Alli Sims is an aspiring singer who used to be Britney Spears' personal assistant and fellow club-goer. It's a living. Or was, at least....

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While the possible cousin she used to sponge off hard, Britney Spears, readied for a trip to Japan, Alli Sims was spotted leaving hot spot Deluxe in Hollywood and shocked onlookers (or at least The Hollywood Gossip) by wearing a fur coat.

Come on, PETA. You loons are slacking. Where is some whack job with a bucket of red paint when you need one? Girl is practically begging for an ambush - and it's Alli Sims! It's not like she's got the cash to pay a team of lawyers to sue you.

Fur-Get About It!

Hopefully next time Alli won't be so brazen - or PETA will step up to the plate if she is. We wanna see another awesome confrontation, Lindsay Lohan flour attack style!

Here's more photos of Alli Sims exiting the club if anyone cares ...

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  • Alli Sims Loves Fur

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Remember Alli Sims?

Britney Spears' cousin was totally gonna start her own music career, earned via her experience of partying with Britney Spears at clubs of course.

Family Friendly Show

We all know how that plan played out.

Britney Spears spiraled into oblivion, culminating in a pair of meltdowns and hospitalizations last winter. Since then, her hangers-on have been cut off.

Alli Sims told the New York Post she’s banned from Britney’s life.

“I have no idea when I’ll see her again. I miss her every day,” Sims lamented. "When [Britney's] dad gained control, he put some rules down... it's just best for her to not communicate with a lot of people. My main concern is her being OK."

TRANSLATION: Britney, I need a new Chanel purse! Call me, girl!

Alli Sims, who at least tried to release her debut album earlier this year, says she is currently living in Nashville writing and recording music.

Meanwhile, her former meal ticket was in N.Y., looking like a bona fide hottie and presenting a school with $10,000 for a music program.

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It's been awhile since we've heard from Alli Sims.

Guess her singing career didn't take off quite as planned.

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Honor

In any case, Jamie Lynn Spears' possible cousin says the 17-year-old will make a great mother to newborn daughter, Maddie.

"I'm sure the baby's beautiful, and I'm so glad everybody's healthy and doing well," Sims said at a party for Wanted in Los Angeles Thursday.

"I just wish them all the happiness in the world," she said. "I know they're going to have so much fun."

Alli Sims may have no career to speak of, but she's still quick to comment and sponge off "cousins" Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears whenever possible.

Sims â€" who said she is still "great friends" with Britney (now recording another new album) â€" added that she plans on sending "something cute."

"I'm sure they're doing great. I know they're so excited," Alli Sims said.

Maddie Briann Aldridge was born to Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge Thursday at Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Miss.

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Don't worry, everyone - and we know you were.

Alli Sims is still talking to "cousin" Britney Spears.

"I cannot really say much more about [her], but she is doing well," Sims told Us Weekly in Beverly Hills Thursday night.

Britney Spears has been involuntarily hospitalized twice already in 2008 to treat her bipolar disorder. She is currently under the supervision of her parents (her father, Jamie Spears, and his lawyer, Andrew Wallet, have a legal, financial, and medical conservatorship) and hasn't seen her two sons since January 3.

"Everybody just keeps supporting her and rooting [for] her because everyone kind of goes through weird little patches in [their] life," Sims said.

When you a friend - or someone trying to sponge off you for attention and become famous themselves - you can always count on Alli Sims.

"You just need friends and family and everyone to support you and help you through it, and everything will be okay," Sims added.

Alli Sims, who is working on her first album, didn't comment on any other Britney Spears news, but say she and Brit "will definitely collaborate on something."

"I think we are kind of both open to anything," Sims said.

"We are really good friends, we are really close, and we love working on stuff together, so I think that possibly something like that could happen."

Alli Sims lived with Spears for eight months last year and previously told Us Weekly, "I wish people would give her a break and lay off her."

Just pay attention to her instead, people! It's what she wants!

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Since entering the celebrity news business in June 2006, we've seen a lot. But somehow, the antics of Sam Lutfi continue to surprise us.

Britney Spears' estranged pal and self-proclaimed manager made his first public appearance since a restraining order was issued against him at ... Paris Hilton's 27th birthday party at the L.A. club Area Saturday.

What's more, he was spotted with Spears "cousin" Alli Sims. These two are really trying to milk their 15th minute of fame for all it's worth.

Wearing a black and white sweater dress, black leggings and hot pink pumps, Sims, Britney Spears' former assistant, arrived around midnight.

Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears before her second hospital stint.

Shortly after she began singing the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams," Sam Lutfi tapped Alli on the shoulder at 12:40 a.m. and said, "Come say hi."

Sitting at Paris Hilton's table, Lufti, in a black cap, tan-colored jacket, jeans and loafers was heard asking All Sims to go fetch him a drink.

"We're dry over here. Can you get me a drink?" Lufti said.

What a d!ck.

Osama later cornered blogger Perez Hilton. "I wonder what he's gonna write tomorrow," he was overheard saying. All Sims replied, "I know."

Meanwhile, Sam Lutfi is denying having any contact with Britney Spears since the restraining order was issued against him.

"Not true!" he told E! News when asked if he's spoken to the pop star.

However, she was on the mind of Sam Lutfi. During Hilton's party "at one point, they all toasted and cheered Britney," a party-goer told E! News.

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It has been reported for weeks that Britney Spears' family, friends and some of the professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to deal with her mental problems. Finally, it looks like the time has arrived.

If it happens, TMZ reports, it should happen this week.

Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne Spears, her father, Jamie Spears, "cousin" Alli Sims, creepy manager Sam Lutfi and boyfriend Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time.

Britney's mom and dad (among others) have known for months that a bipolar disorder - not substance abuse - is at the root of her mental problems.

They cannot involuntarily commit her (impossible under the circumstances) and Britney has refused to voluntarily enter a hospital or even undergo an evaluation for the problem. But now a new plan is underway.

Britney had not spoken to her mother for a while, but last night, Britney and Lynne Spears (along with Sam Lutfi, background) left her gated compound at one point and went to the drug store, so they are now interacting at least.

An intervention has been in the planning stages for well over a month. It should begin to unfold if Britney Spears cooperates... but that's a big if.

All we can do is wait, watch and hope.

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Alli Sims is maintaining great interest in getting her name and pretty face into celebrity news stories as often as possible a positive outlook.

"She does seem happy," Sims said of Britney Spears, her supposed cousin, in an interview with People. "I'm sure obviously she's going through some things, and a lot, right now. That definitely gets to you."

"I'm not saying that everything is fine. Obviously, [Britney] is worried about stuff, like we all are. She's hanging in. I'm not worried. She'll get back. She'll be fine."

Alli Sims, who has been away from L.A. traveling, is moving into the Brentwood neighborhood of the city. She and Britney Spears talk regularly.

"I talked to her today, she's doing good," Sims explains. "I love her to death. She's a sweetheart. ... We have never had a fight. It's so funny, because you're off visiting friends and you're not here, by her side, they're like you're fighting. It's not true."

Adds Sims, "I'll probably see her this week."

Possible cousins Britney Spears and Alli Sims were inseparable for a time.

Last week, Spears' paparazzo-turned-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib gave interviews to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider about his intimate, not at all shady relationship with Spears. Sims has said she does not like Ghalib.

"He's been around, what, three weeks?" Alli Sims said. "I heard about it just from friends who watched it. I don't really see the point of that... I only know him from him following us around for eight months."

Alli Sims did not comment on Sam Lutfi, the creep who seems in control of Britney Spears' life - and with whom Spears apparently had a huge blowout with last night, crying openly on the steps of her estate.

Britney Spears has lost custody of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, indefinitely. She maintains brief telephone contact with the boys.

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It's so on.

After scarcely being heard from over the last few weeks, Alli Sims has chimed in on the latest antics of her so-called cousin/best friend.

More specifically, Sims recently called in to Extra to comment on the new man in Britney Spears' life, Adnan Ghalib.

I don't know him. I only know who he is through him following us for the last eight months. I do not think Adnan is a good person; I think he only has bad intentions. He has always given me a weird feeling and creeped me out. I wish he would just go away.

While this may not have the makings of Lauren Conrad versus Heidi Montag just yet, we need to know:

Whose side are you on, Team Alli or Team Adnan?

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Denying recent reports, Alli Sims, Britney Spears' possible cousin and former assistant, says her reality show (!?) has not been canned and her trip to New York over the weekend - which saw an insane Britney Spears hospitalized in L.A. - was not an affront to her relationship with the alleged singer.

"While Britney was being hospitalized in L.A., Alli Sims, her supposed best friend, was self-promoting in N.Y.C.," an "insider" told Life & Style.

Alli Sims says these claims are ridiculous.

"These claims are ridiculous," Sims told Us Weekly.

"I had plans for a girls weekend, and my friends had already flown to town to meet up with me. Yes, I continued with my plans that included going to dinner and a club. How was I to predict what would happen when I was gone?"

Alli Sims (pictured above with Brit) continued: "As far as having a falling out with anyone, that is simply not true. I love Britney Spears, and care way more about her well-being than any of these strangers making these claims."

Sims' proposed reality TV show has not been scrapped, as the report claimed, because it's still in the discussion stage. Sims asks, "How can it be pulled when it was never beyond discussion and experimental stages?"

On Friday, it was falsely (and humorously) reported that Alli Sims was not only with her cousin, but had broken down a door to reach Britney and stop her from hurting Jayden James before the singer was taken to Cedars-Sinai.

"Even if I was there I would not have banged down the door with a hammer, that's not my style," she said. "I would have knocked."

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During a week in which we learned that Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are having a baby, it's easy to forget about Britney and her various hangers-on.

But not to worry, fans: Britney Spears' former assistant and quote-unquote cousin, Alli Sims, was interviewed recently by Germany's Maxi magazine! Yessssss!

Some excerpts from Alli Sims' interview with that fine publication:

On being like Britney: "Of course everyone says I wanna have a music career and do this because of Britney. But I have wanted to be a singer since I was little. And when I came to L.A. to accomplish this, I wasn't even in touch with Britney. Whenever I saw Britney performing on stage I would think: 'When will I be up there?' But I never envied her. I always knew that my time would come."

A familiar scene: Alli Sims and her "cousin," Britney Spears, hit the town.

On Britney Spears' train wreck of a life: "The media exaggerates. My cousin is a wonderful person. Our lives are fine. We have two drinks a night, nothing more. Look at me: I am more of a nerd than too wild. We wanna live, get our own Starbucks. Even if the papparazzi tears our dresses apart."

On making it solo: "When I make it as a singer, I will have made it on my own. The people who help me with my career right now, I have met witout Britney and that's good. I don‘t want her to help me, I wanna make it on my own."

On her style: "I wanna be the next Norah Jones. I just wanna be on stage and sing Blues. If I were a product, I'd be Louis Vuitton. Classic, tasteful, timeless."

NOTES: The songs she's currently recording are produced by none other than J.R. Rotem. Alli Sims also claims to be good friends with Avril Lavigne. That's all.

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