving while talking on the phone. So that's six traffic incidents.

Someone needs to intervene and take Amanda and Lindsay Lohan off the road. Can't they afford drivers as actresses in Hollywood? So ridiculous.


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Los Angeles police are investigating a minor traffic accident involving very troubled star Amanda Bynes from earlier this month ... try to contain your shock.

After a person reported the actress hit her car and left without providing her information, authorities are looking into the actress' allleged actions.

Amanda Bynes Cleavage

Police Lt. Andy Neiman said Sunday that she stopped after the crash, looked at the other vehicle, determined there wasn't any damage, then peaced out.

Police said Bynes, 26, drove away without giving her information, which is required by law, and the case will go to the city attorney's office for review.

No one was injured, but the damage to the other person's vehicle in the August 4 incident was more than $800. Perhaps Amanda's eyes missed that.

Bynes, who has a history of traffic problems, has pleaded not guilty to DUI after she was arrested in April for grazing a sheriff's patrol car earlier this year.


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A woman claims that troubled star Amanda Bynes rear-ended her car and then drove off without exchanging insurance info Saturday afternoon.

This would be the third alleged hit-and-run of the year for AB.

Kisa, whose last name has been withheld by TMZ for the time being, says she was struck by Bynes driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd.

She didn't recognize the woman at first - because she "looked like a hot mess" - but once they began talking, realized it was Amanda Bynes.

Amanda Bynes' Face

Kisa says she got out her insurance card to exchange details, as is customary in such cases, but says Bynes "seemed nervous about that."

According to her, Bynes told her the damage "didn't look that bad" and proceeded to push her bumper back into place ... which didn't work.

Bynes then said they didn't need to exchange info since neither car was damaged - Kisa says Bynes' car had "significant" damage to it - and peaced out.

Kisa called police, who responded to the scene. Kisa says when she told the officer who hit her, the officer replied, "Didn't she just get a DUI?"

As a matter of fact, police arrested Amanda Bynes for DUI April 6 ... and she was also accused of hit and run incidents on May 5 and May 27.


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Her request for President Obama to fire the cop who arrested her will likely fall upon deaf Twitter ears, but Amanda Bynes pleaded not guilty to DUI.

She entered the plea Wednesday after being charged in an April incident in which she allegedly struck an L.A. County Sheriff's Department vehicle.

The not guilty plea was entered in court by her attorney. The troubled Bynes, 26, was arrested about 3 a.m. on April 6 in West Hollywood, Calif.

Authorities said her black BMW struck the rear corner of the sheriff's car.

Amanda Bynes, Bandage Dress

Bynes was arrested for DUI, but denied the allegations on Twitter: "I can't help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me," she tweeted May 27.

"I was not in any hit and runs. I don't drink so the DUI is false."

Tuesday, she tweeted again ... to the Prez: "Hey @BarackObama…I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

Bynes is also charged with refusing a breathalyzer or blood-alcohol test at the scene, which could make her sentence worse if she is in fact convicted.

She is scheduled to appear before the same judge who oversaw much of Lindsay Lohan's infamous DUI case ... not a good thing for the actress.


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Amanda Bynes has been charged following her April 6 DUI arrest. In response, she Tweeted at President Obama to have the cop who arrested her fired.

"I don't drink," the actress, 26, said in a Tweet to the Barack Obama presidential campaign (@barackobama). "Please fire the cop who arrested me."

Don't count on it. The U.S. Government has no jurisdiction over a West Hollywood police matter. Moreover, guy doesn't even read his own account!

With Lady Gaga, you might get a reply, even as one of 25 million Monsters.

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

The misdemeanor charge of DUI against Bynes was filed Tuesday and relates to her April 6 arrest, when she was pulled over in West Hollywood.

The actress allegedly sideswiped a police car in her BMW when she tried to turn right, then did not stop. She refused a breathalyzer and drug test.

If convicted she faces a maximum penalty as a first-time offender of 48 hours in jail, three years probation and a nine-month alcohol program.

She could also lose her driver's license for a year, which might not be the worst thing, as this is one of several other recent driving mishaps for Bynes.

About a week after her arrest, she backed over a curb while texting, and a week later was spotted holding up traffic while making a slow three-point U-turn.

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Amanda Bynes was involved in another hit and run in Hollywood this weekend, but at least she apparently hit some random guy and not a cop.

A man claims he was sideswiped by a Range Rover trying to pass him on the right in L.A., and when the SUV didn't stop, he called the police.

He also began to follow the SUV himself, and when he finally caught up to the Range Rover, sources say the driver was none other than Bynes.


The star told police she had no idea she had struck another vehicle, which is plausible, as police say damage to her car was quite minimal.

Law enforcement sources tell us Amanda was very cooperative with police and that they had her exchange information with the other driver.

She was not given a citation for the incident and cops will not be investigating the case any further ... beyond the usual insurance rigamarole.

Bynes was arrested for DUI last month after she clipped a police car, and has basically continued crashing and partying in the 2-3 weeks since.


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