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Kristine Lefebvre is so last month.

That beautiful former contestant on The Apprentice made quite the naked splash last month when she appeared on the cover of Playboy, but Hugh Hefner may have outdone himself with the following selection.

Amanda Beard Naked

In the issue that hits newsstands on June 8, Amanda Beard gets nude.

Sports fans - along with men with a pulse - have been waiting for this moment since Beard won her first Olymic Gold Medal at age 14. Sorry, we know that makes Hayden Panettiere seem like a senior citizen, but Amanda is 25 now. And hotter than ever.

We may not even have use for Holly Madison nude after this pictorial comes out. It gives breaststroke a whole new meaning.

Amanda Beard Biography

Amanda Beard Topless Amanda Beard is world-class swimmer who may be known as much for her looks as for her talent in the water. You can see why, as she was... More »
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Amanda Beard
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