Alison Clinton did NOT have an affair with that man, Craig Schleske ... but she WILL make herself famous off the accusation! She's a...

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As ordered by a court, Sara Evans and Craig Schleske have called a truce to their marital jabs and accusations.

However, the former nanny of the couple and possible Schleske shagger is still waiting for her apology - and Alison Clinton wants the world to know about it!

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Not content to sit back and allow Evans to claim in legal papers that Clinton had an affair with Schleske, the attention seeker's friends are fighting back as only those in the 21st century can:

They've started a website.

Indeed, head over to and pledge your support to this poor woman. Her reputation as someone no one has ever heard of is being tested.

Oh, and also listen to a song Clinton wrote with her husband (who she loves VERY much). If a singing career springs up as a result of these accusations, who is Alison to object? With Keith Urban in rehab, a spot has opened up in the musical world.

Last week, Clinton passed a lie detector test that seems to back up her claim that she never had an affair with Schleske.

According to the website, Clinton was especially shocked since "Sara had even asked Alison to be a back-up singer and dancer on her upcoming tour just weeks before."

Once again, got that? Clinton can sing, people! Is Eminem reading? Does he have room on his label for "the person Sara wishes she could be," according to Karen from Texas.

In the end, it doesn't matter if Alison finds a career from this publicity (but listen to a song she wrote on the website!). All that matters is that her and husband Chris are happy. They "know they will always have each other."

And a website that professes as much.

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Here's something for Alison Clinton to think about: Is it possible, or necessary, to clear your name ... when no one knows it in the first place?

In divorce papers filed by Sara Evans, the country music star says Clinton - her former nanny and pal - committed adultery with Evans' ex, Craig Schelske.

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"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton told EXTRA." "It just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Know the cure for that? Go on a nationally televised entertainment show!

Clinton claims her reason for leaving the nanny position was NOT an affair with Schelske - but an eating disorder. (Maybe one caused by an affair, hmmm, Alison? Either way, Nicole Richie feels your pain).

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

On national TV, we presume.

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Alison Clinton did NOT have an affair with that man, Craig Schleske ... but she WILL make herself famous off the accusation! She's a... More »
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