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Amanda Bynes has reached financial settlements with both of her hit-and-run victims from earlier this year, and the L.A. City Attorney's office is far from pleased.

As you surely heard, the troubled star was charged with two counts of hit-and-run stemming from separate 2012 in which she hit other people's cars, then bailed.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pic

Bynes has since struck a financial deal with both sets of victims, however, and her attorney then convinced a judge to throw out the criminal charges against her.

The decision infuriated the L.A. City Attorney's Office, to put it mildly.

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For a self-proclaimed "retired actress" looking to be left alone by the public, Amanda Bynes has a way of popping up out of nowhere and commanding attention.

Case in point? Bynes stumbled upon a group of celebrity gossip photographers waiting to snap a picture of Justin Bieber while walking down a New York City sidewalk.

Amanda Bynes Shopping

Once she realized her mistake, she tried to cover her face with her scarf, then successfully flagged down a cab. Yet moments later, she made the cab driver pull over.

So she could go back and give the paparazzi a piece of her mind, obviously.

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Amanda Bynes has resurfaced! Well... sorta.

The sinking starlet who has been through a publicity nightmare over the past few months returned to the social media bubble. Bynes reactivated her twitter account and created a new Instagram, before sharing a few selfies. 

Do you think the turban was inspired by the cinematic masterpiece otherwise known as Liz & Dick​?

Check em out!

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  • Amanda Bynes' Pants

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Amanda Bynes' good name has been restored. Sort of.

If nothing else, one celebrity news report about her recent downward spiral is BS. Just as she insisted, the actress was NOT nude and parading around a tanning salon.

Bye and Bynes

In Touch recently claimed Bynes, 26, looked "painfully thin" and "totally out of it" while visiting an NYC tanning salon, where she walked around buck naked.

"She didn't seem to care that everyone saw her naked," according to an alleged witness ... who was apparently making the story up or made up by the tabloid.

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Amanda Bynes is threatening legal action over a celebrity news report that claims the troubled actress was wandering around a New York tanning salon naked.

Amanda Bynes: Hot

In Touch claimed Thursday that the 26-year-old was seen at Beach Bump tanning salon in NYC. Nude. "She walked out of the room completely naked," a source said.

Except for goggles, that is. There's your awesome visual for the day.

"She didn't seem to care in the last that everyone saw her naked. She seemed totally out of it ... There was definitely something wrong with her."

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In honor of the 2012 presidential debates, which kick off this evening in Denver, THG decided to take a look five celebrity debates we'd like to see.

Forget Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Tell us who would win debates between ...

  • Train Wreck
  • Amanda Bynes Outside Jail

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

These two have a lot in common - former child stars now best known for erratic behavior and legal woes - as well as strong opinions about each other.

Who would win this debate? Vote!


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Amanda Bynes pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor hit-and-run charges Thursday in Van Nuys, Calif. Her attorney entered the not guilty pleas on her behalf.

The charges stem from April 10 and August 6 accidents.

Amanda Bynes Outside Jail

Bynes, whose license was suspended August 25 based on those incidents and an April 6 DUI arrest, is now in New York, where she plans to launch a fashion line.

She brought her bizarre behavior to the Big Apple, it seems.

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The comparisons were inevitable.

With Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior making headlines, and Lindsay Lohan Tweeting about the how legal system treats her better, the two hot messes are easily linked.

Naturally, Entertainment Tonight asked LiLo's mom Dina - in her first interview since her bizarre, possibly drunk sit-down with Dr. Phil - what Amanda's parents should do:

  • DiLo
  • Hot Amanda Bynes

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