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Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night in New York City, to the shock of no one.

Police were called to her Manhattan apartment on suspicion of disorderly conduct. It's unclear who called them, but Bynes was behaving strangely (big surprise)

When officers arrived, they witnessed her throw a bong out of her 36th floor window.

Amanda Bynes Mugshot

Amanda Bynes, 27, was taken to New York's Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, before getting taken to a Midtown police station.

The star, whose antics have become legendary, was charged with reckless endangerment, marijuana possession, and felony tampering with evidence.

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As we predicted, Amanda Bynes is IRATE over In Touch Weekly's latest cover story claiming she is being destroyed by fame and acting weirder than ever.

Specifically, Bynes took issue with pictures the magazine ran in an epic Twitter rant, declaring, "I'm suing them! They f--ked with my photos!"

How did they f--k with them, you ask?

  • Amanda Bynes Drug Photos
  • Amanda Bynes Partying Pics

"That's not my bed! Those aren't my toes! My toes are pedicured" she said.

"I just did an exclusive interview with in touch last week, now they bought fake altered photos by that ugly black man in the photo or someone who knows him!"

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Amanda Bynes was denied a spot on a flight she tried to board from N.Y. to L.A. last weekend because the troubled star had no valid I.D.

Apparently Google doesn't suffice as a driver's license substitute.

Amanda Bynes as a Cat

Showing up in a velour jumpsuit and giant glasses, Bynes was not allowed on a private jet at Teterboro Airport in N.J., according to a TMZ report.

The reason was simple: The star's license was suspended (as we know from her copious automotive woes) and she had no other ID.

When pilot informed her that you need a government ID to get on, per TSA regulations, she then ordered him to Google her as proof ... seriously.

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Oh. No. They. Didn't. Amanda Bynes is gonna be pissssssssssssed.

Not only does In Touch accuse her of "increasingly erratic antics" in its new cover story, they totally use an old photo of her! It's like they're TRYING to stir the pot!

Their conclusion: She's being destroyed by fame! Destroyed!

Amanda Bynes Tabloid Cover

The old pic is just a tease of the scandalous Amanda Bynes pics inside, allegedly.

Although she has regularly denied doing drugs, photographer Giovanni Arnold claims he's got images of the troubled star wasted out of her mind.

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Amanda Bynes has set her sights on a clothing line.

How we wish we were kidding. But alas, it is true.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie Photo

The actress-turned-Twitter staple, who's recent behavior defies description and speaks for itself, was apparently serious when she threw around the idea last year.

Now she's offering clues as to what an Amanda Bynes clothing line would look like, and - spoiler alert - ugly people need not apply. Only hotties.

Somewhere, Mike Jeffries' curiosity is piqued.

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Amanda Bynes has just pleaded no contest to driving on a suspended license, stemming from one of her many run-ins with traffic laws last year.

Her lawyer, Rich Hutton, made the plea on her behalf.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

Bynes will be placed on three years' probation, which requires her to obey all laws ... not a guarantee given the way things have been going lately.

The star is also not allowed to drive without a valid license and insurance - less of an issue now that she lives in NYC - and must pay a $300 fine.

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Amanda Bynes is coming clean ... about the plastic surgery she apparently had.

The 27-year-old Tweeted Sunday that she had a nose job several years ago.

Bynes Twit Pic

This is why, she says, she hates when sites post old Amanda Bynes photos.

"I look so much prettier in my new photos," the self-obsessed star gushes.

"In Touch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it!" she adds of the mag's most recent issue, which featured her along with Kim Kardashian.

"I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes."

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The enigma that is Amanda Bynes has become a source of much speculation and entertainment these days, as everyone tries to figure out what her deal is.

E! has a new theory: She's obsessed with Blac Chyna.

  • Selfie
  • Blac Chyna Pic

Chyna, the stripper turned music video girl turned rap reference, boasts blonde bangs and cheek piercings, and Amanda is said to be a major admirer.

Beyond the newfound physical resemblance, consider:

  • Amanda is obsessed with herself. She admits this. Blac Chyna also thinks highly of herself, saying "I'm trying to be the baddest bitch on Twitter."

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Amanda Bynes doesn't just work out. The girl twerks out.

At least according to a fellow gym-goer, who sketchily took a brief video of the former Nickelodeon star's workout regimen Friday.

Whatever she's doing on that machine, it's ... unique.

Amanda Bynes Gym Photo

While it's not as provocative as the Twerking video that got 33 San Diego high schoolers suspended, there is some quality use of her lower extremities.

Her running style, too, pretty much speaks for itself.

Earlier this week, Amanda Bynes Tweeted "I weigh 135! I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!" We don't agree ... but she'll drop the pounds if she keeps this up.

Check out her extreme Twerk-out video below:

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Graphic Tweets about Drake. Odd Twitter pics and videos galore. Increasingly frequent accounts of bizarre antics and rants against her perceived enemies.

Yes, Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior in recent months has become legendary. But why doesn't anyone step in to help the clearly troubled actress?

Bynes Twitpics

To hear her tell it, because she doesn't need help. She's not entirely wrong. Strange behavior aside, there's little to necessitate a Britney-style intervention.

While some of her recent actions have drawn comparisons to Spears circa 2007, there is nothing like a conservatorship in the works for Amanda Bynes.

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